Want Bug-free Web Apps? 9 Reasons To Hire Best Ruby on Rails Developers

Looking for Best Ruby on Rails Developers for hire? Here we provide very strong reasons why you should employ only best ruby on rails developers for your web development needs.

Gone are the days when developers and analysts would work on a desktop or laptop to perform their daily directives.

With the sudden boom of smartphones and tablets in the last decade, people are shifting rapidly towards mobile (on the go development).

One such framework which is garnering immense popularity in this segment is the development of web applications using Rails.

A server-side framework, by all means, it allows users to develop highly dynamic and responsive web apps which are currently a must for any website or e-commerce venture. Thus, arise the need to hire Ruby on Rails developer.

reasons to hire Ruby on Rails developer

Ruby on Rails – intricacies and necessities

To put it simply, it is a server-side framework which uses Ruby as its coding base. Accessibility of default structures is available in Rails which as a direct perk of being a Model View Controller (MVC) framework.

Your developers and programmers make use of web standards such as XML and JSON to transfer data; while HTML5, CSS3 forms the main coding elements of this platform.

In today’s world, your e-commerce venture, for instance, will receive maximum visitors only if it has a mobile version (even Google thinks similarly).

That is why it lays stress on mobile sites for SEO before their desktop counterparts.

This is perhaps the most important reason why you should opt to hire ROR developer.

However, besides this, there are substantial other factors which contribute to the justification of using Rails.

Let’s plunge into details…

9 Reasons to Hire Best Ruby on Rails Developers:

  1. Agile Development Process

  2. This emerges to be a major reason to hire Ruby on Rails developer.

    In order to find precisely matching solutions to development glitches, cross-functional groups uses a collaborative coding approach.

    Such a modus operandi makes ample scope for further development of your web application.

    Moreover, it also facilitates flexible and dynamic responses which enable you to custom design your web apps as per your needs.

    Agile Development
  3. Eliminating Redundancy

  4. Not only for developers but Ruby on Rails has become popular amongst web developers as well.

    The DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle ensures that a developer does not duplicate or replicate parts or fractions of his code.

    This in turn, makes the development process more maintainable, efficient and bug-free.

    This practice helps in updating the software over longer periods of time and provides you with a lag-free website.

    Moreover, Google does not acknowledge redundancy, be it in codes or contents. This approach eliminates any such possibilities as well.

    If you hire Best Ruby on Rails developers, all these intricacies will be taken care of.

  5. Responsive Website Practices

  6. This is the primary reason why every website owner should go Rails development.

    Responsive websites are those that are compatible with displays of every size and every resolution.

    With smartphones and tablets looming the World Wide Web consortium, this appears to be an inevitable approach for every online venture.

    Moreover, responsive websites developed using Rails are compatible with every OS available.

    So one can browse his site of choice almost from any device he or she wants to.

    Responsive Website
  7. Provides a Working Prototype

  8. As the client, you will always want to ensure how your website is turning out to be. With ROR development, this is possible.

    This simple and easy to work framework allows its developers to gather up a prototype pretty quickly; thus allowing you to make any necessary changes or modifications to its existing interface.

    In the case of major changes, your developers can immediately scrap the project and design a completely new one for you (one of the major perks of ROR development).

  9. Save Storage Space

  10. In contrast to a smartphone app which requires installation to enable usage; users can gain access to a web app directly through their browsers.

    In other words, one receives the benefits of an app without the need to devote substantial memory space for the same.

    This approach helps devices run smoother and is a crucial reason to escalate visitors to your site; thus increasing your potential customer base.

    Moreover, being an MVC framework, it aids in substantial RAM management and limits unnecessary caches from accumulating in the user’s browser.

    This facilitates faster browsing rates and hence decreases bounce rate to your website.

    Low Storage Space
  11. Object-Oriented Approach

  12. Ruby on Rails is an OOP language. To put it simply, it visualizes your virtual ideas through real-life renditions.

    OOP allows developers to gain access to its immaculate library of open source-code files.

    Moreover, the application of JavaScript over HTML and CSS enhances the credibility and functionality of your website.

  13. Customizable Plug and Play Apps

  14. This transpires as a major advantage of hiring best Ruby on Rails developers.

    For instance, your website provides online music streaming to the visitors. Since it is a web-app; your users can access it directly from their browsers.

    So, you wish to provide your customers with a plug and play enhancer to uplift their device’s bass output.

    Ruby on Rails offers the perfect platform for such development.

    And what more?

    Your users can install these tiny packages in their system and activate them directly from the web app.

  15. Brand Trust & Value

  16. A service is known by the companies which use it and for Ruby on Rails, this proverb is specifically true.

    This MVC building block has already become the heart and soul of several web giants such as.

  17. Affordable and Economic

  18. This is currently one of the most economical forms of web app development currently looming the market.

    Since this framework runs on Linux; it is 100% free to use and completely open source making it perfect for hiring ROR developer.

    According to Edureka, an average salary of a ROR developer starts from $100,000 and reaches to $153,000. However, if you consider to outsource your projects then there is a sure chance to get the best quality work at minimal rates.

    Further more, this RoR Development companies also provide customized chart rates that let you select a best preferred options like hourly rates, monthly rates, or even whole project based rates.

    Cost Effective

    Selecting your preferred option will cost you even more cheaper than else.

    This significant price difference emerges even strongly for clients who have shifted from ASP or PHP to ROR.


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