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Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web development frameworks used around the world at this moment. It is open-source, fast and provides affordable solutions to businesses big and small.

Are you contemplating on whether to hire ROR Developer for your company? Well before you make up your mind, you should go through these pointers to help you pick the right developer or Development Company.

hire ror development company

1. Experience

The clearest sign of the potential of an individual or a company lies in their track record. Make sure to invest time in going through the applicant’s history of companies, projects and years in the industry. This will give you the most accurate picture of the developer and an idea of how good he or she is with ROR.

In case of a company, you must check if they have experience of working on a diverse set of projects. Also ask around, find out if they have a good standing in the ROR circuit.

2. Technical expertise

The most crucial determining factor to hire ROR developer is their level of technical expertise. You need to know exactly how good of an ROR developer they are before you hire them.

Take help of some friends or professionals familiar with Rails to draft a set of questions for you to test the candidate. For a company, you can ask them to give you a roadmap of your future projects.

Additionally, you must consider their contribution to the ROR community. Since Rails is an open source language, enthusiastic coders from all over the world contribute in expanding the language.

Take note of your candidate or the development company’s level of open source contribution in the form of plugins or fixing bugs or anything else. This will give you an idea of their level of familiarity and enthusiasm with the language.

3. Niche programming skills

A ROR company or an individual developer needs to have key programming skills in languages other than Ruby. They should have working knowledge of jQuery and HAML (HTML Abstraction Markup Language). They must be familiar with database systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Additionally, they must have experience in test driven development and behavior driven development.

4. Solutions

Even if you’re not aware of how ROR works, what you do know about is your own company and the targets you want to achieve. Discuss some of the problems your venture faces with the existing framework. Ask the company or the individual for potential solutions to these problems.

Look for candidates with a penchant for providing new and sustainable solutions. Discuss with them your company’s long-term targets and get their feedback as a potential technology partner.

5. Interpersonal skills

A lot of times IT companies and professionals are great in matters of work but struggle with basic interpersonal skills.

The basis for the smooth running of every organization is a comfortable working relationship where employees can clearly illustrate their point. Before you hire ROR developer, you need to make sure that you and your colleagues can build a strong professional equation with them.

6. Style of working

Another important thing to look for in a candidate or a ROR development company is their style of working.

Give them a project and observe how they go about it. Are they fast? Do they succeed in coming up with all the deliverables? Do they come up with their unique suggestions? How strict are they about quality control? Once you have the answers to these questions, it becomes a whole lot easier to hire ROR Development Company.

Understanding the methodology of the development team will in turn help the design team and the marketing team.

7. Business acumen and professionalism

Running a business yourself, it should be easy enough for you to gauge another company’s business acumen.

Since both companies are going to be working together, it is important to find out of whether the business outlook and professionalism of both companies align.

How seriously do they take customer satisfaction? Do they have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, from a business point of view? Ask them what their role is going to be in helping your company reach out better to clients?

These are some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you hire ROR Development Company. You’ll never be absolutely certain of always hiring the right folks, but keeping in mind these things will push you towards the right options more often than not. Happy hiring!

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular programming languages which is increasing in popularity with every passing phase. In international development venture, it has led to the proliferation of numerous offshore companies. Most business establishments heavily rely on Ruby on Rails Development Company for quality yet cost-effective services to boost their product sales and scales quickly.

Safe to say, it is an approach which has brought about a revolution of sorts in worldwide software development circuitry. And it is one option which you can surely look into for making it successful in your existing and up-approaching assignments.

Key considerations when looking for a good Ruby on Rails Development Company

Since this is your first time, you may find this technical recruitment trickier than your expectancy.

Wrong or misfit partnership with a technical service provider could lead to wastage of resources as well as your valuable time and money. Not to forget, it could disrupt and drain the entire energy from your establishment taking you totally off track from your pre-set organizational goals.

Thorough evaluation is what you need to do when hiring your ROR technicians. To help you do that in the best possible manner, here are some key aspects which you need pay due to importance to.


ruby on rails development company

1. Track record and degree of expertise

How many years they have been in the industry, their number of successful assignments and also their magnitude of knowledge and experience- These are the aspects which you need to look into beforehand.

Despite ROR being a new programming language, a smart call would be going for a Ruby on Rails Development Company working with it right from its embryonic phase. Go through their online portfolios, refer to their case studies.

Those who aren’t able to present social proof of their client case studies or their service history, have a word with them personally. And if still they don’t suffice you with all the information, remove it from your checklist and move over to the next best option.

A good choice would be a service provider having a myriad of projects in its cap. All these factors will present you an idea about the proficiency and ability of a company.

2. Factors of logistics

Along with their track record, you also need to look into their logistics. This implies proper planning project structure properly, modes of communication and differentiation in time zones.

Also, you need to see if –

  • They are making use of new-gen technology
  • Whether they have access to all code versions
  • And whether they would maintain complete transparency on different assignment communication

Some high-end companies also render on-site project management and hybrid development solutions as a part of their exclusive Ruby on Rails development services.

To ensure that your company meets most (if not all) of the above requirements right from the outset and lays the foundation for a long-term successful partnership.

3. Clear cut project management protocols

Irrespective of the company you plan to hire for your own business, ensure that they have abode clear-cut project managing etiquettes.

What you should do in this case is properly lay down your deliverable and project expectations. And keep watch on whether they are willing and capable of pulling it off.

Use social media terminals namely GoToMeeting Hangouts, Skype or for that matter Facetime and refer to their development schedules for regular sign-ins and check-ups.

4. Commitment for providing sustainable solutions

You may not have a profound knowledge about technology. But you most definitely are aware of your own business requirements. As a result, you do possess some expectations from your technological associates.

Communicate each and every thing clearly and lucidly and then check their level of commitment towards you and your company needs. This will help you understand if they actually have a result- based mindset like yours.

5. Trial period services

Top companies offering Ruby on Rails development services will always present demo services to their clients. So when looking for a reliable service provider, you need to go slow and test out their service quality with a project. This is the basic rule for formulating a relationship with an off-shore company.

Don’t rush into things too fast by assigning them with highly critical projects. Take your time and adjust to their work mechanisms and communication methodologies in trial periods.

Assess and assure their quality and if all is alright, then move on to develop a strong operational relationship.

6. Availability round the clock

When choosing an off-shore ROR development enterprise, another essential consideration is their availability. You should be able to get in touch with them just about any time.

Also, they should have sound interpersonal skills and be able to comprehend whatever structures and project specifics you lay down.

A word of advice would be to go with a Ruby on Rails Development Company that maintains a touch-point despite their presence in some other demographical region. This simplifies things particularly when you want to have an interaction with your project on an immediate basis.

7. Their personal-level acumen towards business and clients

As important as the afore-mentioned points are, there is another crucial aspect which you need to check with your ROR service provider prior to hiring. You need to interrogate about their personal integrity, acumen, and approach towards handling clients and their businesses.

Ask questions about their own functioning style. Also, enquire if they are ready to accept fresh ideas and make the needy adjustments for client requirements. If you have some technical questions which you need to confirm, do that as well.

If you get satisfactory answers to all your questions, then you can go ahead with them.

Noteworthy points

In addition to all of these considerations-

  • Check whether your chosen service provider is ISO certified or not
  • See if they follow standard industry practices
  • And whether they are strict about their quality upkeep procedures

Capping off

It’s an acceptable fact that associating with a ROR Development Company will bring value to your business. Henceforth, you need to find a reliable one which proves to be an adequate fit for your company. Keeping in mind these crucial considerations will definitely make this daunting task fairly simple for you.

One of the best companies for you

Aglowid IT Solutions, a premier Ruby on Rails Development Company offers top-class ROR development framework for your business requirements, that too at standard rates. Success of our clients is what gives us grave satisfaction, and that is what we endeavor to achieve right from our inception. Contact US at to explore the exclusive services and a whole new realm of innovation and digitalization.

Do you know why developers today are insisting more on Ruby on Rails development for mobile applications? Well, the major reasons are.

  • It reduces your cost of development
  • Also, it saves time by 50%

Using Ruby on Rails or ROR as an API is like half the way to developing a successful mobile app for your business. Presently, if you take a look around, from startups to established emporiums, all are leveraging the power of Ruby for escalating productivity.

ruby on rails for mobile application development

Let’s understand what API application means traditionally

Usually, Rails as API means using an API that is programmatically accessible besides their web applications. However, with the client-side frameworks today, developers are now using ROR for building a back-end. They share it between native and web applications.

In fact, ROR is a perfect back-end application used for mobile apps with its RESTful conventions that are well defined. It ultimately makes your software user-friendly for mobile devices.

Choosing Ruby on Rails for mobile apps

Let’s accept it; superior websites and robust applications are ruling this era. So, in no way can you compromise with performance and quality. This is where ROR continues to be the safer choice for your next mobile app development project. The fact is, rails as the hottest new framework that maintains its relevance with expedient APIs, unlike others.

To boost a mobile application’s performance, Ruby on Rails allows you to distinguish the back-end with the front-end.

Some of the notable benefits of Rails as an API

  1. Applications built on rails support transparent reloading. This is a major advantage for bigger mobile apps as restarting the server with every new request is practically not viable.
  2. The conversion into GET requests from HEAD requests is transparent with rails. In the process, it just returns the headers, making HEAD work in all the Rails APIs reliably.
  3. With Rails applications, development is a pleasant experience for the smart defaults that it comes with.
  4. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you literally don’t need any third party support for building your play apps or own plug.
  5. Again, with ROR, you don’t have to start everything from the scratch as developers can use the existing elements efficiently.
  6. Developing a mobile app on Ruby on Rails makes it more expandable and multipurpose, both at the same time. So, just by hiring an ROR development company, you can take the maximum advantage of these features.

Hence, no matter how many latest technologies are getting introduced, Ruby on Rails development continues to remain the most preferred option for mobile apps.

Aglowid IT solutions for your project!

As experience has got no substitute, it is important that you choose developers who are into this field for years now. Aglowid IT Solutions, presently one of the most reputed companies, has started their journey 6 years back gaining extensive knowledge. They have specialization in ROR and develop customized applications specific to your business requirement.

In case you want to know more in details, you can always contact the team at It’s better to have a talk directly with them regarding your queries on Ruby on Rails development.

Website development and website application have become increasingly inter-related with time. Websites are becoming richer as per content inside and the way in which the content relates to the reader. Your website needs to be just as rich, engaging viewers for better user experience and therefore result in higher conversion rates. Website and app development are more relative to each other than you might know. Ruby on Rails development is one of the best formats you can opt for getting the best web and app development.

ruby on rails development

Ruby on Rails Development

There are multiple computers or rather software programming languages around. Frameworks are based on either one or on multiple such languages. Ruby in itself is one such programming language. Ruby on Rails (RoR), or commonly known among programmers as just ‘Rails’, is a development tool which primarily functions on Ruby.

Frameworks are basic coding structures and formats as per its base language. But Ruby on Rails is more specific; it’s perfect for web applications. These are coming up as a compulsory add-on for rich and high-value user interfaces. But you should know by now that you can get a high-value website with apps with other frameworks too.

What makes Rails development perfect for website and web applications?

There are certain innate benefits of using Rails development for your website. In-built functioning applications add intuitive value thereby increasing user experience but this you know. Rails helps in a lot more aspects.

1. Huge Library of Tools and Functions

Rails come with a vast library of tools, functions, add-ons and rich elements. This development tool is one of the largest ones around and for you, this is really good. With a large library, you can expect your website to be unique. Also, you can expect your Ruby on Rails developer to give you an output par excellence and exactly as per your expectations.

2. Open-Source

RoR is an open-Source framework, i.e. the source code is open to use and thereon continuously updating with richer functions and developments. For you, this means 2 positives. Firstly, RoR development is obviously going to help you save up with your budget. Secondly, open-source means that you can expect to get the best updates and add-ons for your website before making it more global.

3. Multi-Language Support

RoR is based on Ruby. But it uses multiple other common languages in its back-end. This is where RoR’s MVC model takes shape. The developer’s coding comes in here and creates whatever you see in front of you. Using popular languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, RoR can perform smoothly across multiple web formats without fail.

Ruby on Rails is more than just an upcoming trend. It’s the future of the frenzy of websites and integrated applications. Make sure that you are part of the future with the best professional RoR experts working on your brainchild.

Aglowid IT Solutions RoR Development

Ruby on Rails is not as popular a framework but it is an upcoming trend for sure. Employing professionals with proven skills in RoR is vital if you want to get the best possible website with integration of high-value applications in it. Aglowid IT solutions are one of the few companies employing professionals with exclusive RoR skills. With years of experience in the field, you can get a comprehensive website running in no time at all.

Want to know more? Mail us at, chat with our team and learn how ruby on rails development can help you get your business online with a jumpstart.

If you talk about the best web application framework today, Ruby on Rails (ROR) is the one that is widely used. The reason being applications can be developed faster and maintained easily with this framework. Well, like you, many companies are looking forward to hiring professional ROR developers, but let me tell you, that’s not an easy job to do. With thousands of companies promising to offer you the best service, choosing the right Ruby on Rails Developments Company in India becomes quite daunting.

No! I won’t go on stating the problems only. In fact, I have listed some points that are proven essential to consider before finalizing on a developing company who can work on this fairly new technology.

Ruby On Rails development company

Ruby on Rails Developments Company: Decide whose claim is authentic!

So what if you don’t speak tech, these points can help you hire the best men at job. Keep scrolling!

1 What’s their experience?

Experience matters! So, check out the number of years they are into this business and the total projects they have done so far. This will help you to assess the company’s worth. Go through the case studies or portfolios and choose them on the basis of their success rate.

2. Are they commitment

Now, your evaluation skill will be made to work! You might not know about this technology, but you are definitely aware of the results you are expecting, I’m sure. First, get into a discussion and assess whether they are committed to understanding your project. Is the developing company capable of coming up with quality service, sustainable solution and a strategic approach?

3. Are they matching your budget?

Once you are done with the previous points, next is to consider your budget. It’s better to get a quote so that you can properly estimate the budget and expenditure. Make sure the Ruby on Rails Developments Company you hire offers you this option.

Besides the budget, it is equally important to check the time factor as well. The company you choose should work for a specific period so that you have proper goals to achieve.

4. The process of their work

Don’t forget to ask about the process of work they follow. The firm should strictly focus on quality control and work on company standards.

5. Last but not least: Who are on the team?

You can always enquire about the team members. Typically, a team should have proficient ROR developers, project managers, testing professionals and front-end engineers.

Remember, it’ll be a long-term commitment between you and the professionals. So, a dedicated Ruby on Rails Developments Company in India will always be open towards making modification and up gradation of the website. I must also add, while further changes, quality and performance of the site should not be compromised.

Do you need a developments firm?

Well, Aglowid IT Solutions is one of the reputed and trusted companies who have experienced ROR developer for every business domain. They are specialized in developing new and innovative techniques that will improve the functionality and scalability of your website. With this Ruby on Rails Developments Company, you can expand your customer base, earning maximum profit for your business. To know more, contact them at