Teelance is just like a very small version of any freelancing site.

There are three types of users:

1. Clients
2. Workers
3. Admin

Client has following actions to do on this application;
– Create design/research tasks by paying amount(that is predefined by admin for each category of task)
– Check the status of tasks, make comments on task, approve/reject tasks
– Edit their images with different text on it by using image creator
– Bulk creation of separate images with different texts on it by uploading csv of texts.

Workers has following actions to do:
– Browse through the all tasks those are related to their skills.
– Start working on any task by changing task status
– Manage own tasks, make comments on task

Admin has following actions to do:
– Manage all users, create workers for different types of task
– Manage all tasks
– Manage all orders
– Create/edit/delete different task categories