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  • The days of web developers being familiar with only one language are long past.
  • Today, most companies around the world hire a full stack developer for the purpose of web development.
  • At Aglowid IT Solutions, we have brought the most proficient, trained and experienced full stack developers under one roof.

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Who is a full stack developer?

Full stack development involves building an application or website interface from start to finish – including both backend and frontend. In fact, a full stack developer covers other facets of web development as well like database operations, debugging and testing.

  • Back in the day, there was a need for only 2 kinds of active components working on website – a web designer and a web developer.
  • However, today, there are multiple separate job titles that go into making a website functional.
  • These include portfolios like frontend developer, back-end developer, mobile developer, desktop developer and more.

However, with the advent of start-ups today, the demand is more for one developer / development team to oversee the entire project. Essentially, a full stack developer is one who is proficient in the ‘full stack of web development technology’.

  • Next, before heading into the role of a full stack developer, you’ll first need to understand the basics of web development.

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What is web development??

Web development? is an umbrella term used for the processes involved in developing a website. It follows a simple 3 prong hierarchy which involves:

  1. Client side coding
  2. Server side coding
  3. Database technology

Every web development framework also follows a 3-tier architecture which we have explained below:

Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer

The front end of the website, the presentation layer is responsible for UI and design-related components.

Business Logic Layer

Business Logic Layer

The backend of the website, the business logic layer contributes as the backend deals with processing and validation of dynamic content.

Database Layer

Database Layer

The final database layer makes sure the appropriate data is fetched by the website using an API.

Each of these 3 layers together form what is known as full stack development. Our developer team is aware of all the basics and advanced level of development to ensure premium work.

What technologies do our full stack developers use?

There is no hard and fast rule for a full stack developer to know certain specific technologies. However, our developers at Aglowid IT Solutions are proficient in the following domains:

  • Frontend: HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, React JS
  • Backend: PHP, Node.js, ASP.net, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python
  • Database technology: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite

Confused about what these technologies mean for the project? Don’t worry. These technical jargons only equate to our developers being able to help you with the following:

  • User interface development
  • Server, network and hosting environment
  • Databases, both relational and non-relational
  • Integrating and interacting with API
  • Quality assurance
  • Understanding your customer needs from deliverable point of view

Technology is constantly changing, but the very ethos of Aglowid IT Solutions ensures that we are constantly in sync with the latest changes. It is also the nature of our full stack developers to have a comprehensive idea of the entire process.

What makes full stack development stand out?

Full stack development isn’t a specific technical skill. It is more of an evolutionary or acquired expertise. Very simply put, it is the combination of front-end development + back-end development + DevOps + Design.

  • No other form of website development provides complete control of all processes to a single developer / team.
  • Apart from building the web application itself, developers can also deploy, optimize and then automate it.
  • The fact that there are only a few heads working on a single project during full stack development also ensures greater clarity.
  • This leads to smoother and faster workflow which in turn equates to a shorter development phase.
  • Therefore, it makes sense to hire a full stack developer for building dynamic websites in a small timeframe.
  • It is stable, fast and provides an affordable way for budding companies to develop their online interface.
  • The evidence in its popularity lies in the sheer number of full stack developer jobs available today.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN is a full stack framework of JavaScript based technologies. It is massively popular these days in the domains of web development due to its ability to deliverfantastic functionality with only a few lines of code.

Mean Stack Development
  • Together, it caters to the different areas of database management, front end and web framework and server platform.
  • Hiring full stack developer from Aglowid IT Solutions will also enable you to use MEAN stack development if you so choose.
  • The process to hire a full stack developer from us is pretty easy and there’s no reason to worry.

Why choose Aglowid IT Solutions?

Aglowid is one of the leading companies around the world to provide full stack development services.

  • We offer different kinds of packages to suffice for both individual clients and organizations.
  • We have more than 6 years of experience working as a team on full stack development.
  • Also, we provide flexible hiring models as per the client’s discretion.
  • Clients can expect premium quality website developmentat minimal rates.

One of the things to set us apart is that we provide our clients with the opportunity to choose their own developer. Contact us for a free consultation and choose from among the list of resumes we provide. You can then take an interview via Skype and test the developer’s skills via a test task.

  • Alternatively, you can also decide to go with a development team instead of one individual.

How to hire full stack developer from Aglowid
who best suits your needs?

First off, we will shortlist specific personnel ideally suited for your project and provide you with their CVs. There after, you can make your pick going by the following criteria:

  • Experience of past projects using full stack development
  • Ability to provide out-of-the-box solutions
  • Ability to identify and fix bugs quickly
  • Develop testing procedures for the project
  • Coding aptitude questions relating to specific programming languages

Using these parameters, you will have no trouble to hire a full stack developer from Aglowid who will work with you to deliver and surpass expected results.

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