Taxi Booking App Development

There are loads of features which work together in a taxi booking app. For our professionals at Aglowid IT Solutions, Taxi Booking App Development is all about easing functions between 3 sets of individuals – a customer, The Driver and you as the Admin. From then on, it’s all about integrating the features together to produce the best possible end-product.

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Both the customer and the rider need to register to the administration system. We include Step-by-step registration protocols for both these individuals to aid verification via you as the administrator. Our team at Aglowid IT Solutions will provide strong and secure back-end data storage with easy retrieval.

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Payment Synchronization

Before going into livepayment functions, it’s important to preset payment protocols with both parties.We understand the business end of your app and will provide you seamless transaction gateways.

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GPS Logistics

This is the most important function to consider during live on-field situations. Accurate GPS mapping, driver-rider synchronization, admin data monitoring are among the most important functions which you want your taxi booking app to provide. Fare estimate and time-frame readings from numerous users require strong back-end server support so our services do not just end with providing with the app.

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Back-End Functions

Most of these functions will be in your hands as the administrator. Back-end solutions to taxi-booking mobile app development include driver/rider personal records, transaction history, ride history and multiple other customizable functions.

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At Aglowid IT Solutions, we know the requirements and innovate new solutions accordingly. So, if you’re looking for Taxi booking app development, you know we can get it done in the best way possible.

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