SpotLit Travel App

A Case Study of Travel App for an Adventurer

The app 'SpotLit' is travelling app, helping bag packers find popular tourist attractions such restaurants, shopping malls, Monument, Museum, Activities, and much more along with their complete information right from the app. The app aims to provide complete travelling solutions to users at new locations. Interestingly, travellers can even book Uber directly from the app. The app is built on the native platform while the Pars technology is used for backend development. The app is yet to go live as our client wants to wait till sufficient fund is raised.

What Our Client Wanted

Our client wanted to develop an app which will provide unique travelling solutions to users. Here's the list of things out client wanted from us;

  • An individual travelling app with attractive UI/UX
  • Features and functionalities should be unique & useful
  • The app should meet the demand of international customers
  • Various Language & Currency Support

Our Approaches

Honestly speaking, our client had a straightforward requirement which required nothing extra efforts to build. However, we utilized redefining approaches and decided to work out on the project and make it something exceptional. Here are our strategies;

Market Research

  • Studied the market with respect to project scope
  • Tried to understand the project's market value
  • Performed SWOT Analysis
  • Market research helped us avoid risks


  • Started brainstorming & gathered some useful insights
  • Did a healthy discussion over success metrics
  • Design solutions
  • Discuss Problem-solving ideas

Designing Part

  • We moved ahead with "keep it simple(less is more)"
  • Accumulated inspirations, best practices & solutions
  • Our team, utilizing the visuals, created a base design
  • Proposed our design to client
  • we step ahead with a final design approach

Competitive Analysis

  • Understood how those apps work
  • What services & feature they provide
  • What are their monetizing policies
  • What are their strong points
  • Search Lacking points(Features/Services) we can provide
  • What strategies they follow to attract customers

Challenges We Faced

We created the app, and during testing, we work on everything loopholes and bugs which we found. However, something kept us guessing for some time, and it is interesting to know we sorted out;

Dealing with Big Data

We have utilized native technology to develop the app and Pars as backend technology. App crash was the unexpected issue. So, we sat with our team and found out that there are plenty of records (more five thousand) for a single search. For example, when a user searches for hotels or restaurants, then there used to be more than 4-5 thousand records on the map. So, it was causing the app to crash.

How we sorted out? We ensured that there would only 30 records for single searches. If users want more, then they need to click on the option "Search Here" They can set the pointer to the specific location and click on the option. The next 30 records will be displayed in the pointed area.


Even though performance is not an issue in the case of a native application, but due to maximum records and contents performance did affect. We worked on code optimization and set a few algorithms to eliminate the issue.

Better UI

As our client had demanded to create better UI, we worked out on it and created an excellent user interface and user experience. For example, when a user searches for the desired location, he will not only get the location along with its information but also can book Uber right from their app.

Features We Added to the Traveling App

As our motto was to integrate only unique features and while going through the

  • App Authentication
  • Search Places from App
  • Searching Menu
  • Chat
  • Share

Technology Stack

Though the app is developed on a native platform, there are a couple of new technologies used while developing the app. However, the app is still in its moderation period, there may be some third party integrations in future. Here's the list of the technologies used while creating the app.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cross Platform(Ionic)


  • Uber API
  • Paypal
  • Firebase


  • MapBox

Backend API

  • Parse

What Client Says

Daniel Gonell
Director - Raphael

I was looking for an app development company that could fulfill my expectations which I had from my project -performance and security. Aglowid did it well by providing cost-effective, on-time delivery and reliable services. I wish to work with the company on many more such projects to come.

Getting the Results

What our Client Received

The app is yet to go live. However, we tried to fulfil all our client's expectations. The final result will come out once the app goes live.

  • Client had successfully achieved his goal to raise more funds by showing the business concept through this app

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