Industrial Tape

Industrial Tape

Industrial Tape & Supply Company is a family owned and operated company, providing pressure sensitive and specialty tapes and services to industry since 1954.

Founded by George P. Whitman, Jr., who worked for an early industrial tape manufacturer for 17 years before starting his own business, Industrial Tape & Supply has experienced substantial growth in both the variety of products and services it offers.

Keeping the business success in the family, Whitman, Jr. hired his son George Whitman, III into the sales department. There he learned how to run the business from the bottom up and was prepared to manage the company after his father’s passing in 1979.

Over the years, Industrial Tape & Supply has taken on a more sales-driven approach, growing its customer base across industrial markets and gaining a competitive edge by converting any material into any size needed by the customer.

Today, George Whitman, III is growing the business again, bringing in his son, George Whitman, IV to integrate his experience into the company. Together, the two are preparing the company for future growth and success.