Guslists is quick and easy way to sell / buy / exchange your items / services and it is all FREE.
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Features of appplication:

  • Explorer Offers and from 13 regions of Burkina on Guslists. Find what you want in any area / location in or around your area just by typing what you want
  • You are such national Koudougou and you want to buy cattle? No more worries ads are ranked by region, you can scroll through the Sahel region or leave an announcement.
  • Narrow results regarding the categories after your search
  • You have made a good deal, let us know by commenting on your buyer or your venders.Commenter ads increases the points and the reputation of your collaborator.
  • Looking for a place (a restaurant, a house, a hairdresser), notice (jobs, castings, lost property etc.) and prices etc. Find everything on Guslists want.


The publication of advertisements is much easier:

  • Take one or more images
  • Give them a short title, descriptive and especially attractive.
  • Make your unique articles by describing them and evoking their particularity
  • Add your details to allow potential candidates to contact
  • In one click publish your ad …

And this is ALL !!! Find what you want in any area just typing in GusLists

  • Stay Bobo and show your products also to Ouagalais
  • You are such national Koudougou and you want to buy cattle? No more worries ads are ranked by categories and regions.


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