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Why Your Online Businesses need it so Badly?

In today’s world, smartphones become the second half of our life where it acts as a friend, philosopher, and guide to every individual. Right from the scrolling the daily news feed, buying groceries or going for window shopping, there lies only one answer – smartphones. In simple words, the majority of transactions today are down through mobile apps. If you are an eCommerce vendor then you must be aware of the importance of the online payment services in any e-commerce portal.

“Mobile payments are expected to reach 930 billion US dollars in revenue”. - Statista

All your business effort spent on your online business will go in vain if you don’t have secure fast payment options that will ease your user efforts while ensuring that their money will go into safe hands. It is a critical and final process in the online shopping industry.

Nowadays having a payment gateway features in your online business is not an option, but a necessity. It is mandatory for any B2B or B2C business to provide multitude ways of online payment option. Whether you are developing a Taxi Booking App, a Food & Grocery App or any other app, integration of a secure, user-friendly all in one payment gateway is an inevitable process.

According to Statista – ‘Total Transaction Value in the "Digital Payments" segment amounts to US$3,265,209m in 2018.’

In fact, with the increase in complexity in the process, it becomes tedious or sometimes impossible to manually update the system for every transaction to sync with the system. Moreover, with the manual process, there is a chance of humane err which creates lots of complication in the overall accountancy work of an organization.

While using the payment gateway integration module, all the transaction will automatically sync in real time with the accounts of an organization leaving no possibilities of error in it.

Prerequisite to Integrate Payment Gateway App - Legal Compliance

One can integrate payment gateway via a number of ways like API, Hosted Pages, CSE, Shopping Carts, or many other methods. But, before integrating your app with payment gateway, one needs to pass through some of the legal compliance or we can say government policies to ensure that there will be no fraud will occur. These prerequisites to integrate the payment gateway varies on a number of factors like gateway service provider, country, types of company or organization (NGO), Small business, corporate accounts, personal accounts, supported services, regional boundaries, currency support etc...

Along with these prerequisites, the financial organization demands some of the basic requirements which a merchant or an app owner must fulfill.

Easily accessible Terms and Condition Page that also clarifies the points like a refund and delivery/ser vices.

The privacy policy and user data processing rules must be clearly mentioned on your app.

The product or services listed on your app come with a detailed description with proper titles and trademarks.

Never miss to display customer service number along with details like company email, phone, address.

Display all available payment options while using payment gateways..

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Prerequisite to Integrate Payment Gateway App Legal Compliance

Before selecting a payment gateway to integrate with your mobile app, one needs to consider these key features to be available in that particular payment gateway.

Multi-Currency Support

Expansion is inevitable for any business and you might require international payment support in the near future, in case if you don’t need it now. Hence, it is essential to check whether your payment gateway offers international as well as multi –payment features or not. Also, check whether you had to pay any extra charges while choosing this multi-currency – international payments option.

PCI Compliance

To integrate payment gateway with card payments, one needs to ensure that the cardholder’s data that they will store process and transmit of their cardholder will be stored in extremely secure place. Always ensure that your payment gateway hosting provider is PCI DSS Compliant. PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry data security Standards that ensures that all data of the user remains secure.

Customer Support

Whatever the level of services you enjoy; there is always a chance of issue which needs to be solved quickly to minimize the customer’s loss. Hence, 24/7 customer support is mandatory and most critical component for any payment gateway services. Hence, make sure that your payment gateway service provider serves you with 24/7 live support so that you don’t lose any single customer in future.


Last but not the least, - Rates Charges. Depending on the services you avail or on the company it varies a lot. Do some research & market analysis before selecting the one. Be aware that there should be no hidden cost included in the transaction. No end users like to pay more for any of the services. Usually, the charges include of transaction, statement, chargeback and merchant account fees etc.

Support for Multiple Forms of Payment

With the evolution of technologies, there are various payment options regularly evolving in the market. Missing a single platform will cost you a loss of your valuable customers. Hence it is very essential for your business that your payment gateway service keeps on upgrading regularly to ensure that it will support most known as well as upcoming payment platforms in the market.

Device/Version Independent

Version dependency is another factor on which Aglowid IT Solutions lay stress. It determines that an app will be compatible with all versions of the mobile app. This is crucial as all smartphones do not run the same version. Version independence will render you a greater number of downloads; an important factor of payment gateway integration in Android as well as iPhone application.

Maintain Atomicity

To put it simply, it is very essential for a transaction to maintain atomicity. A payment gateway transaction must ensure that either an entire transaction must be successful or the whole transaction must be cancelled with no effect on any side. This is one of the most crucial factors that ensure the security of payment to your customers; our developers abide by this very rule strictly.

Fraud Screening Features

Simplifying the process to buy products and services anywhere, anytime, on any device is great but it also comes with a great possibility of fraudulent risk. There are some of the Payment Gateways that are having great specialization in detecting suspicious fraudulent activities prior to the transaction occurs. Make sure that your payment gateway is having a specialization in such fraud detection.

Some more Features That will Results to Boost your Business

  • Multiple Login Options with Authentication/ login layers
  • Integrated Payment Processor
  • Visual Checkout Process
  • Return & Refund Policy
  • Confirmation Email on both side(user as well as a merchant)
  • 24/7 Support Direct Contact Information
  • The efficient customer support team
  • Secured server
  • Features of free add-on
  • User-friendly and Speedy Processing
  • Detailed Report Analysis support

Types of Payment Gateway Services

Hosted Payment Gateway

Hosted Payment Gateways

In this type of services, the user will be redirected directly from check out page to the hosted payment gateway services provider site. The user had to submit all the details to that service provider. Once the payment is successful, a user will be automatically redirected back to the main website.

Self Hosted Payment Gateways

Pro / Self Hosted Payment Gateways

In this type of services, the merchant had to collect all data in its own website from which only required data will be sent to payment gateways. Here the user will not leave your website whereas you can customize and improve the user experience according to your will.

Non Hosted Payment Gateways

API / Non Hosted Payment Gateways - Payments at Merchant’s Site

This method is considered to be the costliest method while it is for those who don’t want to share any of their user’s data with anyone. It usually supports recurring as well as fixed payments. However, a merchant must take responsibility of PCI DSS compliance to ensure user’s data security.

Local bank Integration

Local Bank Integration

Local bank integration is another great option for small business. It is similar to hosted payment gateways where a user will be redirected to the bank website and once the transaction is successful, the user will be redirected to the main website. This method lacks features like refund and recurring.

How much does a Payment Gateway Integration cost you?

Building your own Payment gateway is almost too costly, with a huge addition of maintenance and security cost in it. Moreover, it also requires lots of time to develop, with the headache of licenses, government regulation, collaboration with different platforms etc factors. Hence it is advisable to go for 3rd party integration where one can bypass all those tedious tasks by just hiring there services. Well, there are number of factors that define the cost for integration of a payment gateway. Some of them are like

Factors that Decide Cost to Integrate Payment Gateways.

Types of Payment Services

By considering the complexity variation among the types of different gateways there is lots of variation in with respect to the type of payment gateway services you choose.

Complexity of Your App

It is important to integrate the whole app with the payment gateway system keeping in sync with the transaction. Hence complexity of an app makes it difficult to integrate it which results in a variation of cost.

Hours Required Integrating App

With the rise in complexity of an app and services, it will result in the increase in the number of hours to integrate the app with the payment gateway.

Per Hour Cost of Developers

With respect to the expertise level and location, per hour cost of a developer is different. This ultimately results in a various range of cost for integrating an app with payment gateway

What Aglowid Serves you?

With an extensive portfolio of enterprise mobile app integration & solutions for clients with unique needs & challenges, we strive to induce confidence and delivers tremendous value to financial systems as well as e-commerce systems by sensibly integrating enterprise-level mobile apps & third party apps to let them drive through a common platform.

Our Payment Gateway app integration solutions bring in comprehensiveness to a diverse set of industries, especially e-commerce, online education, retail, shipping and logistics making them ready to scale up to include almost any contemporary technology they can imagine.


Why Aglowid?

Harnessing the benefits of the professionals, we ensure the smartest possible way to integrate your existing applications with payment gateway.

Our Process

With a clear goal to provide unbeaten web based solutions, we had established a mature & proven process that ensures the intrinsic quality with secure and safe payment gateway integration. In dilemma what to choose? We help you solve your muddle. Just ping us and get a free one on one consultation to clear your mind.


Requirement Gathering and Analysis

Once you are sure with the platform, we start the feasibility analysis to integrate payment gateway with your app.

Upgradation of Your App

Once the feasibility test is done, we upgrade your mobile app to make it compatible with the payment gateway.

Integrating the Payment Gateway

As soon as the mobile app becomes compatible, we strive to integrate it with the fully functional payment gateway.


With a keen focus to deliver bug-free integration, our testing team will ensure that it will deliver lag-free performance.

Ready to Deliver

Once we are sure with our rigorous testing methods, your app will be ready to boost your online business venture.

Supported Platforms where we Integrate Payment Gateway.

At Aglowid, we understand the importance of every single customer you got. Losing a customer just because of an unsupported platform is not in our syllabus. We had a bunch of mobile app developers skilled in various mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows and Java-based mobile platform.

Payment Gateway Integration in Android

Android is the most commonly used mobile platform with a user base of 76.99% of smartphone market share. Hence it is evitable to for you add payment gateway in android apps for your business. However, with such a large user base, it is very essential to keep it secure and safe.We at Aglowid had an in-house team for mobile apps testing that ensure that any solution provide by us will remain bug-free as much as possible.

IOS App Payment Gateway Integration

Being the second most used mobile platform with a user base of 18.91%, integrating the payment gateway with your IOS is a smarter way to reach and serve those 18 percent of mobile users. Though IOS is considered among one of the secure mobile os platforms, our rigorous testing methods will ensure that there will be no loopholes left while integrating a payment gateway with your IOS app.

Windows Mobile App

Of Course this platform loses its mojo over Android and IOS, still, there are numbers of mobile users with windows based platform. However, no one likes to lose even its single customer. With a goal to serve all in one solution, we behold our expertise in integrating payment gateway with windows based platform apps ensuring it to deliver safe and secure payment integration services.

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