A Case Study of Auto Repairer Site That Earns is a website, a platform that connects garages with car owners looking to car bodywork services across France. The website is well-received by users and car repairers. Our client has an aim to provide 3-Step solutions to users for their car.

We created the website "" from scratch and have been managing since then. Here's what were the requirements, challenges, and how we solved them.

What was our Client's Requirement?

Our client came with an idea to create a platform where car owners and car repairers could meet quickly and serve the purposes of each other efficiently and cost-effectively. Here's the list of requirement we had from our client;

  • To create a useful website to reach the target audience
  • Build a broad customers base (car owners)
  • Connect with the maximum number of car repairers in the region
  • Help car owners connect with registered car repairers
  • Help users get smooth car repairing services across France

The Inevitable Challenges,
We Faced While Developing the LeCarrossier

Even though the client came up with an excellent concept, it was full of challenges and hurdles. The good part of the project was that we understood who the target audience are and how to reach them.

  • To build a comprehensive and convincing website
  • A website that converts customers into clients
  • Creates smoother communication between users & garage
  • Of course, implementation of the project in the deadline

Our Approach

We are always prepared to accept challenges -thanks to our team strength and expertise. Once we take a project, we study the projects from all angle, go through competitive analysis, and leave no stone unturned to ensure project success. Here's how we did it;

Our Result Driven Process that Works Like Charm!

  • First, we decided how to take the project forward
  • We choose to take the project into various phases wise

Phase 1

  • We created a simple website, aiming to grab customers' data

Phase 2

  • We expanded the website and added three platform for Users, Car Repairers, and Admin
  • Users can place a request for car repairing
  • Car repairers can accept the offer and repair the car accordingly
  • We also added feature to create a profile of users and car repairers

Phase 3

  • We expanded the website even further by adding a manual estimation feature
  • The car repairers need to provide quote manually to users
  • We added auto quote feature after analyzing that car repairers are not able to give quote manually
  • The feature ensures that users get three quotes within the given time frame
  • The users can choose one out of the three and book appointment in the given time slots (three slots will be provided to select)

Phase 4

  • In the last but not least, we added payment getaway
  • Now the admin will accept money from customers and send to the repairers
  • The admin will also get a commission as decided

Features & Functionalities,
We Integrated Into the Website

We are continually working on the website, and we continue to add features and functionalities as per the requirement. So far we have integrated the following features;

  • Sign up
  • Users/Car repairers profile
  • Book an appointment
  • Request a quote
  • Payment Getaway
  • Auto Quote
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Chat/Push Notification for users and car repairers
  • Blog

Technology Stack, We Used


  • Facebook


  • Google Analytics

Font Script

  • Font Awesome5.5.0


  • Swiper Slider

Web Server

  • Apache2.4.27

Programming Language

  • PHP7.0.23
  • Perl5.16.3

Operating System

  • UNIX

Web Server Extension

  • OpenSSL1.0.2l
  • mod_perl2.0.8

Tag Manager

  • Google Tag Manager

JavaScript Libraries

  • jQuery3.3.1
  • SweetAlert2

CSS Framework

  • Bootstrap3.3.7
  • animate.css

What Client Says

Daniel Gonell

Aglowid helped me get the most out of my concept by developing a unique website. I am fond of their working style such as development method, reporting, prompt query response and so much more. The website is functioning well and it is managed and maintained by the team.

Director - LeCarrossier

Getting the Results

All Our Client Achieved

We created a useful website which works according to the client's requirement. Let's find out what our client achieved post-development.

  • 120% Boost in Organic Traffic Visit
  • 59% of Clients vist from Google Search Results
  • 40% Rise in Garage Owners Connections
  • 80% Customer Retention
  • 20% Boost in Operational Efficiency
  • 95% of Clients are Satisfied with the Task

Trusted by Top Leading Companies
in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and UAE

Tony Lehtimaki
Director - Ameos

Very professional, Accurate and Efficient team despite all the changes I had them do. I look forward to working with them again.

Antoine de Bausset
Antoine de Bausset
CEO - Beespoke

They are great at what they do. Very easy to communicate with and they came through faster than i hoped. They delivered everything I wanted and more! I will certainly use them again!

Vivek Singh
Marketing & Sales Head - Varmora

I really liked their attention to detail and their sheer will to do the job at hand as good as possible beyond professional boundaries.

Nimesh Patel
Director - CoverTek Ceramica

Excellent work, and on time with all goals. Communication was very easy, and knowledge of work was excellent. Will be working with them on upcoming projects. I highly recommend.

Craig Zappa
Director - ENA Paramus

"I would like to recommend their name to one and all. No doubt" their web development services cater to all needs.

Neil Lockwood

Aglowid is doing a great job in the field of web development. I am truly satisfied with their quality of service.

Daphne Christoforidou

Their team of experts jotted down every need of mine and turned them into a high performing web application within no time. Just superb!