Inventory Management System

Software solutions to manage entire inventory task be it tracking, predicting, or reordering

Inventory Management Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is a combination of various software which helps you achieve comprehensive business growth by managing the day-to-day activities such as accounting, human resource, project management, inventory management, manufacturing, customer relationship, etc.When you successfully track your product, you get accurate future sales prediction. When you have the right sales prediction, you make proper goods arrangements and reorder products before the stocks run out of it. And, to manage entire inventory procedures, you need innovative and high-tech inventory control software. So, if you are looking to implement an innovative inventory system, integrated with all cutting technologies, tools, features, and functionalities, then we are your choice. We at Aglowid IT Solutions provide GST ready inventory solutions for business of all sizes.

Advantages of Inventory Management System

Maintaining a centralized record of goods and assets require inventory management system or without which an organization may mess up with inventory management. When you have a proper inventory management system, you get a single source of truth for all your products, assets, items in stock, and information of vendors and suppliers' whereabouts.

Increase in Sales

You get effective and solutions for warehouse or whatever business you are looking for. We help you integrate your Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or other accounts so that you make a right and perfect start.

Smooth Order Management

Our developers' expertise enable us to create an outstanding order management system to manage their inventory such as offline and online orders, generate purchase orders, shipment, and much more.

Robust Tracking

Tracking inventory using serial number of orders, shipment, stocks management or assets help you increase sales, and never let you go out of stock or overstock. Get the robust the inventory tracking.

Flawless Shipping Management

You must be aware of the real-time price and in-transit details in the market. Right inventory management system with all the necessary features helps you find the right shipping partner.

Smoother Business Process

Inventory Management System requires to have integrated CRM solutions to keep your business operations smooth. We provide not only CRM, but also various other platforms like ERP, WMS, and TMS.

Warehouse Management

We deliver smart warehouse solutions which manage everything within the warehouse such as checking the stock level, placing an order for required assets, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and much more.

Key Features of the Inventory Management System

A productive inventory management system is called when it is equipped with all essential and useful features. Besides, functions are mostly customized, depending on the size and nature of the business. When you contact our inventory management development team, they ensure that you get the best quality features and functionalities, which help you in your inventory processes. Here are some of the top and standard features that most of the inventory management system has.


Basic Inventory Control

Basic Inventory control helps manage and control your inventory. It is integrated across all channels and helps you with location management solutions.


Barcoding and Scanning

Retailers and warehouse dealers, dealing in a higher volume of orders, need to implement barcoding and scanning to streamline their processes.


Demand Forecasting

Our developers help you integrate high-tech demand forecasting, enabling real-time tracking order with the proper tools in place.


Accounting Integration

Accounting helps in running a business effectively while accounting integration, directly with the inventory management system is effective.


Lot Tracking

If you are dealing in a Food and Drug Administration, you need to know real-time products’ status. Lot tracking helps you do it effectively.


Support for Kits

Our developers help integrates most suitable inventory management solutions which help beat the difficulties to manage kits.

What We Can Help You Integrate with Inventory Management System

If you are dealing in a significantly higher volume of orders, shipment, and management, we help you integrate the Inventory Management Solutions with most of popular websites and technologies. Some of them include;

Types of Inventory Management

There are mainly two types of Inventory Control System, having two other inventory management system with the Inventory Control System. You can get the solutions as per your business types.

Perpetual Inventory System

Perpetual Inventory System is vital for the business to want to have daily and real-time data.

Periodic Inventory System

Periodic Inventory System is vital for the business, which does not want regular data.

Barcode Inventory Systems

The Barcode Inventory System is essential when you want accurate records of all inventory transaction.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Inventory Systems works as real-time or fixed tag readers.

Cloud Inventory System

Now Scale up and down your usage with flexible cloud based Inventory while heavy seasonal demands.

Automated Inventory System

Manage your inventory the hassle free way with automated Inventory management system.

Applications of Inventory Management

The inventory management system is need of the time, and there are most of the industries which can't do without the right inventory solutions. A small business inventory management system can helps small companies to grow better by eliminating the manual process while the same but on a large scale like enterprise inventory system helps to manage the complex and tedious process for big business. Competition is high, competitors are advanced, and in such a situation if you are not technologically equipped, then you are not doing any justice with your profession. Here are some of the top industries which need to implement Inventory Solutions as soon as possible.

Courier & Parcel

eCommerce and Retail


Financial Institutions & Insurance


Pharmaceutical & Medicine



ERP Solution Development Cost

We understand how important it is for startups and small and medium-sized industries and enterprises to be cost-effective. Therefore, we offer affordable ERP solutions service to all our clients that too without compromising with quality. We also offer 3 DAYS of FREE services so that you can confidently hire our services. We have three pricing models, which you can choose any of them as per your convenient. They are affordable from all perspective. Take a look at the pricing here;

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