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We develop enterprise ready app that provides your team a tool to interact with customer in a highly efficient and secure manner.

Instant Messaging App
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Messaging is another yet most trendy way to stay connected to your friends and relatives. Messaging became a trend after the revolutionized effort by WhatsApp to let people stay connected to the horizons. Now, it has gained massive popularity among business organizations as they also have integrated messaging as an integral part of their business strategy.

So, if you are looking to have a chat application for any purpose, Aglowid IT Solutions is here with dedicated chat app developers to help you create a stupendous messaging app like WhatsApp. Just give your idea and purpose of developing chat app and let us build your dream chat app right in your deadline.

Your Business Calling Chat App Right Now

As technology advances, the mode of doing business has also changed. You need to integrate chat app into your business process. When you hire chat app developers from Aglowid, we create a scalable and customized chat app for your business. It will help you in the following term;

Get 100% Customisation

Every enterprise look for an app with 100% customization and that is needed. We offer instant chat app development with 100% customization. You can modify the app based on your usability.

Access Source Code

We understand the need and demand of business and that constantly being changed. And, having full control and access over the source code of chat app can be a great help.

Host Data on Cloud Server?

We develop an instant messaging application that you can host it on Cloud Server or on the server in your premises to scale up the mobile messaging app accessibility.

We Develop Instant Messaging App That Suits Your Business Needs

Having experience working with different clients, we have understood their likings and disliking that have enabled us to provide the right solutions. We take your suggestion first and then our expert developers explain you exactly the right thing that your chat app required.

We Develop Instant Messaging App

Keep your team connected

The instant messaging app provides your team with a platform where they keep sharing the information within the team.

Track Previous Chat Record

We develop an instant chat app that has enables admin to track every detail happens through the messaging app.

Keep Your Team Informed

Just one click and your message are sent to all your team members instantly. You can also send an instant message to your potential clients.

Share File, Documents

We develop feature-rich Chat Application that enables your team to interact with client at anytime. It provides audio/video calling; share documents, etc.

Send Videos, Audios

Going to your clients and explaining things will cost you both time and money while the instant messaging app can help you do all right in no time.

Get your own Messaging App

As we have already mentioned that chat app is the need of the hour and everyone loves to chat when they are free and even when wanting pass information to others. In the study, it reveals that more than 65 people from age groups 18-95 like to chat more than calling to pass the info. However, business enterprises need it to serve various purposes. So, let's understand who do actually need chat application and why?

Enterprise Chat Solutions

If you remember an office boy, who used to take files containing information from this table to that and helping the employee to convey their messages to another team. Chat application does the same thing instantly. You will be responded soon. At the same time, you will be informed about every on-going activity in the company that will you deal with many issues. When hiring our, we ensure that you get the perfect solution for your business. We keep informed about step-to-step development to our clients so that they would know and tell if any changes required during the development process.

We develop chat application for business, enterprises and private organization or all sizes. They include;

Legal & Advisory

We develop centralized chat applications for law firms to keep their clients and team members connected to each other.

Finance & Banking

Whether it is internal or external chat, we offer customized chat application for your banking and finance business.

Travel & Hospitality

Chat application boosts the performance of travel & hospitality industry, whether it is to woo customers or enhance productivity.

Supply Chain & Retail

Aglowid offers chat application developed on cutting-edge technology. Our expert chat app developers provide complete

Individual Chat Application

Individual Chat Application

Next comes individual chat application like WhatsApp. It has the purpose of providing people with a communication platform and generating revenue. However, you can earn millions by getting an app developed. When you hire our chat application developers, they offer guaranteed solutions. There can be an end number of features and usability as per your requirement and what you want to provide your users.

Features of Chat Application

Features entirely depend on the type of apps -I mean the feature will differ from industry to industry and the purpose of using the chat application. If you are using it for business purposes, it will have a customized feature based on your requirement. At the same time, if you are using a chat app for individual purposes, then it will have the common features that an individual may need it. We cannot explain all feature at once, but there are some common features that every chat application generally has. They are as follows;

User Panel

There is a user panel which will consist of all required features that will be decided by the administrator.


Import contacts

Instant messaging

File sharing

Tracking location

Robust encryption

Admin Panel

Admin will have full access to things and there will various features depending on the requirement of your business.

Manage updates

Add/edit/ delete layouts

Manage users

Backup management

Manage security and privacy guidelines

Dashboards statistics

Advance features

These are features that make things easy for both you and your users. You can modify the features according to your choice.

In-app voice and video calls

Group video chat


Self-destructing messages

Cloud synchronization

Multiple platforms support


Creating stickers

Scheduling of messages

Encrypted chats

Voice or audio recording

Money transfer



C2C Chat Application

C2C stands for customer to customer chat such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. We create fast and scalable chat applications that help you grow user interaction.



Chat Through Server

'Through Server' stands for organizational chat application that functions through server while keeping the communication centralized.

Benefits of Instant Messaging app

When you develop an app, you get a number of benefits for your business. Even if you have the individual app, then will earn you maximum benefits.

Saves Time

Instant messaging helps your saves time by eliminating making a long-distance call. At the same time, instead of face-to-face meeting, your team member can communicate through video messaging or video calling. That obviously saves ample time and money.

Enhances teams' productivity

When your team is informed with all process and changes, they can connect with a maximum number of clients in just a few short periods of time. That means chat app also educate your team and that will help them enhance their productivity.

Keeps Things Organized

Do you like to know what is happening in your company? You can do it with just a single tap on your mobile that too from anywhere. It will help you keep things organized while letting you know productivity of the employees.

Relationships with Customers

One of the biggest reason for not being able to satisfy your customer the gap in communication. Instant chat apps keep you connected to your clients and that improve your relationships.

We Choose Technologies That Perfectly Fit The Messaging App

We use all suitable technology that is needed to make the real-time messaging perfect. Technology also used based on the connection required to the messaging app. For example, the messaging app is equipped with the main two connection types such as HTTP + Push Notifications and Extensive Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) protocols.

File sharing apps like Instagram, facebook, etc. use HTTP + Push Notification connection that ensures that a user receives a push notification when you leave a comment on his/her post or sent a personal message. XMPP, on the other hand, eliminates the multiple client-server when it comes to information exchange. Some of the top application based on the connections are Gtalk, WeChat, WhatsApp and others alike.

So, to build these real-time messaging apps, most of our clients prefer the following the technologies.


Using Erlang, you can create scalable soft real-time applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and many others.


Yawa is beneficial for high-performance web server where the user can share larger files such as videos, content streaming, etc.

Mnesia DB

The technology, Mnesia DB used to store contents such files, images, videos, audios, etc. It can be used for strategic purposes.

Monetizing Models in Chat Application

We at Aglowid IT Solutions help you create instant chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and others which can earn you maximum benefits. You can earn in various ways such as;

Monetizing Models in Chat Application
  • In-Chat Pay
  • In-App Payment
  • In-App Purchase
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscription
  • Content Merchandising
  • Official Account
  • White Labelling and Templatization

How much does it cost to develop Chat App like WhatsApp

Certain cost of developing an instant messaging app may be difficult today as it does stable. The cost may be more than what you have thought of it and maybe less beyond your imagination. There are some factors that matter when it comes to the cost of developing an app.

It begins with the developers, development company and the country you choose. Yes, the price may differ from one developer to another; one development company to another; one country to another and the choice of your instant messaging app.

Complexity of App

More than that, the app's complications also affect pricing. That means what purposes you want to build a chat app for; what resources it required to develop the chat app and how much it is going to take to build the app.

Number of Features Integration

The number of features you integrate into the app may affect the price rise. If the app is simple and can be easily developed (without much integration), then it will quite cheap.

Platform you choose

Price may decrease or increase on the basis of what framework you want your chat application to be built. Selecting high-end framework may cost you more as compared to traditional one.

In short, what we can tell you is what we charge for a chat app development project. We charge the lowest $15 per hour with quality guaranty.

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