About The Client

The client is one of the leading healthcare company in Japan that is committed to revolutionizing the industry by leveraging technology to improve accessibility, efficiency, and quality of care. With a focus on enterprises and educational institutions, the client sought to develop a comprehensive healthcare platform that caters to the unique needs of these stakeholders. They call themselves a ‘doctor sharing platform’ that allows different user groups to consult a doctor anytime, anywhere.

About The Project

The project aimed to create a full-stack healthcare solution tailored specifically for enterprises and schools, integrating advanced features and functionalities to streamline healthcare delivery and management. The goal was to establish a unified platform that enables seamless communication, collaboration, and access to healthcare services for employees, students, and staff members.

Key Project Features We Suggested

These are the tailored features we proposed, specifically crafted to empower our client's healthcare platform, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and user satisfaction.

Online Doctor Consultation

  • Enables remote consultations via chat.
  • Includes virtual prescriptions and integrated payment options.

Symptom-Based Consultation

  • Users input symptoms for urgent medical advice.
  • Directs users to relevant department or specialist.

Doctors Categorization

  • Users can easily browse and filter doctors based on their specialization.
  • Improves user experience by facilitating quick access to relevant healthcare professionals.

Chatbot Automation

  • Doctors can set up chatbots to collect basic health information from patients.
  • Streamlines consultation process by gathering relevant information upfront.

Role-Based Access

  • Super-admin accounts for supervisors; user accounts for employees or students.
  • Ensures secure access control and appropriate permissions for different user roles.

Nearby Medical Institutions

  • Provides information about nearby medical facilities.
  • Helps users easily locate healthcare services

Over-the-Counter Medicines

  • Users upload images for identification and purchase.
  • Integrates with local drug stores for direct purchas

Doctor Rating

  • Each doctor is assigned an individual rating based on user reviews and feedback.
  • Enhances user trust by showing doctor popularity and reliability.

Online Payment Integration

  • Seamless integration with Stripe for secure online payments.
  • Enables easy payment for consultations, prescriptions, and purchases.

Project Deliverables

After considering the key features, project scope and project objectives, and taking the client and their stakeholders in confidence, we came up with two major deliverables we would work towards for this project.

  • Delivering the backend infrastructure to create the Individual Admin Panel and Enterprise Admin Panel
  • Development of admin panels and mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Implementation of specialized features for enterprises, including corporate wellness programs and occupational health services.
  • Creation of dedicated modules for schools, such as student health records management and medical assistance tools.
  • Integration of telemedicine capabilities and appointment scheduling functionalities.
  • Establishment of a secure and centralized platform for health records management and communication.

Results – What Our Clients Achieved?

We were the pioneer team to work on the vision of providing the ultimate healthcare and self-diagnosis ecosystem, which enabled client to achieve –

  • Increase in Consultations: Enhanced access to healthcare services led to a significant increase in consultations among employees, students, and staff members.
  • Improvement in Efficiency: Healthcare management within enterprises and schools experienced notable efficiency improvements, resulting in streamlined processes.
  • Increase in User Engagement: Implementation of user-friendly interfaces and personalized features resulted in a substantial boost in user engagement.
  • Increase in Collaboration: Collaboration and communication between healthcare providers and stakeholders saw a significant improvement.
  • Positive Feedback: Overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients highlighted the platform's ease of use, reliability, and impact on healthcare outcomes.

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