About Food Delivery App Development

Smartphones have made shopping an easy task; and with the introduction of apps, even ordering your favorite cuisine has become a child’s play. So, if you are a restaurant owner and wish to cater to this online crowd, then you must opt for food delivery app development.

We, at Aglowid IT Solutions, with our team of experts strive towards providing you with an optimized app to project your exquisite delicacies to this busy and timeless crowd.

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Food Delivery App Development

Our food delivery app will come with these:

Platform Independency

It will be compatible with every OS and every mobile platform in existence. In simple words, whether your customer is using an iPhone or Android device, he or she will be able to use this app conveniently. This in turn will increase your customer base.

On Slot Bookings

This food delivery app will be able to take immediate orders and transfer it to your server. It will also initiate complete monetary transactions via a debit or credit card. Your customers will also be eligible to make advance bookings and avail cash on delivery for payments.

Confirmation Notifications

Our food delivery app development experts will ensure that your customers receive constant notifications and updates about their placed order. This will include successful or unsuccessful order placements, payment completion as well as any new updates regarding a specific order.

Historical Data

Delicacies ordered by your customers will be saved in their transaction history. This will allow them for a speed delivery as next time; their same order will be placed with the touch of a single button.

Virtual Wallet

To avoid multiple card transactions and any chances of failure, we will provide an online wallet with your app. Customers will be able to make their transactions from this e-wallet irrespective of the time and place.

So, wait no more! Contact our experts and engineers at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com today. Incorporate the finest payment gateway for your online venture with our payment gateway integration in android application.

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