Fitness App Development

Fitness is the mantra of the decade; and in this internet savvy world, your smartphones are enough to keep you fit. So, if you want to extend your fitness knowledge to the world in need, get in touch with fitness app development solution at Aglowid IT Solutions. Your app must provide every intricacy from a precise exercise regime to the correct nutrition plan. Blending HTML5 with CSS3, we design user friendly apps compatible with every mobile platform. It will include the following:

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Tracking your calories

Our fitness app will enable its users to keep a count of their calorie burn each time they workout with our regime. It will help them track their progress as well as strive for gradual improvements.

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Tracking your calories Tracking your calories
A food planner A food planner

A food planner

Stats say that a healthy life depends 30% on routine exercise and 70% on a person’s diet. Our fitness app will provide its users with regular diet plans that will not only help them develop their lean tissue, but also alert them for adequate water consumption per day.

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Chat solutions

Nutrition experts as well as trainers will be able to provide constant support to their online clients through a 24 hour chat service. Create & build fitness app with us; we, at Aglowid IT Solutions, will enable your clients to indulge in an individual or group chat with your trainers as per their needs.

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Chat solutions Chat solutions
Regular timely notifications Regular timely notifications

Regular timely notifications

Each and every client who signs up with our app will receive notifications to complete their share of training for each day. The app automatically traces an average log in time and sets reminders for them everyday.

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Hence, if you are looking to escalate your app’s reach to the masses, contact us at and get your fitness app development solution at hand. With more than 30 experts at your disposal, you are sure to receive the best service from us.

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