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Integrating ERP Solutions for Enterprises

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is a combination of various software which helps you achieve comprehensive business growth by managing the day-to-day activities such as accounting, human resource, project management, inventory management, manufacturing, customer relationship, etc.

Aglowid IT Solutions develop top ERP system, which standardizes manufacturing, trading, HR and other business processes by automating and optimizing each process.











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Key Features of ERP Solutions

Our developers' expertise enables us to provide customized ERP system and ERP mobile app development that include multiple modules for each business proceedings having personalized features and functionalities. Let us know your business requirements and we explain you the features that best optimize your enterprise.

Real-time analysis & reporting

A common database for all modules

Online & Offline Sync

Data Security

iOS & Android Compatibility

Smart Business Intelligence

Advanced Authorizations & Escalations

Smart Communication Tools

Key Modules of ERP Solutions

ERP streamlines your business by integrating the software across finance, human resources, procurement, inventory management, etc. These are very common and almost every enterprise needs the same, though they are tailored to the specific industries. Here are some of the common modules, which you can often find in ERP Solutions. Even you do not need to work hard to find the modules for personalized solutions. Our developers will help with complete integration. Let's check out the module integration for ERP solutions.

Advanced Finance Management

Sales Management

Procurement Management

Inventory Management


Project Accounting

Warehouse Management

Retail Management

ERP Development Services

Developers at Aglowid are experienced, skilled and talented who develop custom restaurant mobile and web app solutions. In short, we offer one-stop-restaurant solutions. Our developers' expertise enables us to build all the solutions that you need to make a productive business.

ERP Implementation

Agile ERP Development

ERP Customization

ERP and CRM Services

ERP Consulting Services

ERP Corporate Services

ERP Hosting Services

ERP Managed Services

ERP Technical Services

ERP Testing Services

ERP Web Services

ERP Cloud Services

Benefits of ERP Solutions

To describe the evolution of materials requirements planning (MRP) and Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II), Gartner created the term ERP in 1990. It delivers plenty of benefits to enterprise business. In simple term, with the integration of ERP solutions in your enterprise business, you get enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, and decreased cost. We at Aglowid IT Solutions develop ERP solutions, which provide the following benefits.

Improves Internal Efficiency

With the integration of an ERP solution, it reduces the time required to complete the tasks. That means the ERP system efficiently provides every solution that your employee needed whether it is shared ledger, docs or anything.

Take Better Decision

ERP promotes collaboration that keeps the employee aware of the ongoing process through common data definitions. When you people are aware of the thing, it eliminates the time they usually spend discussing the project.

Increased Agility

ERP solution comes with fewer rigid structures that enable the system to provide a standardized and simplified result. The entire things create agile enterprise, which in turns become adoptive and that adds the potential for collaboration.

Intact Security

Modern business, especially those having modern web and mobile applications, are vulnerable to breach. In fact, data security is a major concern for the business going online today. ERP provides robust security.

Enhances Customer Relationship

We at Aglowid IT Solutions develop highly effective ERP solution, which ensures quality customer service. ERP represents your business online and engages with customer effectively. Helping the customer effectively improves the relationship.

Real-time Reporting

ERP solution provides real-time reporting such as detailed analysis of inventory, supply chain, and market report. That helps you track things and take action when needed. Sometimes, you can take early action to save a big loss.


Billion revenue is forecasted for ERP Market Industry in 2022.


Billion revenue is forecasted for ERP Market Industry in 2022.


is the estimated growth is expected for ERP Industry upto 2022.


is the estimated growth is expected for ERP Industry upto 2022.

Types of ERP We Develop

We at Aglowid ensure that you get all your desired ERP solutions. Hence, we have kept the option open so that you can choose your preferences and get our services. You can choose the type of ERP you want to have for your business and we develop right in your deadline. ERP systems are categorized based on the size and complexity of the industry or enterprises and that is known as;

Tier 1 ERP Solutions


Tier 1 ERP Solution is perfect large enterprises --especially for multi-site, Multinational Corporation having revenues of over 1 billion and thousands of employees across the world.

Tier 2 ERP Solutions


Tier 2 ERP Solution is suitable for startups which earned quick growth and the medium-sized companies with revenue over 1 billion and have one or many branches.

Tier 3 ERP Solutions


We at Aglowid provide ERP integration for startups and small-scale enterprises. Whether your business deal in manufacturing segment or retail, we offer a robust ERP solution.

Customized ERP Solutions

We at Aglowid IT Solutions provide a range of customized ERP Solutions that include Oracle ERP development, SAP ERP services, ODOO ERP development, and many others. Let our team know your requirement and help you create a customized ERP system. Here are some of the most favored ERP vendors and popular ERP products.

SAP ERP Development

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Development

Oracle ERP Development

ODOO ERP Development

Infor ERP Development

Deltek ERP Solutions

Blue Link ERP Solution

Industries We Serve

We at Aglowid IT Solutions offer services for all industries. ERP is for all industries and enterprises and our development team excellently helps you get the best ERP solutions which perfectly fits your business niche. Here are some the most served industries that we provide a solution for.

ERP Solutions for Education Sector

ERP Solutions for Healthcare

ERP Solutions for Entertainment

ERP Solutions for Government

ERP Solutions for Banking

ERP Solutions for Enterprises

ERP Solutions for Travelling Industry

ERP Solutions for Transport

ERP Solutions for Hotel, Restaurants

ERP Solutions for Real Estate

ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

ERP Solutions for Retail

ERP Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

ERP Solutions for Telecommunication

ERP Development Process We Follow

We at Aglowid IT Solutions offer services for all industries. ERP is for all industries and enterprises and our development team excellently helps you get the best ERP solutions which perfectly fits your business niche. Here are some the most served industries that we provide a solution for.

Gathering Resources

Establishing a Development Scenario

Development/ Testing/ Debugging

Delivery with required installation resources

ERP Solution Development Cost

We understand how important it is for startups and small and medium-sized industries and enterprises to be cost-effective. Therefore, we offer affordable ERP solutions service to all our clients that too without compromising with quality. We also offer 3 DAYS of FREE services so that you can confidently hire our services. We have three pricing models, which you can choose any of them as per your convenient. They are affordable from all perspective. Take a look at the pricing here;

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