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As per recent statistics, more than 35% of smartphone users are looking to meet their daily grocery needs online. With exponential stress factors contributing to inevitable fatigue and tiredness in individuals, standing in long queues to obtain their comestible requirements does not seem to be a viable idea. Thus, brick n mortar stores are giving way to grocery apps catering to the doorsteps of each person in need.

In fact, a number of existing retail owners have identified this paradigm shift and therefore are inclining towards online services by embracing grocery mobile app development. So, before this booming market reaches its saturation point, it’s advisable to cut your share of the cake and we at Aglowid It Solutions can precisely aid you in that purpose.

How does a grocery app work?

The sole purpose of such an app is to provide a similar or even a better shopping experience to users as compared to a brick n mortar store. Being an ecommerce venture, it will privilege a user to place his or her order and receive the desired products within the stipulated time. However, we at Aglowid IT Solutions have created a broader diversification of this standard and bring to you the following types of grocery apps at disposal.

In-store like apps

These app designs are aimed to provide users with an ambience similar to that of a brick n mortar grocery store. While such an app delves in providing exact price and specifications of each product, pictures and graphics render the feeling of physical shopping to a large extent.

In this respect, a reliable and authentic Grocery app development company like us at Aglowid IT Solutions strives to achieve a design that will provide a seamless experience to your visitors.

Generic grocery apps

Quite similar to any other ecommerce platform, these designs are being embraced most widely by the majority of smart retailers. With such an app, your customers will be able to select their products at ease and choose a delivery address as per their requirements.

Such a Grocery app development company will also facilitate you as a seller to provide country wide shipping irrespective of the place. Moreover, you can opt for drop shipping services leading to a considerable decrease in your total expenditure; thereby a greater ROI or Return on Investment.

A personal experience

It is perhaps the latest and the most in demand as of now. A personalized shopping methodology allows users to create their own shopping list and share it with the store. Amongst items on the list, users can choose to deliver any amount of a certain item at any time.

This method saves a shopper’s valuable app surfing or website surfing time thereby, making them come back for more.

Why go for grocery mobile app development at all?

Besides the above mentioned statistics, a grocery app can render your company a number of added benefits over others. In house experts of Aglowid IT Solutions have jotted down some of them for you.

Global Reach

Post setting up of a business, your sole motive has been to promote your business to the masses. So, what can be better than a grocery mobile app? In this era of smartphones and tablets, more than 82% of web scrollers lay their dependency on apps.

So, taking your business online through a mobile app will gift your service an exponential volume of profit as well as an ever increasing customer base. Moreover, with an increased fame, more and more retailers will like to tie up with you. This, in turn, will lead to a stronger seller base, thereby sufficing to a greater number of clients.

Quick and Hassle Free

An online service will facilitate you to accept instantaneous orders irrespective of the location and a grocery app development company like Aglowid IT Solutions can be your silver lining in this respect.

Another major benefit of taking your business online is allowing customers to flood in 24 x 7. Courtesy to a fast and busy life, individuals often lack time to procure their daily needs. So, the convenience of an app will allow them to choose the products of their needs from the comfort of their living rooms anytime.

Complete Transparency

One of the biggest perks of building grocery shopping apps is providing complete transparency to buyers. Irrespective of brick n mortar stores, where different sellers sell a specific product for different prices, your buyers will be able to witness a clear segmentation of their prices as laid down by your online venture.

Offers and Deals

Have you ever seen a traditional grocery shop offering deals on its existing products? However, by developing an app for your grocery store, you will be inviting more customers through attractive offers and discounts on your products.

This is what we at Aglowid It Solutions strive to attain and provide these facilities through our grocery mobile app development services. We bring at your disposal, state of the art products. In addition to the above mentioned perks, embracing the efficacies of a mobile app can render the following additional benefits to your online venture.

  1. Real time order tracking facility to your customers.
  2. Price comparison features.
  3. Barcode verification of authenticity.
  4. Personalized service.

What are the aspects of building grocery shopping apps?

Building grocery shopping apps involve a number of perspectives which demand inclusion for an efficient running of the app. Experts and veteran developers of Aglowid IT Solutions bring forward the following conjunctures in this respect.

Product browsing amenities

It is imperative to opt for a grocery mobile app development that provides a credible experience to users. Moreover, the user interface should be completely lag free and must be efficiently RAM-optimized for catering to budget smartphones as well.

Since, 76% of smartphone buyers still fall under the budget segment, it is a must do step for ensuring an efficient CX to your customers.

Registration and Login

Maintaining individual user records is quintessential for implementing a hassle free client delivery system. Your app must allow users with the facility to set up their individual records. These records must adhere to all security standards ensuring complete confidentiality to your customers.

Moreover, as an efficient app, it should be able to keep a track of personal user preferences which will allow you to provide niche services as per your customer’s preferences.

Product searching

No grocery mobile app development can be successful without incorporating an effective search bar. This is known as navigability and plays a major role in the rise or fall of an online venture. An effective search bar helps your clientele base reach their desired products at the shortest time frame, thereby ensuring a faster checkout time and increased efficiency.

Moreover, a search should also provide privilege to filter search results as per one’s requirements. Scanning through a multitude of products every time can be tiresome and a search filter can be your site’s wild card in this highly competitive market.

Tracking and delivery

Extending the aspect of transparency, Aglowid IT Solutions looks to provide an efficient tracking system helping customers detect the presence and delivery of their products.

A transparent product tracking system will also allow individuals to create an approximation of their delivery dates and hence, confirm an approved acceptance every time.

How must does it cost to develop a grocery mobile app?

The total cost of grocery mobile app development depends on a lot of factors. While some of them pose a direct impact on the customers, the rest are invariably responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction. Have a look at them:

Choice of platforms

In today’s world, Android is the most used mobile platform with iOS following suit. So, it becomes imperative to develop your site in these two operating systems. Our in-house developers at Aglowid IT Solutions incorporate a team of dedicated professionals who are adept in obtaining OS respective development. Moreover, with the rise of tablets and phablets, screen sizes and resolution, apps need to be responsive. Aglowid delves in ensuring that apps produced by us cater impeccably to visuals of all sizes and resolutions.

Volume of development team

The size of a development is directly proportional to the volume of the project at hand. According to our expert analysts at Aglowid, if shopping apps will require precise amalgamation of HTML and CSS, then grocery app development cost may be on the higher side. Prices also fluctuate and vary depending on the incorporation of niche developers and specialists.

Up gradation and future maintenance

Our task does not merely end at your grocery delivery app development. It also requires periodic OTA or Over the Air updates from your end to entice your customers with selective new features. The same applies for maintenance costs which include removing unnecessary cookies and caches ensuring a smooth and lag free running of the system. In addition to this, a shift of the hosting or future development platforms also plays a part in ensuring an optimal cost of maintenance.

At Aglowid, we strive to achieve cross platform efficacies so as to provide our clients with the maximum value for their money.

Analysing customer needs

A crucial factor of building grocery shopping appsis understanding your target customers and their requirements. Aglowid in association with its proficient coders pen down your intricate needs and proceed accordingly.

Project feasibility study

This step validates and authenticates the attainability of a project in real life. This implies to transpiring the visualizations of a design into its anticipated realization. Post valuation of this step, requirement analysis and development initiate.

Gathering requirements

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP form the basis of a grocery mobile app development. A precise amalgamation of the above technologies with state of the art hardware facilities lay testimony to the successful development of your project.

Developing the app

Development takes place through a step wise procedure which incorporates perfecting one step before moving on to the next. By blending the prototype and waterfall model of development, our coders bring forth the best product at your disposal.

Error eradication

Through intricate white box and black box testing, our system analysts strive to attain perfection in each step of your project so as to render it completely errand free. This step also involves unit testing where your project is fragmented into units for error elimination and then conjoined post procedure.

Final delivery

Aglowid IT Solutions boasts of its punctuality and delivers its projects before the stipulated time on every instance. We understand the importance of your time and therefore, look to provide apt justification to the same.

Why give us a call at Aglowid IT Solutions?

Hire grocery app developers from us at Aglowid and be a recipient of the following facilities:

  • 24 hours technical assistance from our assistance team.
  • A team of 30+ expert developers at your disposal.
  • Packages that do burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Complete walk around of your project during its development.
  • On or before time delivery.

Aglowid is one of the leading names when it comes to providing grocery mobile app development service. Providing cross platform app services, we will help your venture acquire its deserved recognition in no time. So, why the delay? Simply, contact us today and receive budget friendly grocery app development services from us.

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