About The Client

A Japan-based company with a chain of retail stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area, offering fresh food, prepared foods, daily necessities, and other products.

About The Project

The client wanted an online platform to promote and inform their customers about their store listings, recipes, and other related services. Apart from providing a centralized listicle website where their existing customers and potential customers can browse their offerings, they wanted us to develop an online reservation system for special promotional events.

Project Objectives

The primary objective was to help client build their online platform to -

  • Help improve convenience for their existing customers and provide a better awareness channel for new customers.
  • Create a customized order management system for store owners to manage advanced reservations.
  • Create a customized CMS solution as an admin portal to handle all site content.
  • Create a customer log-in/signup module to manage & access their account.

Key Features

Advanced Food Reservation System

  • Banners with Special Items: Feature specialized food items available for a limited time.
  • Order Modification: Allow users to reserve, edit, add, and remove their orders before the product listing date.
  • Customizable Orders: Vendors can prepare orders according to specifications, including modifications for allergies or preferences.

Store Listing

  • Location-based Listing: List all stores based on user location to aid navigation.
  • Comprehensive Store Information: Provide detailed information about each store, including address, contact details, and operating hours.
  • User-friendly Navigation: Enable users to easily find and reach the nearest store.

Recipe Listing

  • Categorized Recipes: Categorize recipes by food type for easy browsing.
  • Detailed Recipe Information: Include cooking time, number of servings, ingredients, and preparation process.
  • Search Functionality: Allow users to search for specific recipes based on various criteria.

Online Reservation & Booking

  • Real-time Availability: Display real-time availability of special items for reservation.
  • Booking Confirmation: Provide immediate confirmation of reservations via email or SMS.
  • Reservation Modifications: Allow users to modify or cancel reservations as needed.

Product Listing

  • Detailed Product Information: Provide comprehensive information about each product, including descriptions, prices, and availability.
  • Category Browsing: Allow users to browse products by category for easy navigation.
  • Search and Filter: Enable advanced search and filtering options to help users find specific products quickly.

Event-based Sales Management

  • Event Scheduling: Schedule and manage special promotional events.
  • Promotion Tracking: Track the success of promotional events and customer participation.
  • Sales Analytics: Provide detailed analytics on sales performance during events.

Project Deliverables & Our Complete Solutions

After assessing the key project features by discussing the project roadmap in detail with the client, we analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to come up with key project deliverables such as:

  • Store Listing – List all their stores as per the user’s location and overall listing so they can easily navigate and reach the store easily.
  • Recipe Listing – Providing all their recipes and categorizing them as per food type with details like cooking time, number of people, raw material, process, and more.
  • Admin Portal – To manage all the website content and pages
  • Store Portal – To manage the reservation system, categories, store promotions & more
  • User Account – To track and manage order information, edit ongoing orders, check order history & more.

User Management:

  • Create and manage user roles and permissions to ensure secure access.
  • Monitor user activities and manage account-related issues.

Content Management:

  • Add, edit, and delete website content such as text, images, and videos.
  • Organize content into categories and sections for easy navigation.

Reservation Management:

  • View and manage customer reservations, including booking details and modifications.
  • Send confirmations and updates to customers regarding their reservations.

Promotion Management:

  • Create and manage promotional events, including discounts, special offers, and marketing campaigns.
  • Track the success of promotions through user engagement and sales data.

Inventory Management:

  • Monitor inventory levels and update stock information in real-time.
  • Generate inventory reports to ensure adequate supply and manage restocking needs.

Order Tracking:

  • Allow users to view the status of their current orders and track delivery progress.
  • Provide detailed order history with past purchases and reservations.

Analytics Dashboard:

  • Track website performance through various metrics such as page views, user behavior, and content popularity.
  • Generate reports to gain insights into user engagement and site effectiveness.

Results – What Our Clients Achieved?

After developing the online food delivery management platform for our client, the company experienced several key benefits:

  • Increased Reservation Bookings & Revenue: The user-friendly interface and streamlined reservation process led to higher bookings and revenue.
  • Easier Store Management: Centralized control over content, reservations, and promotions simplified store operations.
  • Improved Product Awareness: Detailed product and recipe listings enhanced customer engagement and transparency.
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Personalized user accounts and regular updates improved customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Efficient Operations: Real-time updates and automated notifications streamlined business operations.

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