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Do you want a software like Airbnb? Questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’ are crowding your brain? Then, here’s your solution!

Bearing in mind the proceeding half a decade, global inhabitants have been expressing a gradual transference in their choice of overseas accommodation. Predominantly, with an escalation in the frequencies of cross-country commutes, concerning conferences, businesses or even travel, the need for cost-effective stays are witnessing an ever-surging rise.

This is where online bread and breakfast services such as Airbnb emerge to be a silver lining catering to affordable private stays with a tap of a few buttons.

Our connoisseurs at Aglowid IT Solutions identify this conjuncture and bring forth an amiable solution to entrepreneurs beholding to delve in this budding marketplace of OTA bread and breakfast services. However, prior to initiating our development procedures, it is imperative to contemplate the following question.

What Are The Pre-Requisites To Build Software Like Airbnb?

If you are looking to proclaim your share of this budding virtual renting trade, you must receive a clear gouge of its working procedure. Airbnb or services like Airbnb, adhere to the following modus operandi for acquiring an effective client base.

Property Value

Often, visitors preserve a dilemma regarding the conditions playing protagonist in the total tariffs. In this respect, the value and stature of a property must be taken into consideration invariably.

While the accommodation for two in the city outskirts can cost $200 (for instance), a similar option in a metropolitan’s downtown shall incur 4 times the charge.

Location Wise Availability

The primary requirement of any potential customer will be to get a clear vacancy or availability indication of homes in a specific area. This depends on the durations of previous bookings, number of inhabitants looking to procure a home as well as their duration of stay.

Moreover, perpetual approximations from nearby commutes and hassles of communication also play a factor in deciding one’s choice of residence in a foreign nation.

Year Round Timings

Aglowid IT Solutions considers this as a go-to factor while striving to build website like Airbnb. It is imperative to specify that your website or software must project a higher price to its customers during festivities which stand as your primary source of returns.

However, the value of surcharge you like to impose will solely depend on the admin’s discretion. Considering the same, advanced bookings shall see a lower price tag as compared to its 11th hour counterparts.

Final Payments

Once bookings are complete, your guests will look to set their foot in a home of their choice. One will be able to make the final payments online or by cash to the hands of the house owner. Irrespective of the process, a commission will be granted from both the dwellers as well as the renters’ end corresponding to the total commission for the providing website.

While the above points will play their hand while designing a software like Airbnb, there a multitude of core features which every website or software similar to Airbnb must express.


What Are The Key Features Of OTA B&B Software?

Besides specifying the modes of operation, you as an entrepreneur need to understand the features that render an OTA B & B its true colours. We at Aglowid IT Solutions list down some of them beginning with the ones that are common to both guests and hosts.

  • Registration and Login via email or a social media account.
  • Filling up personal authentic information.
  • Customizable user settings.
  • Dashboard panel.
  • Notification tray.


Now, As The Admin, You May Allow Your Hosts The Following Services.

  • Create and manage their profile and maintain their hosting records.
  • Develop property listings incorporating photos, videos and associated information.
  • Any software like Airbnb will allow hosts to manage or re-schedule their upcoming bookings.
  • Keep a track record of past transactions and enlist their experiences (rate guests).
  • Authentic, validate or alter their payment method as and when necessary.

What Facilities Do Guests Receive With An Airbnb Like Software Or Website?

Aglowid IT Solutions, being a leading name in the IT solutions industry, strives to provide state of the art facilities to the recipients of services (guests). So, while approaching to build website like Airbnb, our proficient developers carry the following checklist with them -

Property Search

Perhaps, it is the backbone of a successful Bread and Breakfast provider in all respect. Every customer must have the privilege of searching a property of their desire as per their necessities. Only after all requirements are met, shall an individual make his or her final booking.

A complete and successful property search depends on a number of factors which include location, proximity from resources and pricing as primary role. So, your software or website should enable similar filters helping travellers narrow down their search considerably.

Personal Profile And Details

As a customer, a person needs to fill all authentic personal details which will help a host identify the dweller’s identity. Efficient software like Airbnb must take into account this consideration and it is precisely what, we at Aglowid IT Solutions strive to attend.

Moreover, we also ensure that all personal information are totally safeguarded against third party intrusions or malicious attacks. This, in turn, escalates the trust factor of your customers on your website and makes them come back for more.

Request And Order Placement

Once a customer decides on his choice of residence, he or she will look to contact the owner. Our software will provide customers a one click calling facility as well as garner them with all details of their shortlisted properties.

Moreover, customers will also be able to customize and modify their request depending on the time of booking or the amount as decided by the admin panel.

Ratings And Reviews

After a user has availed your service, he or she must find a place to provide his or her review on your service. Positive reviews lay a testimony to your organizations’ impending success and are essential for procuring a healthy and loyal customer base.

In addition to this, reviews also help hosts in identifying the areas of improvement and incorporating them for a better experience to succeeding visitors. It is a measure of your hosts’ efficiency as well.

With all the intricate details of a successful online bread and breakfast at your disposal, it is time to take a look at the technologies that play their part in its creation.

Airbnb Development Approach

The Technology And Approach Behind A Software Like Airbnb

Being a reliable and authentic company, Aglowid IT Solutions adopts for the MVP approach. MVP standing for Minimal Viable Product refers to constructing a demo product and showing it to the clients. Depending on the feedback provided by the clients, further developments take place.

One of the biggest perks of using MVP is that each step ponders on perfecting the needs and requirements of a Software like Airbnb. This, in turn, saves overall investments considerably and ensures that our clients receive the best products at the final delivery.

Professional developers of Aglowid also delve in the finest and latest technologies to provide top notch quality to our clients each and every time. This ensures that our clients receive the maximum value for money and the maximum Returns on Investment.

What Are The Software And Hardware Requirements?

In order to build website like Airbnb, a precise amalgamation of both front end and back end software is required to achieve perfection. At Aglowid, we achieve the same through the deployment of

  • Programming languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Implementation of ReactJS as a dependable Java Script framework.
  • Application can be developed by using rails or Ruby on Rails (ROR).
  • Web servers like Puma and Nginx.
  • A custom hosting service depending on the choice, requirement and budget of the client.

Airbnb, in spite of using a host of technologies, still deploys ruby on rails as their ideal application framework development software.

Airbnb Development Technologies

Why Go For Airbnb Type of App Development?

There are a number of reasons justifying the creation of a property rental app or website like Airbnb.

Scalability & Credibility

Such interfaces provide a seamless journey through one’s property rental service keeping an ambiance of transparency throughout the process.


Since RoR forms the technological basis of development, one can receive one’s desired software like Airbnb from us at affordable prices.

Cross Country Bookings

With such an app at disposal, your users will be able to make global bookings with the mere touch of a few buttons.

What Technologies do our Apps Ride Upon?

At Aglowid, we strive to achieve cross platform efficacies so as to provide our clients with the maximum value for their money.

Technological Complexity Involved

Since developing successful software like Airbnb requires the integration of multiple software on one platform; integrating the same requires considerable labour and expertise. This in Aglowid or any other reputable organization transpires into the overall cost on behalf of the client.

Static Vs. Dynamic Design

If you are looking to opt for a static website or software design, then your overall investment will be much less as compared to that of its dynamic iteration. However, on the other hand, the age belongs to dynamic designs and opting for a static one means falling behind the technology race.

Volume Of Development Team

The number of experts involved in the creation of a website like Airbnb stays put as a deciding factor in calculating the overall investment. Larger the team, greater will be the cost and vice versa. The expertise of an individual also contributes to the cost factor significantly. For instance, a tea, consisting of a developer cum coder will cost more than an individual developer.

Choice Of Platform

Do you want your software or app to run on Android or iOS or both? Price also depends on the number of cross platform developments you are opting for. Your cross platform requirements may also extend to desktop services such as Windows or Mac. In addition to this, such a development calls for a responsive app or website. This means that the app or software will cater to displays of all sizes and resolution (a responsive design).

How do our Developers go About the Process?

At Aglowid IT Solutions, our in-house developers follow a step by step process in bringing you completely error-free projects each and every time. Here’s how our waterfall model transpires into your amiable products.

Analysing Customer Needs

A crucial factor of building grocery shopping apps is understanding your target customers and their requirements. Aglowid in association with its proficient coders pen down your intricate needs and proceed accordingly.

Project Feasibility Study

This step validates and authenticates the attainability of a project in real life. This implies to transpiring the visualizations of a design into its anticipated realization. Post valuation of this step, requirement analysis and development initiate.

Gathering Requirements

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP form the basis of a grocery mobile app development. A precise amalgamation of the above technologies with state of the art hardware facilities lay testimony to the successful development of your project.

Developing The App

Development takes place through a step wise procedure which incorporates perfecting one step before moving on to the next. By blending the prototype and waterfall model of development, our coders bring forth the best product at your disposal.

Error Eradication

Through intricate white box and black box testing, our system analysts strive to attain perfection in each step of your project so as to render it completely errand free. This step also involves unit testing where your project is fragmented into units for error elimination and then conjoined post procedure.

Final Delivery

Aglowid IT Solutions boasts of its punctuality and delivers its projects before the stipulated time on every instance. We understand the importance of your time and therefore, look to provide apt justification to the same.

Why Hire Aglowid IT Solutions?

With Aglowid IT Solutions, you will receive:

  • 24 x 7 customer support on all intricate technical issues.
  • Best in class packages catering to both individuals as well as organizations.
  • 100% error free products each and every time.
  • A team of 30+ highly proficient individuals.
  • Scalable and customizable websites and apps.

So, are you still waiting to give your property rental services a head start? Then, delay not! Simply contact us at Aglowid IT Solutions now and receive your software like Airbnb in no time.

Time to give your dreams bigger wings!

Airbnb at Aglowid




The app supports people looking to make their day out of the busy schedules with their desired drinks. The app suggests customers the partnered bars & clubs nearby and place orders for their drinks. Once the drink is approved, the order money will be deducted from the saved credit card.

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The Briny

The Briny

The Briny is a restaurant website based in the UK which allows customers to book their tables to get hassle-free services. Apart from table booking, customers visiting the website can go through sections of menu exploring food, drinks, and breakfasts.

Crafted to allow easy and quick table booking facilities, the Briny website delivers a perfect blend of clean style and sophisticated effects to impress visitors. The website received heavy traffic ever since we worked on the project- The Briny.



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Integrated with GPS technology the app can spotlight nearby restaurants, hotel stays along with the discount coupons of the respective places. Sorted concerns and it received maximum downloads and recorded a 60% rise in revenue generation.

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