About Build a Website like Airbnb

Airbnb rates as one of the best innovations in the online domain. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting a similar website like this as yours. But an obvious question which comes to your mind is the probable cost to build website like Airbnb. Our team of expert professionals at Aglowid IT Solutions can give you just what you want and beyond.

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Requirements to build a website like Airbnb

There’s a reason why Airbnb strikes out as a website unlike any other. That’s because it has an engaging user interface. Better the UI, better the user experience or UX and UX is highly valuable when it comes to websites. This website incorporates multiple leading front end or user end frameworks to achieve high-value UI and UX. Frameworks include:

Angular JS


Ember JS


Cost to Build a Website like Airbnb:

Our team of developers has multiple years of experience in each of these frameworks. Working together, you can expect a complete package and a website with a similar high-value interface.

But that’s not all. A website for the hospitality industry requires multiple back-end functions as well so that you can manage multiple types of resources. Back-end frameworks are where the front-end counterparts integrate and sync. And multiple formats of front-end frameworks will require requisite back-end formats. In this case, back-end requirements are:

Ruby on Rails



Our years of experience in providing websitesolutions to multiple leading brands in the hospitality industry will ensure a seamless website with zero management loopholes. A point worth mentioning, Airbnb just like any other fledgling website was a start-up. But with such a strong back-end and engaging front-end, it has more than 1.5 million listings and that too only in 7 years.

The Cost to Build a Website like Airbnb as a start-up will run just above $1000 simply because it requires multiple high-value frameworks along with in-syncing. And with Aglowid IT Solutions, you have a guarantee of getting the best possible post-delivery support to ensure surging growth figures.

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