Why Use NodeJS 8 | A New Stepping Stone in NodeJS Development

Every web page consists of two parts – server-side development and client-side development.

The server manages intricacies of database and web server while the client-side manages web page dynamics and works mainly on the front end of the software or website.

NodeJS development is one such server-side approach that allows developers to develop a web server using this open source platform.

Moreover, With NodeJS 8 released in the market, server-side development has received a new dimension.

why use nodejs

Why Use NodeJS 8

NodeJS is a cross-platform open-source environment that finds use in the development of web servers using JavaScript.

Although JavaScript is mainly preferred for client-side coding, NodeJS combines JS with HTML to create dynamic web pages and enables efficient content management.

The new NodeJS 8 comes with Longer term Support focusing large user base who require a stable and secure platform with the codename “Carbon”. The 8.0 supports long term support (LTS) and the end of life will be remain upto December 2019

However, if you wish to hire NodeJS developer for NodeJs Development, it is important to take a look at its important features.

Features of Node JS 8

  1. Licensing

  2. NodeJS 8 is pertinent to the MIT license which accounts for its credibility and trustability.

  3. Fast response

  4. NodeJS 8 delivers itself on Java Script’s Chrome V8 engine making it extremely fast and nimble.

    These allow efficient NodeJS development and ensure lag-free software and web pages.

    Node.Js 8 is up to 20% faster than its predecessor Node.js 6

  5. Drives on events

  6. NodeJS uses non-blocking or asynchronous mode of APIs.

    In other words, an API does not affect the return rate (number of APIs returning per minute) of a NodeJS server.

    Once, an API call is successful, the server moves to the next API via a notification mechanism.

    This mechanism also helps its server to receive via response call from the previous API.

  7. High scalability

  8. Event looping is the generous mechanism that NodeJS 8 opts for.

    It runs on a single thread model. By scalable, it means that the server of NodeJS responds through a non-blocking manner that accounts for a highly scalable web page or software.

Who can hire NodeJS developer?

Be it an eCommerce venture or a payment gateway; every site can opt for NodeJS server-side developments.

The main reason is its reliability and fast processing speed.

A payment gateway or an eCommerce website will always want to have a fast and reliable server-side application.

Server delays are disadvantageous and can lead to loss of potential customers.

Therefore, NodeJS finds a variety of use.

Reason to opt for NodeJS development

NodeJS finds its main use in developing custom website development.

There is a plethora of reasons to opt for NodeJS, some of them are:-

  • Rapid Development

  • Everyone needs a fast development procedure.

    NodeJS provides a quickly scalable web development procedure by the use of an event loop.

    This reduced the requirement of including new threads thereby reducing complexities.

  • Data Sync

  • Since, NodeJS allows users to script code both on the client as well as the server side, therefore, it facilitates the rapid transfer of data between the client and server.

  • Effective sharing

  • This platform allows sharing of library code packages.

    Therefore, developers can resolve any crunch situations efficiently without rendering any complexities.

Why choose For NodeJS Development

The Node.js Team also released Node.js 9.0.0 for developers who are keen to testing and experimentation. With a focus on testing a new features and updates NodeJs 9.0 is not at all recommended for any one who need a stable platform.

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