Why Should you Use MEAN Stack Development for your Business Web Applications?

By Ronak Patel   |   8 March, 2017
Why Should you Use MEAN Stack Development for your Business Web Applications?

Even after so many years that MEAN stack development has been in the IT industry; many people are still in doubt and ask Why use Mean Stack for their business.

If you are planning to develop web applications for your company, full stack MEAN stack web development is the ‘next best tool’ nowadays.

It’s a whole collection of technologies based on JavaScript and is highly result oriented.

Benefits of MEAN Stack Development

The most significant benefits are its simplicity and a very conventional structure. But it brings along others as well.

It is Flexible

It is highly flexible and easy to work on.

If you want to add some personal information, you can simply do that just by adding a field to that form and following the next few procedures mentioned.

MEAN stack allows us to test web applications after their development and host them in cloud quite conveniently.

Allows Isomorphic Coding

Now, what does that mean? Suppose, we are writing the code in one framework, we can easily place it in another framework.

It will function in the same way. This makes this cutting age technology highly reliable, once again.

It’s JavaScript Everywhere

The most important advantage of using this technology for your web apps is that in both client and server side, JavaScript is used for the entire coding.

And this makes it a better choice than LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for developers.

Apart from these, MEAN is a cost effective option for businesses as you don’t have to hire separate programmers to work on various technologies.

Most importantly, you can save a lot of time.

Here are some more reason. Why use Mean Stack

  • MEAN stack development used for web applications ensures better user experience.You can easily reach out to your potential target group.
  • Again, this reliable JavaScript developer helps to manage your data on their own. You don’t need to have them in any single format.
  • In the presence of schemas, data recovery becomes faster with MEAN.
  • It offers a higher capacity of handling your company’s data efficiently and safely.
  • Node.js in MEAN helps develop highly scalable applications that are likely to receive more web traffic.
  • With the web, companies can have a very powerful platform for their web applications.

Creating web applications using full stack MEAN stack development will reduce the hassle of manual tasks a lot.

Once you hire experienced MEAN stack consulting services, the professionals will guide you with how this platform will help you to boost your company online.

MEAN Stack Development involving MongoDB is the future! Know More!

Let’s make things simple. Consider a coffee mug. Whether you pour coffee or tea, there will always be a particular limit.

If, by any chance, you want some more beverage, you either have to get a bigger mug or compromise on your desire.

But can you do the same when you want your business to expand? Will you halt your company’s growth just because your database server is full?

This is where MEAN stack development using MongoDB comes in.

What is MongoDB?

It’s free as well as open source and a cross-platform NoSQL software.MongoDB is that endless coffee mug that you can go on filling without having to worry about an overflow.

Unlike relational databases that deal with a complex structure of tables and rows and columns, this document-oriented database involves a stack of documents.

Technically speaking, MongoDB stores information in the form of documents.

It depends on the underlying structure of documents to extract information – a concept known as a key-value store.

MEAN stack development using MongoDB allows you to handle a bulk of data with agility and make your database management more performance oriented.


Why choose MongoDB at all?

Certainly, the next question arises by go for this NoSQL program at all? Well, typically there are four main reasons –

Multiple servers –

Or five and more coffee mugs to satiate your hot beverage desire. MongoDB makes use of multiple servers to store your information.

This enables you to expand without having to worry about an additional storage plant.

Then again, with numbers come complexities. Here, a reputed MongoDB development company can help you out.

Multiple Servers

Open-source –

And this makes it even cheaper. It means almost any developer can develop, fix and maintain your whole database. You run into some trouble; all people need to do is contact the fathers or put a query in MongoDB forums. This allows a MongoDB Development Company to come up with your application in minimum time and gets your business online in no time.

Cloud based –

Right! Again, no expensive servers and no complex data centers.

All your data is uploaded into the cloud and saves you additional cost.

MEAN stack development with MongoDB stores data in commodity servers, quite similar to these large e-commerce sites.

Now imagine just the bulk of data they handle every day!

Cloud Compatibility

Quick Response –

Which the company declares as their tagline – Agile! Being document oriented, access of data is way faster than the complex tabular network of a database management system.

This makes your application “agile”, irrespective of the bulk of data that it is handling.

Also, modeling data is simpler using MongoDB that increases productivity to a large extent.

Is MEAN Stack Development Good for E-commerce?

Well, you bet it is. However, before we get into that, lets first figure out what MEAN stack essentially is.

MongoDB like other NoSQL databases allows us to create custom data structures as and when we need it.

It has a JSON-style document development approach that’s scalable and flexible from the very moment of initiation.

MongoDB along with other JavaScript tools such as ExpressJS, AngularJS running on Node.js make for a powerful web development platform.

Now when it comes to running an online business, there is a constant rundown of prerequisites that need addressing. These prerequisites need to be adaptable such that they can be adjusted.

Where MEAN Stack comes in is that it lets you meet all of your prerequisites on time and use JS to prepare responsive solutions.

Most e-commerce websites tend to have many categories. These could include items, prices, reviews, comments, etc. In such a scenario, it is indeed good to go with MEAN stack development

MEAN Stack for eCommerce Development
However, if your e-commerce site has a lot of many to many relations in its database design, then MongoDB might not be the best solution.

What is a many to many relationship in database design, you ask?

Simply put, it is the type of relationship between two tables in a database where each of them has multiple records. However, MongoDB works fine in this respect for e-commerce projects.

In fact, the most common point that gets highlighted in respect to e-commerce is that MongoDB offers a flexible schema.

But why is flexible schema integral to e-commerce?

Open source platforms, in their very essence must adapt to different designs, response integration and business processes.

Now with a flexible schema, the developer can equate custom data structures with the existing model of the framework. This makes it a lot easier for them to integrate new features.

Alternatively, when the cost of coming up with a feature and maintaining it are too high, companies tend to give up on it.

Other than these factors, there are some more things that explain why e-commerce companies hire MEAN stack developer.

Chief among them is the fact it makes switching between client and server sides much easier.

Since MEAN uses JS as the common language for all of its interconnected technologies, the developer can move from server-side development to client side faster.

This is known as isomorphic coding.

“It saves a lot of time in the development stage that can be utilised during QA or unit testing.”

In fact, MEAN stack Development supports Automated Testing

This means that a developer will be able to test his code during development itself and find out if a feature breaks down.

Additionally, MEAN also supports MVC architecture.

Model View Controller is a blueprint for the architectural design of implanting user interface.

Incorporating MVC architecture ensures the separation of your company’s internal information with the information users will see.

This is an extremely important feature while developing an e-commerce.

These sites have a lot of information stored about the buyer and several processes that need to be kept separate from what the buyer gets to see.

MVC - Mean Stack
You must also hire MEAN stack developer for it will ensure the quickest way to developing an MVP.

A minimum viable product is one that your company will put out with only its essential features.

Not only does this allow for early engagement with customers but you can also use their feedback to make corrections.

The fast nature of a MEAN framework ensures that this happens in the fastest possible time.

Finally and essentially, MEAN is a big open-source community.

Therefore, it becomes easier for developers to know about the latest updates and bug fixes.

One Google search will tell you about the helpfulness and enthusiasm that open-source communities share. This will work well for the developers working on your e-commerce project.

In fact, tech giants like eBay and PayPal use Node.js as well.

All of these factors only prove the reliability of MEAN stack and how it isn’t such a bad idea to use for e-commerce.

Let us know in the comments if we missed out on any important points.

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