Cracking Basics – An Ultimate Mean Stack Guide for a Developer

MEAN stack has taken the developing world by storm! This inspire us to fall a light on basics of Mean Stack Guide that helps a developer to understand the base of MEAN stack.

A myriad of bespoke features, benefits and an easy installing process is exactly what you need to be the master of MEAN stack development.

So, if you are a novice in this field, then this is the right place for you to start your journey in the sphere of MEAN stack development services.

Without further ado, take a look at what’s in store for you on this blog!

An ultimate MEAN stack Guide to Start with!

Mean Stack Guide

What is Mean Stack?

Mean stack refers to web development technology based on a JavaScript framework which includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS & NodeJS. Mean is an acronym of these four developing technologies.

  1. MongoDB
  2. It is a cross-platform database which utilizes a model of document-oriented data in MEAN stack development and is one of the multifarious types of databases which arose under NoSQL banner in mid-2000s. In relational databases, instead of applying rows and tables, MongoDB is constructed on the architecture of documents as well as collections.

    Several reasons why it is used:

    • Data stored in JSON style
    • High availability and replication
    • Rich queries
    • Index on attributes
    • Fast updates
    • Auto-sharding
    • MongoDB’s professional assistance

    People usually hire MEAN stack developers for their exceptional skills in MongoDB.

  3. ExpressJS
  4. This framework is a flexible and minimal Node.js application which offers you resilient features for your web and mobile apps. Express.js, as well as Node.js, renders JavaScript with innovative functionality on the back-end. It allows developers in building software keeping JavaScript on the server side. It is Node.js’ common server framework.

    This combination opens up possibilities for JavaScript to construct an entire site. Professional MEAN stack developers can create apps on the server-side with Node.js, and then publish these Node.js applications as websites with ExpressJS.


  5. AngularJS
  6. Using MEAN stack development services, dynamic web apps can be built using a structural framework called AngularJS. It offers you HTML as the template language and allows you to extend HTML’s syntax for expressing components of your applications succinctly.

    This framework’s dependency injection along with data binding, abolishes a large portion of code which you would have required to write otherwise. Moreover, everything takes place within the browser that makes it the ultimate partner with all server technologies.

    Angular Js

  7. NodeJS
  8. Node.js refers to the cross-platform, runtime environment which executes along with the server-side JavaScript code. While for scripting on client-side, JavaScript is used; Node.js lets programmers deploy JavaScript for scripting on the server side as well. It results in constructing dynamic web application before a web page is sent to the browser of a user.

    Thus, Node.js displays a paradigm “everywhere JavaScript.” It unifies the development of web apps around one programming language instead of using different languages for client as well as server side scripts.


Okay, that’s the overview of unique features each of this technologies have.

But do you know why to use these technologies in a Stack?

To understand it from this MEAN stack Guide, let’s start with its best features…

MEAN stack Best Features

Some specific feature you should be aware of prior to harnessing MEAN stack development for your next project are as follows.

  1. Completely Based on JavaScript
  2. The standard reason for you to prefer MEAN stack over its substitutes is due to its “single language multiple implementation” policy. Since everything is coded in JavaScript; your MEAN stack development process becomes neat.

    In respect to this, Node.js makes it possible for JavaScript to be implemented on server-side. Moreover, AngularJS uses JavaScript on front-end developing process, which allows you reusability of code, thereby making your development platform independent.

  3. JSON
  4. MEAN stack development primarily utilizes JSON for interchanging data on all layers. This means you can be independent of using libraries for data conversion during server-client side interactions. Hence, it works for exterior application programming interfaces (API) without much hassle.

  5. Free & Open Source
  6. Each technology which is used by professional MEAN stack developers is always free as well as open source. It allows you several benefits;

    The best feature. Isnt’it?

    Get your hands on any upgrade or development contributed by its extensive community of programmers.

  7. Dependency Injection
  8. Courtesy to dependency injection, components receive their personalized dependencies instead of inter-component coding requirements.

    The process makes these components maintainable, testable and reusable and is a form of an extensive technique of control inversion. This feature is essential due to the following benefits:

    • It allows clients to be flexible which aids a developer to configure them easily.
    • This can be applied to externalizing configuration details of a system which allows a framework to reconfigure without any need for recompilation.
    • The pattern does not induce a behavioral alteration of previous codes and thus can be applied as refactoring to legacy coding.
    • Boiler plate code reduction in ‘application objects’ as ‘provider components’ handle setting up or initializing dependencies.
    • It allows independent or concurrent development.
    Dependency Injection

  9. Two Way Data Binding
  10. Data binding in MEAN stack development is the integration between view and model in AngularJS.

    When there is a change in data of a model, the view reflects it.

    However, when a data in ‘View layer’ transforms, the model gets updated.

    This is an automatic process that makes sure Model and View are updates continually.

    2-Way Data Binding - AngularJs

  11. Compatible with Cloud & Third Party
  12. React does not work with Document Object Model (DOM) because it is the wholesome logic of JavaScript. AngularJS in MEAN stack would have done better, if not Typescript that requires type definitions for every library. However, libraries based on DOM have alternatives in ReactJS.

    If your project needs cloud compatibility within an app, MongoDB is an ideal option.

    Having MongoDB cloud offers easy development and maintaining efficacies; thereby wading off the need of MongoDB in your work and allows MEAN stack development to save disk space.

    Cloud Compatibility

  13. Supports MVC Pattern
  14. MVC (Model-View-Controller) refers to the architectural pattern which is utilized for building UI (User Interface) where an application is divided into three distinct interconnected parts. This approach allows separating internal information in ways it is accepted and presented to users. MVC pattern decouples such major components which allow parallel MEAN stack development as well as reusing codes efficiently.

  15. Scalability
  16. Angular is easy to scale because of the powerful command line interface in comparison to React.

How to Get Started with MEAN stack?

If you are a novice in the MEAN stack development field, then you should know exactly how to get started. Following a series of pointers below in this MEAN Stack guide, you will accumulate the info about how to install MEAN stack on your computer or laptop.

The first thing to ponder on while opting for MEAN stack development services is LAMP stack; fluency in JavaScript is your only necessity here. One language rules it all when it comes to MEAN stack development.

  1. Installing MongoDB
  2. Below you will get the information of installing MongoDB in detail on your Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platform.

    Have a look!

    1. Windows Platform
    2. Before the beginning MEAN stack developing process, installing MongoDB is required. You need to download the correct archive version for your system.

      Unpack file from the archive and transfer the downloaded file to C:\mongodb. It creates a default folder for storing its files. On Windows system default space is C:\data\db, hence, to create a new folder you should go to C:\ using command prompt and execute a short line C:\>mkdir data\db

      After these you get two options:

      Install mongoDB

      • Manual Running:
      • Run MongoDB binary code by executing a line in command prompt; C:\>mongodb\bin\mongod.exe This will start service of MongoDB on 27017 default port, and if you follow all the specifications correctly, then should see console output.

      • Running as Windows Service:

      This happens to be a favourable solution for professional MEAN stack developers as you don’t need to start manually MongoDB service every time you require rebooting your laptop or desktop, rather Windows start is automatically after it finishes rebooting. To execute, make a log file first with the command – C:\>mkdir C:\mongodb\log

    3. Mac OS X and Linux Platform
    4. Same as the Windows version you need to download the version suitable for your computer and then move the file to another location you want before the start of MEAN stack developing process. The location /data/dbis default, on Mac OS X and Linux machines. Create a new folder using a tool through a command line:
      S mkdir –p /data/db

    However, you need to do it with sudo command due to denied or error in permission. The flag (-p),makes parent folder so in above command line both db and data folders were created.

    $ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv EA312927

    Since default storing space is not present in your home folder, you need to be sure about setting right permissions for this directory by executing the command:

    $ sudochown –R #USER /data/db.

  3. Installing NodeJS
  4. The three platforms need different installing procedure for MEAN stack development.

    See below for details!

    1. Windows and Mac OS X
    2. Installing Node.js is easy for Windows and Mac OS X. All you need for Windows is the .msi file and for Mac OS X .pkg file and simply follow the step by step instructions after running the installer.

      NodeJs Install

    3. Linux Platform
    4. When using a Linux system for MEAN stack development services, you need to download .tar.gz file from the official downloads page which is compatible with your desktop. Now extract files from the archive and start installing it using following commands:

      $ tar –zxf node-v0.10.32.tar.gz

      $ cd node-v0.10.32

      $ ./configure && make &&sudo make install

      After this, you will have a successful installation of Node.js

  5. Installing ExpressJS
  6. To install ExpressJS all you need to do is execute:
    Install Bower and open
    $ npm install express

    NPM is a package manager of Node.js which is a registry for public packs when opting for MEAN stack development services.

    When starting a project, you should create a package.json file using a shortcut

    $ npminit

    Install expressJS

    Here, you will be asked some questions about the application which will create the required file. When installing a new package, you can save it automatically as dependency package.json file using – save flag.

    $ npm install express –save

  7. Installing AngularJs
  8. Before using MEAN stack development services, to install all you need is to open a project where you will use AngularJs.

    Note: Install as well as configure it after the downloading process is completed.

    Install Bower and open the embedded terminal. Type “bower install angular” at command prompt for installing a package in the current project. After following all this procedure mentioned in this Mean stack guide, you are ready to use MEAN stack development services for your application.

Benefits of Using MEAN stack for Application Development

Several benefits of using MEAN stack development for applications due to following reasons:

Benefits of Using MEAN stack for Application Development

  1. Easy Notification Receiving
  2. Using MEAN stack development services allows you to build an app which helps in developing the ideal application for mobile. If people can open a website from their phones, receiving notifications becomes easy for the clients.

  3. Interactive as well as Fun
  4. Building an app, using this framework is an ideal option as it helps in making user experience fun and interactive. Moreover, availability of mobile applications reduces effort which transpires in an exponential demand of professional Mean stack developers.

  5. Apps Work Fast
  6. MEAN stack development allows you to build an app which performs fast. Mobile apps retrieve data swiftly as data is stored locally on phones. Moreover, you can use this framework to get hybrid apps with a native element which allows it to be fluid and fast.

  7. More Traffic through Mobile Application
  8. Google has stated that, people nowadays use phones for surfing the internet than laptops or other devices. So, it is essential for professional Mean stack developers like.

  9. Better Personalization
  10. You can use the framework to get the best personalized app using MEAN stack development services. These features and properties aid in building a reliable cross-platform app with ideal UI when using the React Native framework.

This is the quick summary of benefits in this MEAN stack Guide. But we had already detailed it in our previous blog.

Read More : Benefits of Mean stack

Due to such reasons, people opt to hire MEAN stack developers for an ideal outcome of a project.

Benefits of Using MEAN stack for Web Development

The below points throws light on why using MEAN stack development is the preferable option for you. Read along!

Benefits Of Using MEAN Stack For Web Development

  1. Usability and Speed –
  2. Node.js architecture is non-blocking and makes it ultra-fast while AngularJS offers testability, maintenance and re usability.

  3. Easy to Learn –
  4. MEAN stack developing process is easy and flexible for you to grasp and understand the concept and also implementing it during development.

  5. Usage of Single Language –
  6. JavaScript is the only language one needs to know to when working with MEAN stack.

  7. Open Source Platform –
  8. It is an open source platform which means the stack is often updated.

  9. Isomorphic Coding –
  10. MEAN stack allows transfer in between frameworks. MEAN stack development needs codes written in a specific framework and want to transfer it to another one; then you can do it easily. They function in the same way too. This is the reason you should use MEAN stack development services for your future projects rather than other applications.

  11. Massive Library –
  12. Node.js offers you multiple variant modules of JavaScript from its enormous library. Such modules are the reason which makes it easy for you to build web applications with this framework.

  13. Quality UI –
  14. If you use MEAN stack development then the top-notch user interface is guaranteed because it supports MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

  15. Flexible Structure –
  16. MongoDB provides professional MEAN stack developers with a flexible document structure JSON for all data representation. This is great if you are working on large projects.

  17. Cloud Compatible –
  18. MongoDB’s primary aim was to easily host web applications onto the cloud. Hence, MEAN stack developing process is an ideal choice for you to construct applications which need functions of cloud within it. It also eases maintaining and testing performance.

  19. Cost Effective –
  20. Using MEAN stack developing process is cost-friendly due to the need of using just one language.

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Process of MEAN stack Web Application Development

As a developer, you should follow a few processes to get the ultimate results from MEAN stack development. Before starting a project using MEAN stack development services, you should go through these.

    Process Of MEAN Stack Web Application Development

  1. Feasibility
  2. In this step, you need to pinpoint the requirements to complete the project fluidly using MEAN stack development. Once this step is successful, you need to move on to the next step of gathering all the required items.

  3. Required Framework/Software
  4. You like professional MEAN stack developers need to gather the entire four frameworks MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS,andAngularJS. These will help you build the type of web as well as mobile application.

  5. Developing an App
  6. The primary aim you have behind gathering all the required framework is to develop a customized application which is bug-free. Using MEAN stack development makes it easy to complete the work in less time.

  7. Testing and Debugging
  8. Like professional Full stack developers, you need to test the application for errors post completion. MEAN offers various ways for you to test it before final delivery.

  9. Delivery and Maintenance
  10. After testing and making it free of bugs, you can deliver it to the client and also maintain it at regular interval for smooth functioning using MEAN stack development services.

    Mean Stack development allows so many options that you will not need anything else to build web or mobile applications.

That’s all for this article…

We are pretty much sure that you had earned something valuable from this ultimate MEAN stack guide. If you did stuck at some point, then you can ask us for help…We are happy to help you.
Also Comment your valuable feedback and suggestions, so that we can share more such informative blogs with you.

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Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

What is MEAN Stack? [Achieve App Development With MEAN Stack]

Are you planning to develop a website or an application for your business? MEAN Stack Development services can take you on the beneficial side. Not Sure How? Lets check What is MEAN Stack & How MEAN Stack benefits your Business?

Well, here’s an elaboration on the MEAN Stack concept. Read on!

What is MEAN stack in the first place?

The very first question that comes to mind is what is MEAN. Anyone who is a little versed with modern computer terminologies knows that this surely does not mean the English word ‘Mean’.

MEAN was coined by Valeri Karpov, a MongoDB developer. He introduced the term in a 2013 blog post.

Like most computer terminologies, it is an acronym. M in MEAN refers to Mongo Db, E stands for Express, A means Angular, and N refers to Node.

Why is it popular?

MEAN Stack Development services are tremendously gaining popularity for their flexibility and user receptivity friendly features in its application domain.

It is dynamically effective and one of the best technologies available in the market for application development.

In the development process, its simplified approach has facilitated reduction of expenditure and created fascinating and reciprocal applications in the process.

Elaborating the unique concept of MEAN:

MEAN as a technology is unique and preferred over other technologies mainly because, for both the ends, client and server-side, it uses a common collaborative language.

MEAN Stack Development services use JavaScript at the server end as well as on the client end which ensures that the code can be reused innumerable times at both the sides.

What is MEAN Stack

Check out the main components of MEAN:

Before you hire MEAN stack developer, it is better to have a clear concept of it. It is crucial that you know about its database, environment, framework, etc.that it requires.

  1. MongoDB: It is the database that is used. It is different from that of the SQL database since it applies JSON documents to represent data. Mongo is preferred by many as it uses singular language throughout the development process.
  2. ExpressJS: This provides a simple interface so that the developers can do both cookie handling and endpoints requesting. This HTTP server provides a framework for the application being developed. It ensures synchronized functioning of responses and requests.
  3. AngularJS: This is mainly used to develop the front end, that is, the client end of the application. The single page apps are mainly erected here which is maintained primarily by Google.
  4. Nodejs: It is the environment that enables the coining of scalable applications. Node.js is compatible with applications and is extremely lightweight.

Now, take a glimpse of its beneficial features:

Developers should know the full potential of MEAN and put it to use to create user-friendly apps. Some of the beneficial features are:

Benefits of Mean Stack

  1. Use of JavaScript
  2.  The sole reason behind MEAN’s immense popularity is the usage of a common language at all ends. The entire technology is coded in JavaScript which ensures that the footprints throughout the procedure are clear and neat. Be it front end or server end; the codes can be reused from time to time.

  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Big companies prefer using MEAN stack since it reduces cost behind hiring developers. Due to its use of just one language, they can hire MEAN stack developer who is a specialist only in JavaScript. So, there is no requirement to employ different experts for one module or project.

    It becomes easier to manage and collaborate a team of developers specialized in JavaScript rather than maintaining developers who are expert in varied languages.

    Further all four technologies in MEANstack are open source and can be used for free. That simply means low costing with high output. Also there are numerous repositories and public sites where useful solutions are available. Subscription based, well-maintained repositories are quite beneficial.

  5. Humongous database
  6. Choosing the Mongo database is a judicious choice since it can hold the colossal amount of data and manage gigantic tables with ease. It is much easier to incorporate fields in this database as compared to others.

    The entire table is not updated when a new field is added to the database; this feature makes it faster and simpler. Moreover, the database is compatible with any application.

  7. Cloud compatibility
  8. If a project requires cloud features inside the application, usage of Mongo database is apt. The application can be easily developed in the cloud; hence, drastically reduces the cost involved with the data space required in the disk.

  9. Isomorphic Coding
  10. Using MEAN, it’s very easy to switch between the frameworks. Generally it is seen that we write a code for some some specific framework and then due to some loopholes or specific functionality requirements, we had to switch the framework. Now in this case its too tough to change the framework in other technologies, while in MEAN this can be done so easily with the assurance of functionalities to remain unchanged. This is where MEAN stack development remains on a winning front with respect to other.

  11. Simplified approach
  12. Due to the use of Node.js, the combination of it with others is easier and better. It is a very capable utility all by itself. When combined with Cloud computing, it becomes impressive.

Hire MEAN stack developer who is reputed and experienced to avail all these benefits effectively.

Proven capabilities:

MEAN is one of the most widely used technologies today. Many examples have proved that MEAN lives up to its advantages. Right from the startup businesses and gigantic companies, for example, Paypal, eBay, etc., everyone has taken advantage of MEAN Stack for developing their applications.

And we don’t need to tell you how successful these are today!  

MEAN Stack in Mobile application development

It is a preferred technology since chunky applications slow down mobile apps. Poor choice in development tools may result in ineffective applications and, in turn, results in dissatisfied client and users.

MEAN was introduced in 2014, and in just a few years, it gained popularity in both mobile and web application development world.

Being an open source technology, it has opened doors to infinite opportunities as well. To meet the customized requirements of clients, easy tweaking and editing of codes are simple. Thus, it is even easier to learn and apply MEAN stack.

Hope You are clear for What is Mean Stack? and How it benefits your Business?

Looking for a MEAN Stack Development Services?

Then let’s check!

Where to get MEAN Stack services?

If you are eager to avail MEAN Stack Development services, Aglowid IT Solutions is the best place you should head to. They have anexpert team of developers who provide skillful support and regular enhancements to your application. You can also request for their cost quotations, services, etc. by fixing a consultation session. Get to know more about them at

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Services and Benefits of a Reliable MEAN Stack Development Company in India

Looking to hire MEAN Stack Development Company in India?

Yes. We know how confusing it is to select a right one for your company!!!

With a prolonged experience in IT Development, We are willing to help you make your mind more clear about what is Mean Stack and which things you should check before you hire Mean Stack Development Agency or Freelancer.

‘Transition from cutting-edge curiosity to practical work horse’-is what many new-gen development technologies promises. But very few are able to live up to it and drive the challenge.

Of all the options which exist, one reliable option which occurs to most start-ups and enterprises is MEAN Stack Development. Perhaps this is what explains the cause why so many are hiring a MEAN Stack Development Company in India for their web and mobile app development operations.

If you are someone who has little know-hows about the rudiments of MEAN Stack as well as the benefits of hiring its service providers, then you have landed at the right blog.

Read on and enlighten yourself!

MEAN Stack Development Company in India

What did top companies mean by MEAN Stack Development Services?

Simply putting it, MEAN is a horde of JavaScript Technologies which makes way for effective and countable web and mobile applications. It’s an accumulation of 4 popular web development frameworks!

Lets hop into details.

High-end companies include in their MEAN services-


A NOSQL database, this framework makes use of JSON documents for proper representation of data.

There is no existence of SQL database and choosing MongoDB means you are maintaining consistency by using just a single language for the entire process.


Primarily an HTTP server for developing web applications, it presents users essential modules and components to function on a common web task.

Providing you with a simple interface, it gives you the liberty to carry out end point requests and also handle your cookies.

Plus, it also enables easy REST routes, handles HTTP headers and supports Connect middleware with its plug-in sync functions for managing reactions and requests.


It’s a top-notch framework for developing intricate client-oriented apps using a data binding user-interface and modular code. It also serves utility when creating single page apps with MVC architecture.


This is also an open source cross-platform put to use for developing durable and web applications.

Prior to execution, it compiles javascript to its built-in machine code and also supports intuitive JavaScript libraries and modules making it highly supportive for easy and real-time applications.

Hopefully, now you have a fair idea of what is MEAN Stack. Now let’s move over to the pros of hiring a good MEAN service provider. Keep on reading…!

Benefits of Hiring MEAN Stack Development Company in India

Upscale companies will surely include all these aforementioned web development frameworks as their primary MEAN services.

But along with that, they will also present some perks such as-

1. Cloud Compatibility

Top notch MEAN service providers ensure adequate cloud compatibility. And they do that through their optimal MongoDB functionality.

Their highly skillful technicians implement M of MEAN and spread it across the client-server cluster offering ample failure support and auto replication.

Cloud Compatibility

2. Codes isomorphic in nature

A MEAN Stack Development Company gives you flexible MEAN-oriented apps. You will find coding very easy as they make use of similar JavaScript for the app.

If anything, top companies send out only one of their technicians to manage your complete project. Whether it’s moving from NodeJS to AngularJS, their technician will be able to manage it without headaches.

3. Apps supportive of MVC architecture

With the use of MEAN Stack framework, these experts develop applications with faster loading time.

They do this with the use of Model-View Controller architecture and integrate it within your app with the JavaScript framework.

4. Usage of high-end tools and technology

Another great benefit of hiring a MEAN Stack development company in India is they bring into their development process, the latest industry-specific tools and technology apart from MEAN JS and Meteor. Some of the other high-end software which they bring into usage includes-

  • Apache, Ruby, and MySQL- for back-end operations
  • HTML5, Ajax, XML, CSS3 and JSON – to carry out front-end tasks
  • And UI, UX, and Photoshop for performing upscale designing

However, that’s not all. Top-class MEAN Stack development Company in India also present:

  • Adequate protection to all your important data
  • They ensure prompt and continuous communication all the time
  • Optimal quality and security of products with flexibility in hiring models
  • And daily reporting via written or oral interaction for your robust web and mobile app development

MEAN Stack vs LAMP Stack

This is a common subject which has been a subject of debate for a long time now! And though both MEAN and LAMP is had its individual high-points, in a recent survey it was found MEAN to be winning slightly in this popularity contest.


Does it mean an end to LAMP? Obviously not! It is still high in popularity in the web development circuitry. But in comparison MEAN in many ways proves to be an apt option for numerous start-ups businesses and enterprises.

Why use MEAN Stack?

Experts state that MEAN outweighs LAMP simply by the fact that its JAVAScript code is reusable by various servers as well as end-users.

Employing such JavaScripts for back as well as front end makes life very easy extremely easy to swap and switch between them. The entire workflow homogenizer giving developers the liberty to function on apps as a whole.

It is a fact that changing from PHP to Python and then utilizing HTML and JavaScripts is very daunting.

Most developers have a soft corner towards JavaScripts, and henceforth they recommend MEAN Stacks as a more effective option to go with.

They also add choosing MEAN over LAMP allowing the advantage of speedy data retrievals and flexibility in arrangements.

MEAN Stack does more meaningful stuff for your Business!

After going through all this, it is safe to declare that MEAN is more adequate option for you. So without thinking too much of its variable options, simply look up online and find out a reliable MEAN Stack service companies for your business.

To know the best names, you can check out online reviews and make your own shortlist.

  • Once you have the 5 best options, conduct manual scrutiny by paying their website visitations and checking out their services.
  • Also, eyeball their years of experience in MEAN Stack development operations and the number of clients they have served over their servitude. Experienced MEAN Stack developers use project management tools like Trello, Jira, Asna etc. for project management and versioning control tools like github and bitbucket to manage the code.
  • For more closure, you can use their contact details and have a word with their representative, lay down your app requirements and affirm if they are competent enough to help you out. So we suggest you to have a call with your developer using Goto Meetings, Skype or Google Hangout so that you can test their communication as well as technical skills.

Options concerning a MEAN Stack development company in India are available in plenty. So you will not find scarcity of options. Simply make use of these choosing tips and hire one immediately.

Simply make use of these choosing tips and hire one immediately.

Aglowid IT Solutions – Top MEAN Stack Development Company in India

Aglowid IT Solutions is a top digital IT company known for a vast array of next-gen development services. It is also one of the leading MEAN Stack Development Company in India. Ever since its inception in 2011, they have given high priority to quality in offering their services. To know more about their MEAN stack solutions have a word with their experts at!

Avatar for Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Mean Stack Features – why to choose MEAN Stack For Web Applications

Ask any web developer and you will get the same answer that no dynamic website is complete without an efficient database.

The website which you see is just its front end, but there’s lot running in its back end.

The Databases in LAMP or we can say MYSQL is a relational database which being great comes with its own disadvantage. when two different entity want to use the same data according to their own way

Here comes the concept of NoSQL(Non-relational database) where any entity can access the same data according to their own way without harming the access to other entity.

With the increase in such requirements in the field of big data analysis, Internet of things etc the importance of such technologies that uses non relational database increases.

MEAN is one of them that use MongoDB as a Non relational Database combining the other JavaScript technologies.

Hence the use of MEANStack – MongoDB, ExpressDB, AngularJS and NodeJS increases and the necessity to hire a MEAN stack development company is on the rise.

Still not clear? No Worries!!!

Lets take a deep insight on the reason for choosing MEAN stack as a preferable development approach.

mean stack features

MEAN Stack – grasping the intricacies

A simple collection of JavaScript technologies, MEAN has become the primary tool for creating realizable web applications.

MEAN is an acronym for four major frameworks – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. JavaScript forms the basis of this approach which extends from clients to the servers as well as its database.

To understand why should one hire MEAN stack developer, one must focus on its trivial four first.

  • MongoDB specializes in saving data through binary JSON format. This renders it as a schema less database management system that does not incorporate the use of SQL.
  • The most fundamental use of Express is to build single and multi-page web applications. It is a lightweight framework that develops web applications through Node.
  • Two-way Data Binding makes AngularJS special. Further one more benefit of JavaScript framework is that, it supports significant front end development.
  • Node.js helps in building concurrent and high scalable applications through Chrome’s V8 runtime environment.


Why MEAN stack? – Mean Stack Features

Having mentioned the above factors, let’s chalk down some reasons for contacting a MEAN stack development company for your project.

  1. Build with JavaScript
  2. JavaScript forms the basis of all development technologies. It runs on the client side, thereby facilitating users to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage.

    This in turn renders performance of web pages increasing its efficiency. Moreover, JavaScript lets developers incorporate the benefits of HTML and CSS3 on its platform.

    This helps in rapid method call and stack implementation which in turn reduces a website’s loading time.

    Javascript with html css

  3. Generate Isomorphic code with MEAN
  4. With MEAN, the benefits of JavaScript are not limited to the client side but can be extended to the server side as well.

    For instance, if your developer generates a code with Node, but realizes AngularJS to be a better runtime platform; MEAN will allow him/her to transfer this code while keeping its functions almost same.

    This highly flexible and versatile nature makes it necessary to hire a MEAN stack developer.

    Isomorphic Coding

  5. One code Multiple associations
  6. When you choose to develop a website for your online venture, you will require a PHP and JavaScript expert for your front end.

    While for the back end, you will require a SQL specialist at the least. Contrary to this dual requisites, MEAN stack accommodates JavaScript for every segment of its operation.

    Since, it incorporates, MongoDB, a developer can manage all database with this tool.

    Similarly, inclusion of Node.js and ExpressJS makes it possible for a developer to indulge in front end design of highly scalable and efficient web applications.

  7. The language of JSON
  8. Both ExpressJS and Node.js are proficient in communication through JSON.

    This allows data and functions to flow seamlessly from one layer to the other without the need for reformatting or rewriting.

    In contrast to PHP or MYSQL (which speaks through different languages); the solitary lingual approach of JSON makes implementing external API’s an easier task. Functions of GET, POST, manipulate or present all work under one roof with a competent MEAN stack development company.


  9. Efficiency of Node.js
  10. What stands out here is Node.js’s event driven architecture.

    Recent statistics are showing that it renders a database even faster than the Apache server.

    The optimum loading time for a page is 2-3 seconds on Google. Beyond that, it escalates bounce rate.

    So, your website will load up faster thereby preventing any unprecedented visitor bounce.

    Isn’t this is one of the best Mean Stack Features?


  11. AngularJS is humane
  12. The intricacies of AngularJS incorporate the in-detail application of HTML and CSS.

    A pinch of JavaScript also finds use here which will help your website programmer to add those round edges and smooth ends as finishing touches.

    This also justifies your decision to hire MEAN stack developer for developing your enterprise’s virtual identity.

    Angular Js

  13. MongoDB to the rescue
  14. In comparison to MYSQL or similar databases, MongoDB makes insert, update and delete a much easier task.

    You as an admin will be able to update entire tables of your database without the need to contact your development company.


So, if you as a business owner are looking to take your services to the masses of the online world, then we are pretty much sure that after reading these Mean Stack Features, your first consideration will be Mean Stack.

About Aglowid IT Solutions

If you are looking for availing this service, Aglowid It Solutions can be the best choice. Their proficient IT experts with their technological skills will adhere to every need of yours. It is one of the leading MEAN stack development company looming the market; they are sure to revert to you with the best results. Need more information? Email your message at

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Why should you use MEAN stack development for your business web applications?

Even after so many years that MEAN stack development has been in the IT industry; many people are still in doubt and ask Why use Mean Stack for their business.

If you are planning to develop web applications for your company, full stack MEAN stack web development is the ‘next best tool’ nowadays.

It’s a whole collection of technologies based on JavaScript and is highly result oriented.

Why Use Mean Stack Development

Benefits of MEAN stack development

The most significant benefits are its simplicity and a very conventional structure. But it brings along others as well.

It is flexible

It is highly flexible and easy to work on.

If you want to add some personal information, you can simply do that just by adding a field to that form and following the next few procedures mentioned.

MEAN stack allows us to test web applications after their development and host them in cloud quite conveniently.

Allows isomorphic coding

Now, what does that mean? Suppose, we are writing the code in one framework, we can easily place it in another framework.

It will function in the same way. This makes this cutting age technology highly reliable, once again.

It’s JavaScript everywhere

The most important advantage of using this technology for your web apps is that in both client and server side, JavaScript is used for the entire coding.

And this makes it a better choice than LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for developers.

Read More : MEAN Stack Vs LAMP Stack

Apart from these, MEAN is a cost effective option for businesses as you don’t have to hire separate programmers to work on various technologies.

Most importantly, you can save a lot of time.

Here are some more reason. Why use Mean Stack

  1. MEAN stack development used for web applications ensures better user experience.You can easily reach out to your potential target group.
  2. Again, this reliable JavaScript developer helps to manage your data on their own. You don’t need to have them in any single format.
  3. In the presence of schemas, data recovery becomes faster with MEAN.
  4. It offers a higher capacity of handling your company’s data efficiently and safely.
  5. Node.js in MEAN helps develop highly scalable applications that are likely to receive more web traffic.
  6. With the web, companies can have a very powerful platform for their web applications.

Creating web applications using full stack MEAN stack development will reduce the hassle of manual tasks a lot.

Once you hire experienced MEAN stack consulting services, the professionals will guide you with how this platform will help you to boost your company online.

MEAN stack development involving MongoDB is the future! Know more!

Let’s make things simple. Consider a coffee mug. Whether you pour coffee or tea, there will always be a particular limit.

If, by any chance, you want some more beverage, you either have to get a bigger mug or compromise on your desire.

But can you do the same when you want your business to expand? Will you halt your company’s growth just because your database server is full?

This is where MEAN stack development using MongoDB comes in.

What is MongoDB?

It’s free as well as open source and a cross-platform NoSQL software.

MongoDB is that endless coffee mug that you can go on filling without having to worry about an overflow.

Unlike relational databases that deal with a complex structure of tables and rows and columns, this document-oriented database involves a stack of documents.

Technically speaking, MongoDB stores information in the form of documents.

It depends on the underlying structure of documents to extract information – a concept known as a key-value store.

MEAN stack development using MongoDB allows you to handle a bulk of data with agility and make your database management more performance oriented.


Why choose MongoDB at all?

Certainly, the next question arises by go for this NoSQL program at all? Well, typically there are four main reasons –

  1. Multiple servers –
  2. Or five and more coffee mugs to satiate your hot beverage desire. MongoDB makes use of multiple servers to store your information.

    This enables you to expand without having to worry about an additional storage plant.

    Then again, with numbers come complexities. Here, a reputed MongoDB development company can help you out.

    Multiple Servers

  3. Open-source –
  4. And this makes it even cheaper. It means almost any developer can develop, fix and maintain your whole database. You run into some trouble; all people need to do is contact the fathers or put a query in MongoDB forums. This allows a MongoDB Development Company to come up with your application in minimum time and gets your business online in no time.

  5. Cloud based –
  6. Right! Again, no expensive servers and no complex data centers.

    All your data is uploaded into the cloud and saves you additional cost.

    MEAN stack development with MongoDB stores data in commodity servers, quite similar to these large e-commerce sites.

    Now imagine just the bulk of data they handle every day!

    Cloud Compatibility

  7. Quick Response –
  8. Which the company declares as their tagline – Agile! Being document oriented, access of data is way faster than the complex tabular network of a database management system.

    This makes your application “agile”, irrespective of the bulk of data that it is handling.

    Also, modeling data is simpler using MongoDB that increases productivity to a large extent.

Is MEAN Stack Development Good for E-commerce?

Well, you bet it is. However, before we get into that, lets first figure out what MEAN stack essentially is.

MongoDB like other NoSQL databases allows us to create custom data structures as and when we need it.

It has a JSON-style document development approach that’s scalable and flexible from the very moment of initiation.

MongoDB along with other JavaScript tools such as ExpressJS, AngularJS running on Node.js make for a powerful web development platform.

Now when it comes to running an online business, there is a constant rundown of prerequisites that need addressing. These prerequisites need to be adaptable such that they can be adjusted.

Where MEAN Stack comes in is that it lets you meet all of your prerequisites on time and use JS to prepare responsive solutions.

Most e-commerce websites tend to have many categories. These could include items, prices, reviews, comments, etc. In such a scenario, it is indeed good to go with MEAN stack development.

MEAN Stack for eCommerce Development

However, if your e-commerce site has a lot of many to many relations in its database design, then MongoDB might not be the best solution.

What is a many to many relationship in database design, you ask?

Simply put, it is the type of relationship between two tables in a database where each of them has multiple records. However, MongoDB works fine in this respect for e-commerce projects.

In fact, the most common point that gets highlighted in respect to e-commerce is that MongoDB offers a flexible schema.

But why is flexible schema integral to e-commerce?

Open source platforms, in their very essence must adapt to different designs, response integration and business processes.

Now with a flexible schema, the developer can equate custom data structures with the existing model of the framework. This makes it a lot easier for them to integrate new features.

Alternatively, when the cost of coming up with a feature and maintaining it are too high, companies tend to give up on it.

Other than these factors, there are some more things that explain why e-commerce companies hire MEAN stack developer.

Chief among them is the fact it makes switching between client and server sides much easier.

Since MEAN uses JS as the common language for all of its interconnected technologies, the developer can move from server-side development to client side faster.

This is known as isomorphic coding.

“It saves a lot of time in the development stage that can be utilised during QA or unit testing.”

In fact, MEAN stack Development supports Automated Testing

This means that a developer will be able to test his code during development itself and find out if a feature breaks down.

Additionally, MEAN also supports MVC architecture.

Model View Controller is a blueprint for the architectural design of implanting user interface.

Incorporating MVC architecture ensures the separation of your company’s internal information with the information users will see.

This is an extremely important feature while developing an e-commerce.

These sites have a lot of information stored about the buyer and several processes that need to be kept separate from what the buyer gets to see.

MVC - Mean Stack

You must also hire MEAN stack developer for it will ensure the quickest way to developing an MVP.

A minimum viable product is one that your company will put out with only its essential features.

Not only does this allow for early engagement with customers but you can also use their feedback to make corrections.

The fast nature of a MEAN framework ensures that this happens in the fastest possible time.

Finally and essentially, MEAN is a big open-source community.

Therefore, it becomes easier for developers to know about the latest updates and bug fixes.

One Google search will tell you about the helpfulness and enthusiasm that open-source communities share. This will work well for the developers working on your e-commerce project.

In fact, tech giants like eBay and PayPal use Node.js as well.

All of these factors only prove the reliability of MEAN stack and how it isn’t such a bad idea to use for e-commerce.

Let us know in the comments if we missed out on any important points.

Do you need a consulting service and developers?

Not everyone who claims to be professionals can develop result driven websites or apps.

You need an experienced, reliable and trusted company like Aglowid IT Solutions.

They have been successfully working with small to large companies, offering top notch solutions.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

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