Unveiling Some Real-Time AngularJS Advantages

Without considering real angularjs advantages it is hard to decide weather you should use it for your next project or not. Right?? Not to worry, Let’s move on to find out what AngularJS really offers.

Taking a stroll down the memory lane, you will remember how most websites consisted of static pages with HTML as its humdrum template language. That being said, times have changed substantially and modern day web applications are more dynamic and intuitive.

AngularJS is one widespread JavaScript framework which is radially being implemented for creating dynamic web pages. It is a unique framework which stretches HTML’s syntax and allows you to express your application elements in a clearer and more effective manner.

You will also find out that most business owners are hiring an AngularJS Development Company primarily for its exclusive range of benefits.

AngularJS Advantages

AngularJS Is Built On A Rich MVC Architecture Deemed Perfect For Creating Highly Intuitive And Rich Cyber Applications.

Following the rudimentary elements of HTML, it presents developers the scope of crafting websites better in responsiveness and dynamism. It also allows simple automatic synchronization with all views and models and proves very easy to work with.

Angularjs Advantages

Effective DOM – Document Object Model Enables Developers to Focus on Optimizing Web Page’s Performance and Testability.

This methodology makes use of special features namely –

  • Two-way Data Binging
  • MVC architecture (that’s correct, the one above)
  • Injections for determining site dependency (details will follow below)

Plus, it also offers many other directives and site examining features to help developers make enticing and compelling website applications.

It Ensures Fast-Paced Web App Development With Simple Plug And Play Components.

Another reason why so many tend to hire AngularJS Development Company is that of speedy app development.

In opinion of some experts –

“AngularJS makes way for quick work with minimum effort. With a basic understanding of HTML, one can easily get started with it for their projects.”

There aren’t many distractions which result from DOM configurations or for that matter with JQuery calls. Plus, another WOW aspect of AngularJS is that it consists of amazing plug and play components.

There’s just one itsy – bitsy task which you will need to do – that is copying and pasting the codes into the newer ones.

Then Presto; your job will be complete!

Helps Handle Dependencies of Web Applications without Breaking a Sweat

Another benefit of using AngularJS for your web app is its dependency injection feature.

In many ways, this is also one of the prime characteristics of this HTML structure. Be it for your SPA or Single Page Application designing or thorough testing, with this baby, you will be able to do it without breaking much sweat.

Wait, that’s not all.

Along with giving you the scope to test all your web app dependencies, AngularJS, courtesy its MVC architecture, also allows one to carry out parallel development tasks.

Two Way Data Binding

Its Real-Time 2 Way Binding Concept Makes This Framework Extremely Effective Amid Developers

Two-way binding is one effective real-time concept which renders seamless app projection to app developers – again involving very little effort on their part to write volumes of boilerplate codes.

Plus, with this 2 code binding, you can also handle DOM and model synchronization effectively in either way.

Presents Adequate Amount of Filters to Induce Flexibility in Applications

When using AngularJS, you will get the benefit of numerous filters to sort all necessary data before reaching the views of users. Along with its proper filters, it also incorporates additional operations such as configuring decimal places or altering the order of arrays.

2-Way Data Binding - AngularJs

The best thing about AngularJS is that similar to directives, this framework also functions as a standalone feature separate from your web application.

These are some of those clear advantages which AngularJS brings to the table. Now here’s something interesting for you to know.

Is AngularJS Superior to KnockoutJS – It’s Biggest Rival?

Well if I tell you in short!!! It’s “Big Yes”

It is one common question which comes up time after time, purely because knockoutJS is AngularJS’s closest adversary. So, is it more advantageous? A top-end AngularJS development company will orate it as YES”. They also give a very good reason to support their answer.

Let’s jump right in!!!

AngularJS vs KnockoutJS

KnockoutJS vs AngularJS

As mentioned in the above table, KnockoutJS is just one data binding framework, but a very good one to say the least. On the contrary, AngularJS offers much more than simply data binding.

AngularJs also serves up adequate navigation and routing support, features to function with REST services and also sync AMD module loading patterns.

It allows the AngularJS to score more over its rival and serve more advantageous to users.

With the question now having an answer, let’s move over to the next section which discusses how to find a reliable development company for your needs!

Keep reading…

Hire AngularJS Developer After Looking Into These Considerations

Portfolio & Price –

One of the best aspect to consider while hiring an Angular JS Developer!

All you need to do is to start off by checking out your AngularJS web development company’s completed projects and the project costs. There are some projects which can charge a bit more in comparison to others. So, look into these aspects properly before selecting.

It does prove beneficial to look into the portfolio of the company as it tells you about their work quality and also about the experience in the venture.

Their Commitment to Time & Style of Work –

The next category which you need to look into is the creative quotient of the designers.

Whether they are to produce fresh ideas for projects every time?

Or are they proficient enough to achieve your project layout impeccably?

Before you hire AngularJS developer, you need to check if the company you are choosing has a good record of meeting project deadlines routinely.

The ability to achieve results even in hectic timelines defines the proficiency and dedication level of a company. If you get a yes to that, then proceed further.

You can ask for more explanation on their work flow so as to understand that whether it will suits your requirement or not.

Experienced Team members available 24×7 – Most web development companies taking up AngularJS assignments consist of a good pool of developers. However, not all of them render assistance after dispatching their projects.

Only those who are top of the table maintain this facility. So, have a word with the experts and vouchsafe if they will be with you even after submitting your task.

Do look into these aspects when searching a notable AngularJS Developer/company. Following it will only benefit you and your venture.

AngularJS Developer

Best of Luck!

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Why use AngularJS for your next project? 6 reasons to answer the question

Need a solid reasons regarding why use AngularJS for your next project?? Read on to find out..

The whole periphery of web designing is going through a change. Websites are much more than just pages stuffed with content and images.

The best websites are intuitive with attractive front-end applications and back-end support.

Adhering this new wave of web development is just what you need to do, if you don’t want to fall behind in the tough competitive business.

The most popular rising format in this periphery is AngularJS development.

Angular JS??? Why?

Why use AngularJS

Lets take an example to understand…

Think of it from a user’s point of view, put yourself in a user’s show. It’s obvious that you’ll find websites such as, say, Airbnb better than most of the rest.

Isn’t It?

The reason for this is that it is intuitive and attractive. It uses front-end web applications to engage viewers with its content ensuring faster interactive experience to the end user.

Isn’t this what your business app needs too?

All you need to do is to engage viewers with the proper set of functions explaining and enriching on the product or the service.

A dynamic Web applications or rather a Single Page Application(SPA) is what you need, and there are few better ways to integrate them directly into your website with AngularJS development.

And its not over yet!

There are many more reasons why you should opt for it over other frameworks.

But, Before this let’s start with the casual introduction to AngularJs?

What is AngularJS?

Since 2009, AngularJS has come up as one of the most popular frameworks. It is a ‘JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework.’

6 Reason to choose Angular JS

An important pointer which you should know is that most of this framework is under Google’s direct maintenance and development.

So, using AngularJS means that you’re already adhering to Google standards for your website.

With Google inadvertently by your side, you start up with the upper-hand of garnering strong search engine rankings.

But this is only the less important half of the story.

Coming back to the main points, Lets get into detailed reasons to use AngularJS

Why use AngularJS?? 6 reasons to Answer the Question.

  1. MVC – MVVM architecture
  2. No doubt that other development frameworks (like PHP) use a similar structure.

    With these, you had to segregate your application into folders and bind them together by writing your own codes.

    AngularJS does this for you. Just create the necessary folders, and the rest is taken care of.

    MVVM Architecture - AngularJs

    The model is what maintains the data in the system, View means displaying the data while the Controller acts as the bridge which connects the Model and the View.

    Simply speaking, your website integrates the front-end views displaying the back-end data seamlessly.

    The MVVM structure takes this further by interpreting everything into this Model and View structure with the Controller in the hands of the developer.

    Post-development – It’s easier for you to control and integrate other multiple changes into the system.

  3. Code structure is declarative
  4. Probably the second-best answer to the query, “Is AngularJS the best for your next project?”

    This framework lets you create patterns which make the codes simpler to read and lightweight.

    In other words, the same code which will require nearly 12 lines of JavaScript, can be completed in 5 with AngularJS.

  5. A huge community to help you
  6. This is perhaps the most important reason to choose any framework, and being open source makes things even better.

    AngularJS is created by a group from Google who chips in with their advice in forums and tutorials.

    Similarly, other developers organize meets and discussions which might help you if you get stuck.

    If you need help, it’s always available.

    Community Contributions

  7. Facilitates deep-linking
  8. In a much simpler fashion, AngularJS allows you to encode the state of a web page in the form of a URL and use as a bookmark.

    So, next time when you click on that URL, the web page in the same state reloaded on your browser.

    All these, with few simple codes.

  9. 2-Way Data Binding
  10. Apart from eliminating the need for wrappers, setters and class declarations, AngularJS makes upgradation easy as well.

    With two-way data binding, any modifications in the user-side are immediately reflected on the application objects.

    All necessary patterns are updated no matter where the change is made, be it modular changes or browser events.

    Data structures move as per the applications on the website. With this framework, the movement is continuous thanks to 2-way data binding.

    Thanks to this basic characteristic, your website can evolve its applications as per the changes in the user interface.

    2-Way Data Binding - AngularJs

  11. Directives approach
  12. As if using HTML based coding was good enough, AngularJS lets you extend its functionalities as well.

    You can create logics and enhance your coding productivity. Use direct HTML elements like <listing></listing> or customize it like <div listing></div>

Here are some Stats that shows the popularity of Angular.

According to Statista, Angular is the second most popular framework among developers, worldwide, as of early 2017

Still pondering, “is AngularJS the best for your next project?”

There is more. Instant modular solutions available, easy to use, based on plain old JavaScript and the list goes on.

Plus, this application is constantly updated to make it more SPA-oriented and user-friendly. No doubt it has gained so much popularity since its inception in 2009.

It is of utmost importance to opt for reliable and authentic AngularJS development services.

Aglowid IT Solutions is an important name in this respect. With our experts, you can rest assured that your web apps will turn out perfectly right.

Contact us at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com and treat yourselves to their services.

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