Embrace the Required Expertise of an AngularJS Developer – A Layman’s Guide!

Hence, if you are a budding AngularJS developer, then you must have a thorough concept of the basics which lay the foundation of this amiable programming language called AngularJS.

What is AngularJS? Why do we need AngularJS?

Since ages, JavaScript has been responsible for creating and developing visually appealing user interfaces (UI) of websites as well as mobile apps. So, as you know, a credible user interface plays a major role in drawing one’s target customers and converting them into loyal ones.

Now the main part:

Extend the capabilities of the existing JavaScript framework using AngularJS. Yes! You heard that right… In fact, you will also be able to harness the efficacies of a Model View Controller platform.

AngularJS Developer

What is Angular good for?

It is a client-side framework. So, throw away your existing UI designing inventories and hug AngularJS tight.

In a nutshell, you as an AngularJS developer will be able to:

  • Convert static HTML into dynamic HTML.
  • Extend the capabilities of JavaScript through an MVC approach.
  • Provides an amalgamation of libraries, methods and functions forming the basis of front-end development.

The biggest perk of AngularJS is the ability to create dynamic web applications. In simple terms, bring a smile on your clients’ face as you modify and upgrade his business looks WITHOUT EVEN BRINGING DOWN HIS SITE!

Web Application development or Mobile apps? Sceptical?

A dilemma kind of situation? isn’t it?

This might be a crucial question when it comes to making the right choice. You might ask, “Why will people access a service from a browser when mobile apps are still so dominant?”

Of course web is important and you can’t neglect it, but an app usage is exponentially increasing with respect to the web with the parallel use of mobile.

Well, dear AngularJS developer, you must be then missing out on the true powers of AngularJS. Have a read…

Let’s start with unlimited storages… That’s interesting:

Who wouldn’t like to use an app that does not take up any storage space in one’s system? Web applications are precisely made for that purpose. They reside in cloud and bring to you the efficacies of cloud storage over the traditional phone memories or laptop HDDs.

Design once and run anywhere

An obvious fact… web surfing has transformed from the screens of desktops and laptops to mobiles, tablets and phablets. So, what’s new?

As an AngularJS developer, you will be able to create responsive apps. Be it a smartphone or a tablet, desktop or a phablet, your designed apps will run anywhere.

In fact, now, you can code from any location:

Cross platform efficacies also tag along the benefits of location independency. Being resident on the World Wide Web consortium, your clients will be able to access these web apps irrespective of their geographic location.

Wait, Mr. AngularJS developer, there’s more:

Google recommends updating the contents of a website once every two months to ensure periodic involvement and up gradation. This applies to mobile apps, websites as well as web apps, so choosing to be an AngularJS developer might give you that extra edge over the market.

Last but not the least; it is time for enhanced adaptability:

With a stiff market competition, it becomes imperative to enhance the capabilities of your website. While flexibility deems to be the requirement of the day, adaptability emerges to be its able counterpart.

With Angular at hand, you will be able to alter and modify a site as per your client’s requirements. Moreover, you will also extend the functionalities of HTML in garnering your website the true image it deserves.

So, by now, you must have come to terms with web applications and the spinal cord behind its development – AngularJS. So, in the following section, let us have a look through the benefits of using AngularJS development framework over others in the segment.

AngularJS vs JQuery

As an AngularJS developer, often fellow developers and clients may ask you the question that why to use AngularJS when we have the good old JQuery at hand? It is true that both are based on JavaScript; however, significant differences still exist between them:

Jquery Vs Angular

Library VS Framework

While JQuery is a library within the JavaScript framework, AngularJS is an entire framework. Needless to say, the latter will allow you to incorporate a host of methods and libraries within fragmented packages that form the basis of efficient development.

Websites VS Web Applications

If you are looking to render your client’s business a website, then both JQuery and AngularJS will suffice to your needs.

However, on the contrary, an AngularJS development company can cater to both websites as well as web application development requirements. JQuery, on the other hand, is not competent with web application developments.

Single VS Double way Data Binding

A crucial area where AngularJS ponders over JQuery is its two way data binding approach. This forms the basis of dynamic developments.

Courtesy to this, AngularJS web applications are dynamic in nature, thereby facilitating the customizations and modifications without needing to bring down the entire website for maintenance.

The approach initiates from the Model layer and transpires to the View layer each time a change is initiated from the former to the latter.

Dependency Injection

This feature corresponds to the dwelling methods known as components within the intricacies of the system. Dependency injection is a major cause of opting for an AngularJS developer over its JQuery counterpart.

How can AngularJS development add value to an online venture?

When talking of constructing web applications from scratch, the name of AngularJS invariably takes the surface. There are a number of reasons justifying this conjuncture and the following points will be of help to you as a developer.

Why AngularJS?


Write once, Use Multiple Times – Yes, my friend… This is what the core development layout of AngularJS strives to attain.

Being platform independent and open source, codes written on the AngularJS framework on a specific machine can be sourced and worked upon multiple times irrespective of the operating system or the platform of implementation.

State of the art architecture

Any development infusing AngularJS and MVC on a single platform requires the incorporation of multiple components.

Ask your potential clients to hire AngularJS developer and allow them to contemplate their web application requirements into reality.

An efficient architecture which forms the basis of this framework allows the implementation of multiple development components simultaneously.

Moreover, it will also allow you to locate and find individual components with ease without the need to search thousands of lines of code.

Plug & Play is the way

Unlike any other platform, AngularJS incorporates the facilities of plug and play efficacies within its framework.

Invariably, existing and half developed components can be inherited directly and you as an AngularJS developer will be able to do so through indirect rendition of system resources at your disposal.

Parallel development

It is one of the biggest perks of hiring an AngularJS developer over others. With this approach, you can team up and devote to the creation of a particular segment of a web application from multiple locations.

Parallel development enhances speed and saves time. This, in turn, reduces overall cost significantly.

In addition to this, opting for AngularJS development also brings forth the following benefits at one’s disposal,

  • Control from interfaces to developers.
  • Credibility and Scalability.
  • Efficient dependency handling.
  • Variable site management tools.


What are the salient features of AngularJS?

As a user interface (UI) development tool, this programming inventory brings the following features at your as well as your client’s disposal.

The magic of MVC –

The Model View Controller or MVC approach of web application development is one of the most effective features of AngularJS. It will allow you to divide the application hierarchy into three distinguished fragments – Model, View, Controller.

MVC - AngularJS


The model layer for instance, corresponds to a place which stays responsible for storing all front end as well as back-end data of a web application.

It can be static data incorporated by you as an AngularJS developer. Otherwise, data can also be fetched from foreign sources using the fundamentals of JSON.


This corresponds to the user interface of any web application under development. Two main elements forming the basis of view are directives and HTML.

In simple words, a precise blend of HMTL5, CSS3 and JavaScript come together to render a web application its deserved appearance or identity.


One’s decision to hire AngularJS developer(you) depends a lot on the usability of the controller.

This layer consists of individual modules responsible for handling the entire working procedure of the MVC architecture.

Note: Efficiency of a web application escalates with development in the controller segment.

Increase performance with templates –

Templates come in the form of traditional HTML documents that carry with them predefined design interfaces.

Combining the effectiveness of directives with the intricacies of expressions, you can bring the finest web applications at your client’s disposal. This is possible courtesy to the impeccable similarity of AngularJS with the markups of JQuery.

More Features of AngularJS:

It is a list of attributes which justify the usage of AngularJS and its salient features over others in the market.

  1. Mark-up – Responsible for combining the Model with its View layer.
  2. Directives – Primary inventory under its DOM.
  3. Form Controls – Used to validate and verify user and admin inputs.
  4. Filters – Caters to formatting expression values.

The Two-way data binding –

As a progressive and enthusiastic AngularJS developer, you must consider this as one of the finest integrations in any JavaScript framework as of now.

With this facility at disposal, any alterations made in the View layer of a web application will reflect itself in the Model Layer and vice versa.

It also reduces the overall time consumption and adds to the efficiency of a system. Being dynamic in nature, you as a developer can choose to update or modify your site directly from the admin panel every time.

2-Way Data Binding - AngularJs

Scope of Web applications –

Similar to data binding, scope connects the view section of a website to its controller section. Since, the controller contains all the expressions and directives responsible for total in-house control of a system, scope incorporate a dynamic approach in the same.

Routing –

The biggest perk of routing is its capability to support parallel programming. This facility connects multiple Models, Views and Controllers together using a single interface and allows more than one developer to work on the same project simultaneously.

Not only does this approach speed up the development process, but also plays a major hand in assuring top notch quality products each and every time.

The sole reason behind quality assurance however, stays put to the incorporation of multiple developers and programmers who perform an in-depth scrutinization before releasing the final volume of a website or web application.

How does AngularJS work?

As an AngularJS developer, you need to have a thorough knowledge about the implementation procedure of this framework. Only then will you be able to suffice to your customer’s requests precisely.

Step 1: Incorporate ng-app module

In this step, you incorporate the ng-app module through a function call in the Angular Init method. This proclaims the initiation of development.

Step 2: Activate the bootstrap method

This step follows activating the bootstrap method through the ng-app module. It involves the following intricacies:

  • Returning and retrieving the dependency injector through the createInjector method.
  • Generating a compile method responsible for returning errors.
  • Passing the scope object of a file through composite linking method.
  • Application of “$apply” method on the object scope.
Step 3: Bind JQuery libraries

The following procedure involves binding JQuery libraries and incorporates them through the bootstrap and Angular Init element. It follows by bracketing off a development with scope.$apply function which marks the conclusion of a specific method.

Step 4: Activate Debug Mode

The final step involves activating the debugging mode ensuring completely bug-free AngularJS web applications.

How Does AngularJS Work

What Makes Angular So Popular and Almost Superheroic?

With the introduction of AngularJS in the modern web development sphere, the days of broken pages, cluttered websites and not responding interfaces have passed.

Today, AngularJS brings with it the benefits of responsiveness, instructiveness and genuineness which strike a major chord with web developers as well as website owners.

Owing to the present day of web applications, you must look into the following extracts which provide reasons enough for this impeccable popularity of AngularJS over others.

Community contributions

As mentioned earlier, AngularJS is an open-source platform. Therefore, since its inception, this programming language has received notable contributions from eminent developers round the globe.

Even today, developers contribute to the betterment of this framework and are responsible for making it one of the finest platforms of web applications development.

Since Google holds every responsibility for creating and launching AngularJS, therefore, it has also set up a development community once this framework became open source.

There, community members can contribute through the following ways:

  • Collective up gradations through annual seminars and conferences.
  • Authentic coding inclusions aimed at annexing new features.
  • Removal of any segment or function, which according to Google will witness its termination.
  • Developments are done by stringing every coding aspect together.

A progressive community based development ensures a complete development of the framework aiding in the betterment of product quality every time.

Community Contributions

Modularity-based development

In today’s coding world, modules stand as the epitome of any successful web development. In fact, as a proficient developer, you must embrace the effectiveness of modular approach which will allow you to create your apps more efficiently.

You being a proficient developer will divide your deemed web application into multiple segments indulging in unit based programming.

Once the entire project is ready, you and your team must combine the entire project together giving it the final structure.

A fragmented or modular approach will ensure that Angular JS web applications created by you will be free of any bugs or errands.

Testing & validation efficacies

This part also lays its homage to the modular approach of AngularJS. According to a research performed by the American Society of Codes and Coders, 99% of web applications developed using AngularJS are free from any errors.

Moreover, bugs (if any) are easily eradicated using the latest technologies and debugging interfaces.

SPA benefits

As mentioned earlier, be it a mobile or a web app, updates are necessary for the healthy conduct of the system and remain in Google’s good books.

In respect to this, the Single Page Application or SPA approach allows developers the same.
With the help of SPA, you will be able to alter and upgrade the look and feel of your website. More so, there is no need to halt or pause your client’s services.

In fact, you can also provide updates to your clients each and every time you design one extension and provide the same to your client through OTA or Over the Air updates.

Having said everything, it is now time to look at the business end of web applications and how the incorporation of AngularJS will help one develop the standards.

How will AngularJS web applications help to grow a business?

As of now, web applications stand as the heart of any successful online service or enterprise. According to veteran developers, this framework will soon be the linchpin of successful web application development around the globe. Here’s how you can thrive:

Point 1: Exponential Visibility

Every business owner’s primary aim is to broadcast his business to the entire world and AngularJS emerges to be a developer’s one stop solution.

Created by Google and having a versatile and functioning community at disposal, web applications developed by AngularJS find their place in every expert’s heart.

Keeping aside the coding factor, web applications are slowly stealing the baton of authority from mobile apps in terms of efficiency and popularity.

With the proficiency to create and develop these apps, you will be able to reach your target customers within the stipulated time.

Point 2: Increased ROI

A business is never successful without the proper returns on investment. However, AngularJS changes this story complete with its efficient web apps.

As mentioned in the previous point, a greater customer database corresponds to a larger number of visitors or audience, thereby escalating one’s loyal clientele base.

Point 3: Flexible accessibility

Since, 87% of web scrollers tend to surf the internet from their smartphones, building compatibility with mobiles and tablets is a prime concern.

With your coding & programming expertise, you can deliver your clients the highest quality products.

Irrespective of a computer or a mobile phone, your clients will be able to access your services regardless of the size or orientation of the device.

Point 4: Cross-platform development

Another crucial aspect behind the success of AngularJS is its cross-platform compatibility. Some of the operating systems and platforms that support web applications developed by AngularJS include:

  • Windows – Windows 7 and above

All desktops and laptops bearing Windows 7 and above will be able to support AngularJS web applications.

  • iOS

iOS is currently the second most used mobile operating system. It caters to a wide range of customers.

  • Mac

One of the most optimized OS platforms ever, Mac aids in a seamless integration of JavaScript frameworks

  • Android

This is by far the most widely used OS as of now, and catering to Android requirements seems to the top most priority when you hire AngularJS developer.

Cross Platform

If the above points are not enough to justify the efficiency of AngularJS, take a look at the following section.

AngularJS success stories

In addition to being an effective development tool, AngularJS and its community also lay testimony to numerous success stories of web apps and websites that find their roots in AngularJS. Here are some of the eminent ones to mention a few:


Who does not know Netflix, one of the popular AngularJS web applications? Designed for catering to entertainment needs, it is available across all operating systems and is compatible to all devices.

Within a minimal monthly subscription, users can treat themselves to visually enriching content.

YouTube for PS3

With every passing day, play stations are becoming more versatile and one such approach is incorporating the YouTube web app through AngularJS.


Nobody can deny the efficacies of PayPal when it comes to accessing a reliable and authentic payment gateway. Known for its cross-country monetary transaction features, it is one of the most efficient gateways ever.

However, in contrast to others, PayPal initially started its journey as a website. Now, this highly popular transaction gateway is also looking to embrace the efficacies of a web app.

How Businesses Hire AngularJS Developer?

Having learnt the intricate knowledge about perks of AngularJS development, now, it is time to understand how various businesses select an AngularJS Developer.

#1.  The experience of the company

Invariably, while selecting an AngularJS developer, businesses lay their prime focus in evaluating the experience and dependability of an organization. In this respect, online reviews and customer feedback play a crucial role.

Better feedback is evident of a company’s impending success. Hence, you as a AngularJS developer must take heed of this context if looking to procure a handsome customer base.

#2.  Punctuality

A project in progression must see the face of its developers within the stipulated time. An AngularJS developer must ensure that each and every project reaches its destined customer within the stipulated time and that too without any bugs.

#3.  Technologies at disposal

A website development company cannot be trusted upon unless it possesses all the latest and updated development itineraries at disposal.

In this respect, businesses more often than not perform an intricate scanning of all the technologies that a company brings so as to make the most profitable choice.

#4.  Professionalism matters

The professionalism of a company can be judged by the approach it takes towards the development of a specific project. Any genuine and reputable AngularJS development company will be focused at treating their clients with an organizational approach. Because such company will have a strong team of AngularJS Developers

The above points are imperative when looking for a web applications development company and you must arrive with a complete package of the above checklist to procure the highest quality clients within a brief span.

What is modus operandi of AngularJS development company?

Most recognizable organizations follow a waterfall approach that embraces a procedural step wise demeanour. Their development processes are aimed at eradicating all types of errands or bugs that may exist in a project. Take a look at this development method:

AngularJS Development Process

  • Studying the attainability of a project

At an AngularJS development company, they call it the feasibility study of a project. In this step, expert analysts perform an intricate study of their client’s requirements and jot down the viable points of the project. Once it is known that a particular project can be attained, the company move on to the next step.

  • Analysis through the system requirements

Each project demands a niche set of development efficacies in the form of software and hardware requirements and proficient developers focus on maintaining each one of them. The developers make it sure to bring forth all the latest technologies under one roof to provide their clients with the best quality products.

  • The development phase

This step engages inefficient deployment of the project. By integrating the framework of AngularJS with the effectiveness of HTML5 and CSS3, developers render custom made web interfaces which will draw a host of customers to an online venture.

  • Testing and Debugging

Here, analysts and debuggers take to fragmenting the entire project into multiple units and test each of them for bugs or errands. Post perfection of each step, these units are conjoined to form the final file as per requirements.

  • The delivery

Once development and debugging is done with, an expert team from the AngularJS development company provides doorstep delivery of the final web application or website. This team completes the delivery by setting up the web application and making it live on the World Wide Web Consortium.

  • Post-delivery maintenance

Any web app or website requires its timely maintenance that provides adequate support and required updates to the product. These updates are necessary in terms of providing your customers with a redefined client experience after specific periods.

Note: A redefined website or web app look adds to the brand value and helps an organization or a company to escalate its customer base profoundly within a short period of time.

Some Frequently Asked Questions to AngularJS Developer

Having fed your brain with a horde of information, numerous questions and interrogations must have popped up already. So, it is time to answer some of them while leaving the rest for your self-exploration.

  1. What is the biggest application area of AngularJS?
  2. As an AngularJS developer, your biggest scope will be laying your hands on MEAN stack development.

  3. Can you create both websites and apps using this framework?
  4. Yes.

  5. How can one infuse AngularJS with ASP or PHP? Is it possible?
  6. AngularJS is a framework while PHP is a language. So, the two are different.

  7. Does AngularJS support multi location development?
  8. Yes.

The above questions are an effort to bring forth your queries under one roof. By going through the above piece, you as an AngularJS developer will procure an in depth understanding of the subject and this will aid you in your progressive development.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Unveiling Some Real-Time AngularJS Advantages

Without considering real angularjs advantages it is hard to decide weather you should use it for your next project or not. Right?? Not to worry, Let’s move on to find out what AngularJS really offers.

Taking a stroll down the memory lane, you will remember how most websites consisted of static pages with HTML as its humdrum template language. That being said, times have changed substantially and modern day web applications are more dynamic and intuitive.

AngularJS is one widespread JavaScript framework which is radially being implemented for creating dynamic web pages. It is a unique framework which stretches HTML’s syntax and allows you to express your application elements in a clearer and more effective manner.

You will also find out that most business owners are hiring an AngularJS Development Company primarily for its exclusive range of benefits.

AngularJS Advantages

AngularJS Is Built On A Rich MVC Architecture Deemed Perfect For Creating Highly Intuitive And Rich Cyber Applications.

Following the rudimentary elements of HTML, it presents developers the scope of crafting websites better in responsiveness and dynamism. It also allows simple automatic synchronization with all views and models and proves very easy to work with.

Angularjs Advantages

Effective DOM – Document Object Model Enables Developers to Focus on Optimizing Web Page’s Performance and Testability.

This methodology makes use of special features namely –

  • Two-way Data Binging
  • MVC architecture (that’s correct, the one above)
  • Injections for determining site dependency (details will follow below)

Plus, it also offers many other directives and site examining features to help developers make enticing and compelling website applications.

It Ensures Fast-Paced Web App Development With Simple Plug And Play Components.

Another reason why so many tend to hire AngularJS Development Company is that of speedy app development.

In opinion of some experts –

“AngularJS makes way for quick work with minimum effort. With a basic understanding of HTML, one can easily get started with it for their projects.”

There aren’t many distractions which result from DOM configurations or for that matter with JQuery calls. Plus, another WOW aspect of AngularJS is that it consists of amazing plug and play components.

There’s just one itsy – bitsy task which you will need to do – that is copying and pasting the codes into the newer ones.

Then Presto; your job will be complete!

Helps Handle Dependencies of Web Applications without Breaking a Sweat

Another benefit of using AngularJS for your web app is its dependency injection feature.

In many ways, this is also one of the prime characteristics of this HTML structure. Be it for your SPA or Single Page Application designing or thorough testing, with this baby, you will be able to do it without breaking much sweat.

Wait, that’s not all.

Along with giving you the scope to test all your web app dependencies, AngularJS, courtesy its MVC architecture, also allows one to carry out parallel development tasks.

Two Way Data Binding

Its Real-Time 2 Way Binding Concept Makes This Framework Extremely Effective Amid Developers

Two-way binding is one effective real-time concept which renders seamless app projection to app developers – again involving very little effort on their part to write volumes of boilerplate codes.

Plus, with this 2 code binding, you can also handle DOM and model synchronization effectively in either way.

Presents Adequate Amount of Filters to Induce Flexibility in Applications

When using AngularJS, you will get the benefit of numerous filters to sort all necessary data before reaching the views of users. Along with its proper filters, it also incorporates additional operations such as configuring decimal places or altering the order of arrays.

2-Way Data Binding - AngularJs

The best thing about AngularJS is that similar to directives, this framework also functions as a standalone feature separate from your web application.

These are some of those clear advantages which AngularJS brings to the table. Now here’s something interesting for you to know.

Is AngularJS Superior to KnockoutJS – It’s Biggest Rival?

Well if I tell you in short!!! It’s “Big Yes”

It is one common question which comes up time after time, purely because knockoutJS is AngularJS’s closest adversary. So, is it more advantageous? A top-end AngularJS development company will orate it as YES”. They also give a very good reason to support their answer.

Let’s jump right in!!!

AngularJS vs KnockoutJS

KnockoutJS vs AngularJS

As mentioned in the above table, KnockoutJS is just one data binding framework, but a very good one to say the least. On the contrary, AngularJS offers much more than simply data binding.

AngularJs also serves up adequate navigation and routing support, features to function with REST services and also sync AMD module loading patterns.

It allows the AngularJS to score more over its rival and serve more advantageous to users.

With the question now having an answer, let’s move over to the next section which discusses how to find a reliable development company for your needs!

Keep reading…

Hire AngularJS Developer After Looking Into These Considerations

Portfolio & Price –

One of the best aspect to consider while hiring an Angular JS Developer!

All you need to do is to start off by checking out your AngularJS web development company’s completed projects and the project costs. There are some projects which can charge a bit more in comparison to others. So, look into these aspects properly before selecting.

It does prove beneficial to look into the portfolio of the company as it tells you about their work quality and also about the experience in the venture.

Their Commitment to Time & Style of Work –

The next category which you need to look into is the creative quotient of the designers.

Whether they are to produce fresh ideas for projects every time?

Or are they proficient enough to achieve your project layout impeccably?

Before you hire AngularJS developer, you need to check if the company you are choosing has a good record of meeting project deadlines routinely.

The ability to achieve results even in hectic timelines defines the proficiency and dedication level of a company. If you get a yes to that, then proceed further.

You can ask for more explanation on their work flow so as to understand that whether it will suits your requirement or not.

Experienced Team members available 24×7 – Most web development companies taking up AngularJS assignments consist of a good pool of developers. However, not all of them render assistance after dispatching their projects.

Only those who are top of the table maintain this facility. So, have a word with the experts and vouchsafe if they will be with you even after submitting your task.

Do look into these aspects when searching a notable AngularJS Developer/company. Following it will only benefit you and your venture.

AngularJS Developer

Best of Luck!

Aglowid IT Solutions – Leading AngularJS Development Company

Aglowid IT Solutions provides high end IT creative solutions to their exclusive clients. Their aim is boosting their client’s brand value and for that, they render numerous high-end services namely – Ruby on Rails, NodeJS development, Mean Stack Development and more.

With time, we are working up the ladder to become a trustworthy AngularJS development company too. Use our email sales@aglowiditsolutions.com and convey your project details. Our experts will definitely not let you down.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Why use AngularJS for your next project? 6 reasons to answer the question

Need a solid reasons regarding why use AngularJS for your next project?? Read on to find out..

The whole periphery of web designing is going through a change. Websites are much more than just pages stuffed with content and images.

The best websites are intuitive with attractive front-end applications and back-end support.

Adhering this new wave of web development is just what you need to do, if you don’t want to fall behind in the tough competitive business.

The most popular rising format in this periphery is AngularJS development.

Angular JS??? Why?

Why use AngularJS

Lets take an example to understand…

Think of it from a user’s point of view, put yourself in a user’s show. It’s obvious that you’ll find websites such as, say, Airbnb better than most of the rest.

Isn’t It?

The reason for this is that it is intuitive and attractive. It uses front-end web applications to engage viewers with its content ensuring faster interactive experience to the end user.

Isn’t this what your business app needs too?

All you need to do is to engage viewers with the proper set of functions explaining and enriching on the product or the service.

A dynamic Web applications or rather a Single Page Application(SPA) is what you need, and there are few better ways to integrate them directly into your website with AngularJS development.

And its not over yet!

There are many more reasons why you should opt for it over other frameworks.

But, Before this let’s start with the casual introduction to AngularJs?

What is AngularJS?

Since 2009, AngularJS has come up as one of the most popular frameworks. It is a ‘JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework.’

6 Reason to choose Angular JS

An important pointer which you should know is that most of this framework is under Google’s direct maintenance and development.

So, using AngularJS means that you’re already adhering to Google standards for your website.

With Google inadvertently by your side, you start up with the upper-hand of garnering strong search engine rankings.

But this is only the less important half of the story.

Coming back to the main points, Lets get into detailed reasons to use AngularJS

Why use AngularJS?? 6 reasons to Answer the Question.

  1. MVC – MVVM architecture
  2. No doubt that other development frameworks (like PHP) use a similar structure.

    With these, you had to segregate your application into folders and bind them together by writing your own codes.

    AngularJS does this for you. Just create the necessary folders, and the rest is taken care of.

    MVVM Architecture - AngularJs

    The model is what maintains the data in the system, View means displaying the data while the Controller acts as the bridge which connects the Model and the View.

    Simply speaking, your website integrates the front-end views displaying the back-end data seamlessly.

    The MVVM structure takes this further by interpreting everything into this Model and View structure with the Controller in the hands of the developer.

    Post-development – It’s easier for you to control and integrate other multiple changes into the system.

  3. Code structure is declarative
  4. Probably the second-best answer to the query, “Is AngularJS the best for your next project?”

    This framework lets you create patterns which make the codes simpler to read and lightweight.

    In other words, the same code which will require nearly 12 lines of JavaScript, can be completed in 5 with AngularJS.

  5. A huge community to help you
  6. This is perhaps the most important reason to choose any framework, and being open source makes things even better.

    AngularJS is created by a group from Google who chips in with their advice in forums and tutorials.

    Similarly, other developers organize meets and discussions which might help you if you get stuck.

    If you need help, it’s always available.

    Community Contributions

  7. Facilitates deep-linking
  8. In a much simpler fashion, AngularJS allows you to encode the state of a web page in the form of a URL and use as a bookmark.

    So, next time when you click on that URL, the web page in the same state reloaded on your browser.

    All these, with few simple codes.

  9. 2-Way Data Binding
  10. Apart from eliminating the need for wrappers, setters and class declarations, AngularJS makes upgradation easy as well.

    With two-way data binding, any modifications in the user-side are immediately reflected on the application objects.

    All necessary patterns are updated no matter where the change is made, be it modular changes or browser events.

    Data structures move as per the applications on the website. With this framework, the movement is continuous thanks to 2-way data binding.

    Thanks to this basic characteristic, your website can evolve its applications as per the changes in the user interface.

    2-Way Data Binding - AngularJs

  11. Directives approach
  12. As if using HTML based coding was good enough, AngularJS lets you extend its functionalities as well.

    You can create logics and enhance your coding productivity. Use direct HTML elements like <listing></listing> or customize it like <div listing></div>

Here are some Stats that shows the popularity of Angular.

According to Statista, Angular is the second most popular framework among developers, worldwide, as of early 2017

Still pondering, “is AngularJS the best for your next project?”

There is more. Instant modular solutions available, easy to use, based on plain old JavaScript and the list goes on.

Plus, this application is constantly updated to make it more SPA-oriented and user-friendly. No doubt it has gained so much popularity since its inception in 2009.

It is of utmost importance to opt for reliable and authentic AngularJS development services.

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