Ruby on Rails development Setup Tools – A Brief Guide

As a businessman, David is thinking of opening his ecommerce website. Therefore he pays a visit to a website development company where he comes across the name “Ruby on Rails”.

Experts recommend it, but he has no idea about it. If you can fit yourself in David’s shoes then read on.

This post will enlighten you with the best Ruby on Rails development setup tools.

But, before that, you should go through this brief introduction to get a better hold.

What is Rails? What is Ruby?

To put it simply, Rails is a server-side web development MVC framework which allow the use of XML or JSON for database queries and use CSS, HTML and JavaScript for UI designing.

Although built on the MVC framework, Rails also makes use of other software engineering patterns such as DRY, CoC and Active Record Patterns.

Ruby, on the other hand, is the programming language used to write rails.

Originally written by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1990’s, it is an object-oriented, general purpose programming language.

Ruby is acquainted with multiple programming paradigms which are functional and imperative in nature.

Ruby on rails development setup

Ruby on Rails development setup tools

Ruby on Rails runs on Windows, MacOS as well as Ubuntu. Depending on the OS you will need to follow the following steps in order to install Rails on your device.


Bash is the tool used to install Rails on Windows. The reason for using Bash is that it will allow you to execute Linux on your Windows machine.

Therefore, the first step is to install a Linux subsystem which is called Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.

The installation process proceeds through the following steps:

  1. Enable “Developer Mode” in Windows from settings and then navigating to Update & Security.
  2. Next step is to enable the Windows subsystem for Linux. This can be done from the control panel. By clicking Windows feature on you need to check “Windows subsystem for Linux”.
  3. This will follow the installation guide. Once installed, Windows will restart completing the process using Ruby on Rails development setup tools.

Hire Ruby on Rails developers if you face any kind of difficulties during the installation process. They will ensure a smooth installation of the Rail framework.

MacOS X:

The tool used to install Rails on MacOS X is Homebrew. This package will allow you to compile and install software setups easily. One has to run the terminal window for its setup process. The following steps will explain better:

  1. Open terminal; run Xcode Command. When it gives an option, press Y.
  2. Close terminal and restart machine.

Once Homebrew is installed, it is time to install Ruby. In this step, you need to use “rbnev” Ruby on Rails development setup tools to complete the setup process.

Rbnev will, in turn, activate Git. To install Rails on MacOS X One need to have a GitHub account configured without which installation is likely to fail. Therefore one can hire Ruby on Rails developers in case of complexities.

Why is jQuery no longer part of Rails? What’s new?

Tring–tring! What’s ringing in the tech world? Well…well, I’ll say!

JQuery JavaScript library that was a part of the default Rails stack, has been removed.

It’s been 12+ years now that this Ruby on Rails framework is doing around, but this latest up gradation is in support of Ruby gem (rails-ujs) that uses vanilla JavaScript.

“But why did they remove it?”

Is the same question popping into your mind? Let me quote David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of ROR:

jQuery is no more as grave for ROR as it was. The JavaScript library was mainly used for covering up the variances in browsers, but the fact is, the differences no longer exist to the same degree.

He did elaborate further; there is a built-in feature in ROR that depends on regular JavaScript used by the new gem.

What’s New?

jQuery has been handling activities like document traversal and manipulation, HTML and event handling, being a staple of Rails for years now.

Guess what; a W3techs survey revealed that around 96.4% websites use this JavaScript library.

Now, going through the latest news, here’s what I got.

I am sure you know that a lot of features in Ruby on Rails use JavaScript under the same umbrella.

Regarding this, GitHub has received a pull request for including rails-ujs in the latest applications through Action View and removing jQuery-rails.

Do you know what a pull request is?

Pull request is that feature through which developers get informed and can discuss a proposed change on GitHub.

They can also review with collaborators regarding the potential alterations before integrating them into the final venture.

Not clear, yet?

Okay! Assume you are a developer and want to make some changes in a particular project.

Through this mechanism of pull request, you can inform your team members using your Bitbucket account. You can discuss to review it and finally merge the code with its master division.

It’s a dedicated, user-friendly web-forum. Hope, I could clear it now!

Coming to new, rail-ujs is the replacement! Rails-ujs was developed during the Google Summer of Code event by Dangyi Liu.

Next time, if you are developing the web applications of your business on this framework, be sure about this latest update and create a more effective website.

Should I give you a suggestion? Well, best is to contact a qualified Ruby on Rails Development Company who is a professional in this domain and can work on these advanced modifications efficiently.

Confused when to use gems in Ruby on Rails development? Read on!

While working on a Ruby on Rails development project, a developer often gets confused with the gems.

These are plug-ins or external libraries that enhance the functionality of a website developed on Ruby on Rails technology.

Now the query most people search for is – when to use these gems!

Well, we need to take a lot of things into consideration.

We need to understand the code base, examinations, quality, level of functionality, etc.

How about going into the details?

Okay! Let us do it.

Things to Consider before using gem in Ruby on Rails development

Here are some of the factors that suggest using a gem in a web application.

  1. Gem’s code quality

  2. You must use a rails gem only when it has a good quality coding.

    Those which are not readable and complex are best to be avoided.

    Instead, go for a better gem that is easily understandable and convenient to work upon.

  3. The amount of effort required

  4. Consider how much effort is required in adding modules.

    If the addition of modules in applications seems to be complicated, it’s better to opt for a Ruby gem.

    Otherwise, a simple module can be easily written by experienced developers.

    In that case, gems are not required at all.

  5. Gem with DSL that works

  6. Again, it is better to choose a gem whose DSL seems suitable for working with.

    When you have different gems with almost similar functionality, this feature will help you to choose the right one.

More on gems of Ruby on Rails development:

Apart from these, before using Ruby on Rails gems, there are 3 important things that a developer should consider.

A. Keep checking the updated status of the gems on Ruby Gems, Ruby Toolbox and other such places. The factors you need to check are-

  • When did the last update on the gem take place?

  • Is the gem still maintained?

  • What are the numbers of open issues it is having presently?

  • What is its support for other versions of Ruby on Rails?

B. You must do some verification regarding the maintainers as well.

  • Are they taking the contributions responsibly?

  • Make sure to check the license of the library. Is it up-to-date?

  • Are there responsive maintainers for the gems?

C. Your test suite will run slowly when Gemfile has more number of gems and you, hence, need to upload more libraries.

Confused regarding what to do if you don’t have an idea about all these??

Aglowid IT Solutions can be your solution!

Assuming that you are looking out for verified ruby on rails developers, Aglowid IT Solutions can definitely be your choice.

With the experienced and skilled team, they are known for generating innovative projects, no matter how complex a framework is.

And coming to this latest rail-ujs in ROR, they have a separate team who constantly evaluate the changing trends in the tech market.

Hence, you can be rest assured to have customer-driven, high-quality solution even with this change.

The Conclusion

Therefore one should keep in mind that Ruby on Rails development setup tools is vital in order to install Rails on your system. Proper configuration and Xcode execute is also required to facilitate a smooth installation process.

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