8 Spectacular Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development

Heard of Hulu, Twitter, Basecamp or even Groupon?

Of course, you have. But do you know that they use Ruby on Rails as their development tool?

Yes, along with these, most other major companies prefer this framework to set their online business in motion.

Ruby on Rails just did not become a hot trend and enchant all those developers out there.

Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development is what makes it stand tall against Symfony or Django.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Rail is the development tool which provides a framework for a web page, while Ruby is the programming code which is used with it.

Just like PHP with Symfony and Python with Django. It is based on the “convention over configuration” principle that cuts away developer’s time to create a code.

Ruby comes with a preloaded set of conventions which can be used to configure files.

Coming back to the point, Lets start with Ruby on Rails Benefits.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

Open Source Framework

This is one of the main reasons why most major online players opt for this.

This open source web development tool runs on Linux, both of which does not require a single penny.

Also, known formats make things easier for the developer to work on which further makes it cost effective in development process.

Cost Effective

Money is a big factor when development companies have to come up with interactive websites and applications.

However, a Ruby on Rails development company can deliver on high expectations at more affordable and sustainable costs.

Finally, Rails is just a great budget platform that enables start-ups to compete with much bigger organizations.

It makes projects profitable and cost-effective because of its low base investment and focus on helping deliver productivity.

Cost Effective

Faster Web Development

One of the first things you begin to realize as you get familiar with ROR is the fact that it is an insanely fast platform.

Now, what does a fast web development platform exactly mean?

Well, a platform like Rails enables the fastest transition time between development and iterating a function design.

Your web page based on Ruby on Rails will be up and going in no time.

A Ruby on Rails development company typically follows a ‘convention over configuration’ approach, which further helps in keeping the development lifecycle of a project short.

While it may take 12 hours to develop a page using PHP or Python, Ruby on Rails can do the job in just 6 hours.

This is certainly a significant advantage while creating big web pages.

Faster Web Development

Huge Library of Tools and Functions

Rails come with a vast library of tools, functions, add-ons and rich elements.

This development tool is one of the largest ones around and for you, this is really good.

With a large library, you can expect your website to be unique.

Also, you can expect your Ruby on Rails developer to give you an output par excellence and exactly as per your expectations.

Multi-Language Support

RoR is based on Ruby. But it uses multiple other common languages in its back-end.

This is where RoR’s MVC model takes shape. The developer’s coding comes in here and creates whatever you see in front of you.

Using popular languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, RoR can perform smoothly across multiple web formats without fail.

Coding is shift-able

Most apps and websites built on Rails perform exceedingly well.

However, it even allows you to switch to an alternative approach in the rare event where the Rails framework cannot handle a performance issue.

Essentially the gist is that Rails is an absolute delight for any coder to work with.

I mean, it was built with the sole purpose of making programmers happy. A happy development team more often than not results in great work.

Code is Shiftable

The employees of a ROR development company are more productive and have a greater sense of team-building that other companies working on most other platforms.

Ruby on Rails makes use of a convention that facilitates this.

Every project is based on the same structure and same coding formats.

Simple and Readable (Easy to Debug)

When a web development tool guarantees this, it just means one thing – increased productivity.

With easy-to-frame and read codes, detecting faults and debugging becomes quite easy.

Rails also has a unique design, making it rather easy for you to find exactly what you need in your code.

So, a new person coming on-board for a project they are not familiar with, will also be able to make his or her own augmentations.

Rails is therefore, one of the easiest platforms to debug and customise existing code.

Debugging Code

One of the reasons why a Ruby on Rails development company is much sought after these days is because it builds for the long term.

This is possible due to Rail’s automated testing mechanism, where a developer can continually run automated tests on the code.

These tests allow him to check instantly whether or not the code delivers in the way it is intended to.

Inshort, If one developer creates a web page, it can easily be debugged by another. This makes it much easier for the development team to maintain the website.

Create your own blocks

This is another of the benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development.

This toolkit allows you to create your own play and plug apps.

This way, you can create a custom code for your current project and later use it in another.

Hence, your applications now become multipurpose.

Honestly, how much better can it get?

Open source with a large community

In fact, debugging is even easier because of the extensive Rails community spread around the world. Because of its open-source nature, everyone has access to all the materials they need.

The community makes sure to update and improve the existing framework constantly. If you’re new to the language, just Google your problem, and you’ll find tons of solutions from the Rails community.

Chances are, someone might just come with a plugin to help solve your issue.

Also, this ensures that the platform stays up to date with the latest developments and requirements for coders.

Last, but not the least.

A lot of help will be available while developing your web page.

Greater Community Support

Online tutorials, discussion forums, social media pages and expert blogs, dedicated only for Ruby on Rails.

This will allow you to solve a hiccup quickly and carry on with your development process.

That’s the reason why we say Ruby on Rails is more than just an upcoming trend.

Apart from these advantages there are certain more reasons things that favors Ruby on Rails.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails? What Makes Ruby on Rails Unique as a Language?

Despite the IT world constantly coming up with so many new web development platforms, ROR seems to be holding its own.

SimilarTech Report Says : There are 2,201,222 Websites and 696,330 Unique Domains built using Ruby on Rails.

It allows you to tweak stuff and continue to better the interface even after the MVP launch.

MVP refers to the minimum viable product, a launch of the application or website interfaces with just enough features to satisfy early customers.

With a host of reasons that make this such a unique and exciting platform to work with, the recent popularity of ROR shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Rails has brought about a bit of a revolution in the web development sector. Focus is now shifting from solely looking at the deliverable to how you achieve those deliverable.

Make sure that you are part of the future with the best professional RoR experts working on your brainchild.

Elegance and ease of use are the new rules of the game.

No doubt Ruby on Rails has become an Internet sensation (pun intended). Most companies will look at you for your Ruby on Rails development skills as many, till date, fight over using PHP and Python. Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development are priceless (again a pun!) and it’s here to stay. More details? Feel free to contact Aglowid IT Solutions at
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