Mean Stack Features – Why to Choose MEAN Stack for Web Applications

Ask any web developer and you will get the same answer that no dynamic website is complete without an efficient database.

The website which you see is just its front end, but there’s lot running in its back end.

The Databases in LAMP or we can say MYSQL is a relational database which being great comes with its own disadvantage. when two different entity want to use the same data according to their own way

Here comes the concept of NoSQL(Non-relational database) where any entity can access the same data according to their own way without harming the access to other entity.

With the increase in such requirements in the field of big data analysis, Internet of things etc the importance of such technologies that uses non relational database increases.

MEAN is one of them that use MongoDB as a Non relational Database combining the other JavaScript technologies.

Hence the use of MEANStack – MongoDB, ExpressDB, AngularJS and NodeJS increases and the necessity to hire a MEAN stack development company is on the rise.

Still not clear? No Worries!!!

Lets take a deep insight on the reason for choosing MEAN stack as a preferable development approach.

MEAN Stack – grasping the intricacies

A simple collection of JavaScript technologies, MEAN has become the primary tool for creating realizable web applications.

MEAN is an acronym for four major frameworks – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. JavaScript forms the basis of this approach which extends from clients to the servers as well as its database.

To understand why should one hire MEAN stack developer, one must focus on its trivial four first.

  • MongoDB specializes in saving data through binary JSON format. This renders it as a schema less database management system that does not incorporate the use of SQL.
  • The most fundamental use of Express is to build single and multi-page web applications. It is a lightweight framework that develops web applications through Node.
  • Two-way Data Binding makes AngularJS special. Further one more benefit of JavaScript framework is that, it supports significant front end development.
  • Node.js helps in building concurrent and high scalable applications through Chrome’s V8 runtime environment.

Why MEAN stack? – Mean Stack Features

Having mentioned the above factors, let’s chalk down some reasons for contacting a MEAN stack development company for your project.

Build with JavaScript

JavaScript forms the basis of all development technologies. It runs on the client side, thereby facilitating users to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage.

This in turn renders performance of web pages increasing its efficiency. Moreover, JavaScript lets developers incorporate the benefits of HTML and CSS3 on its platform.

This helps in rapid method call and stack implementation which in turn reduces a website’s loading time.

Javascript with html css

Generate Isomorphic code with MEAN

With MEAN, the benefits of JavaScript are not limited to the client side but can be extended to the server side as well.

For instance, if your developer generates a code with Node, but realizes AngularJS to be a better runtime platform; MEAN will allow him/her to transfer this code while keeping its functions almost same.

This highly flexible and versatile nature makes it necessary to hire a MEAN stack developer.

Isomorphic Code

One code Multiple associations

When you choose to develop a website for your online venture, you will require a PHP and JavaScript expert for your front end.

While for the back end, you will require a SQL specialist at the least. Contrary to this dual requisites, MEAN stack accommodates JavaScript for every segment of its operation.

Since, it incorporates, MongoDB, a developer can manage all database with this tool.

Similarly, inclusion of Node.js and ExpressJS makes it possible for a developer to indulge in front end design of highly scalable and efficient web applications.

The language of JSON

Both ExpressJS and Node.js are proficient in communication through JSON.

This allows data and functions to flow seamlessly from one layer to the other without the need for reformatting or rewriting.

In contrast to PHP or MYSQL (which speaks through different languages); the solitary lingual approach of JSON makes implementing external API’s an easier task. Functions of GET, POST, manipulate or present all work under one roof with a competent MEAN stack development company.


Efficiency of Node.js

What stands out here is Node.js’s event driven architecture.Recent statistics are showing that it renders a database even faster than the Apache server.

The optimum loading time for a page is 2-3 seconds on Google. Beyond that, it escalates bounce rate.

So, your website will load up faster thereby preventing any unprecedented visitor bounce.

Isn’t this is one of the best Mean Stack Features?


AngularJS is humane

The intricacies of AngularJS incorporate the in-detail application of HTML and CSS.

A pinch of JavaScript also finds use here which will help your website programmer to add those round edges and smooth ends as finishing touches.

This also justifies your decision to hire MEAN stack developer for developing your enterprise’s virtual identity.

Angular Js

MongoDB to the rescue

In comparison to MYSQL or similar databases, MongoDB makes insert, update and delete a much easier task.

You as an admin will be able to update entire tables of your database without the need to contact your development company.


So, if you as a business owner are looking to take your services to the masses of the online world, then we are pretty much sure that after reading these Mean Stack Features, your first consideration will be Mean Stack.

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