The Most Awaited Ionic 4 Launched… With Improved & Added Features

Ionic today released its Ionic 4.0. The new release aims to bring entirely new and upgraded features and functionalities to make it Ionic independent. Ionic is now “Ionic for Everyone,” the new version is all set to work independently as well as with React library and Vue.js frameworks. The previous version -Ionic 3 was popular as “mobile for Angular” while the new release -Ionic 4 has come up with a powerful UI Design System and app framework which can work across all platforms.
Ionic 4.0

Ionic is a complete rebuild and allows developers to create fast and scalable Web and Mobile Applications. Though Ionic 4.0 is still in development mode (many things have to be done), a large number of companies have started using it, and the release has got a very positive response. According to the announcement made by Ionic, the new Ionic is 1.5x faster than the previous Ionic 3 while it could be enhanced if used with Stencil or other libraries. That means you get power packed Ionic App Development Solutions.

Ionic 4 : Journey at Glance

The transformed Ionic 4 is the result of two years committed researches and dedicated work. It defines the hard work of the Ionic team that makes it the best UI Design System and Framework. Making Ionic as a universal framework, used as a custom HTML tag, was the core concepts even during the initial release of Ionic in 2013, but due to lack in resources back then, it has to work with AngularJS directives. The situation turned around, and it went well with Angular, and today it has come up with the solution that actually defines the concept the Ionic was built over.

“Mobile for Angular” to “Ionic for Everyone”

It took more than five years to transform the Ionic on its real concepts and make “Ionic for Everyone” from “mobile for Angular” tag. It is independent and not only can work along with Angular, but also with React, Vue, and to name just a few others.

Ionic Packed with Power Performance

There might be suspense whether Ionic would work with Angular or not. So, everything will be the same, and if you have been using Angular, then you don’t need any added things to migrate it to the latest version. The Breaking Changes document in Ionic 4 can be easily detected by the Migration tool, and it can help you fix the issue (occurred during the migration) automatically.

Here are some of the common features of Ionic that help you make the app awesome. The mixed blend of features and functionality enable Ionic to help you develop robust mobile & web application for cross platforms.

Let’s take a look on significant changes that Ionic 4.0 has come up with.

Ionic is very Fast

Ionic is rebuild and provide fantastic performance in terms of speed and quality. The company has announced that the new release offers 1.5x faster performance that will go even more if associated with dedicated frameworks.

ionic 4 performance comparison

New Documentation

Ionic had documentation facilities even in older versions, they needed upgrades and this that you can see in the Ionic 4 as it has come up with version 0.5 -official Ionic Documentation with all fruitful features including;

  • Improved performance
  • Simpler design
  • Content-centric
  • Easier-to-navigate organization

ionic 4 docs

Perfect Design

Ionic 4.0.0 brings you own design system that supported by the theming capabilities and components like the framework-agnostic web. You get customized designing solutions with new Ionic.

modes in Ionic

Best Ionic Ever

The bottom line is, Ionic 4 is the most accessible and future-proof version of Ionic ever. At the same time, the framework (we can call it complete framework now), but it’s also the fastest and most complete framework for developers across the world.

Best Ionic 4 Features, You Can’t Ignore

Ionic 4 comes-enabled with high performance and useful features. That means Ionic lives no corner untouched to bring differences.  Here are some of the new and updated features of Ionic 4.0 and how they enhance performances.

Ionicones 4.0:

Brings you latest iOS and Material Design styles that help developers quickly build apps without bothering to find the icons for the interface.

Ionicones iOS

Native API:

The updated Ionic Native 5.0 allows developers to use the wrapper outside of Angular while it can still work with Angular and help it create hybrid one.

CLI 4.0:

CLI 4.0 integrated with Cordova and livereload, custom schematics for generators support project development. The new CLI can also work wonder adjoining with the Angular CLI.

New CLI Docs:

It enables to read out the layout in a cleaner and comprehensive manner, and it goes through changes based on the users’ experience.

Shadow DOM:

With the support of Shadow DOM, Ionic can reduce the client-side code required while giving multiple fruitful options to users.

CSS Variables:

CSS Variables ensure the performance and how the framework will perform and how the Ionic’s theming work. It enable your change them without build tools and keep it customized.


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How to Migrate to Ionic 4.0

Want to upgrade Ionic 4.0 from the previous one. You need to follow the guidelines given here.

You can also migrate from an older version of Ionic to Ionic 4. At the same time, if you want to create a project from the Ionic CLI, directly, you need to apply these processes.

npm install -g ionic # Update the Ionic CLI
ionic start awesome-app

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is, Ionic is the independent framework now, and it can help you working with React and Vue, apart from Angular. You need to take a “Mobile for Angular” rather “Ionic for Everyone,” as the Ionic suggests. The new release has also made sure that Ionic can be used alone or with other frameworks like react and vue. It helps developers across the globe while giving them freedom to chose the framework they feel comfortable working with. So, Ionic gives you more reasons to Hire Ionic App Developers for your new mobile app projects.

Saurabh Barot

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