6 Tips to Hire MEAN Stack Developers in India – Get SEO Friendly Web Apps

Looking to hire MEAN Stack developers in India?? It’s a tough selection. Right?? Let us help you what qualities you should check before you hire MEAN Stack Programmers in India.

In today’s world, web applications appear to be the new trend owing to a substantial increase in tablet and smartphone usage.

These applications are slowly, but surely overwhelming installable apps from the Play store and App store and the primary reason for this is space management.

So, your website must endure a web app rather than its installable version to make a mark in this growing web world.

In this respect, MEAN Stack development serves to be a key solution. Its dynamic features enable in developing efficient web apps and are also the reason to Hire MEAN Stack Developers.

And if you have decided to hire MEAN Stack Developers in India, there should be a checklist which should look once before you take such important decision for your project. But before that let’s have a basic overview of MEAN Stack.

MEAN Stack – a technical overview

MEAN Stack is an effaceable conglomerate of JavaScript technologies and frameworks that aid in the development of highly efficient and reliable web apps. It has emerged to be one of the best open-source packages wings to its conjunction of the best four frameworks in the business name.

  • MongoDB – An NOSQL data structure that makes use of JSON for informative representations.
  • ExpressJS – This HTTP server framework provides modules and components for web development.
  • AngularJS – Data binding UI forms the primary utility basis of MVC architecture with modular code and front-end JS framework.
  • NodeJS – A cross-platform web development framework. Its utility is developing robust and credible web applications.

Hire MEAN Stack developer in India

How to hire MEAN Stack developers in India? 6 Tips!

MEAN stack essentially operates on a request-response cycle of web app development.

So, developers of this cycle need to be professionals who have apt knowledge of manipulating these four major sections of MEAN.

Hence to clarify this point further, this article focuses on a few tips that every potential website owner should ponder on before they hire MEAN Stack Developers in India.

We suggest to schedule a call and communicate with a developer using Goto Meetings, Skype or Google Hangout so that you can check out following points of expertise.

Expertise every Mean Stack Developer should Posses

  1. Asynchronous programming expertise

  2. Node.JS supports the development and execution of multiple independent programs simultaneously without the need to wait for another processes completion.

    This eliminates the problems of threading which often lead to delays due to the dilemma in process prioritization.

    Any reliable developer must hold the expertise of dealing with utilizing this feature effectively so as unfold the full capability of Node.JS.

  3. A master of JavaScript

  4. JavaScript forms the basis of most development languages including MEAN Stack.

    Before you hire MEAN Stack developers in India, it is of utmost importance to confirm that your coder is a master in JavaScript.

    Using the language in a combination of HTML5 and CSS3, he will be able to create impeccable web applications that must be both efficient and bug-free.

    Moreover, JavaScript finds its use in several front-end aspects such as Callback, generators and redirection promises.

  5. Database skills

  6. Be it a website, mobile app or web app, strong in-depth knowledge of database is of utmost importance if a developer is to succeed in this coding storm.
    Any Node.JS web app will require a database connectivity to complete its functionality.

    Therefore, a reliable MEAN Stack developer should have ample knowledge of leading databases software as well as garner a basic knowledge of queries and relations.

    One should keep this in mind before opting for a MEAN Stack developers in India.

    In this respect knowledge of MongoDB is a must to enable bug-free and efficient development.

    MongoDB is the core database on which MEAN Stack operates. Therefore, the proficient hold of the same becomes highly crucial.

    Database Expert
  7. Freelance developments

  8. Your MEAN Stack web application can become highly economical if you choose to hire freelancers for your job.

    A significant number of online portals offer freelancers who are proficient and possess rich knowledge of MEAN Stack development.
    The stiff competition among freelancers in these portals aids you in finding the right man at a very cheap rate.

    So, register yourself as an employer in one of these freelancer forums and build your freelancer team.

  9. Developer’s experience

  10. Experience counts and this is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects to Hire Mean Stack Developers in India for your company.

    Companies with a proficient record and significant years of experience; will offer better service through its individuals as compared to others.

    Moreover, a track record and feedback analysis of the venture’s past work also emerges to be a crucial factor in deciding the right MEAN Stack Development company of your choice.

    One can trace out the qualities of previous work from online reviews of the company; as well as testimonials that are present on their websites.

    Experienced MEAN Stack developers use project management tools to develop project efficienty like Trello, Jira, Asna etc. for project management and versioning control tools like github and bitbucket to manage the code.

  11. Platform flexible developers

  12. Web apps developed using MEAN Stack must be and should be compatible with all major OS such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

    OS independence is a trivial factor today when designing a web app or any software for that matter.

    Accordingly, they should also be responsive in nature as well. In other words, web apps developed by your MEAN Stack developers should adhere to displays of all sizes and resolutions.

    With Google laying more focus on mobile sites for proper SEO; responsive OS independent websites are the need of this hour.

    So, make the right choice, ponder on the above points before you hire a MEAN Stack developers in India.

    Platform Flexible Developers

    While affordability and economy are vital, you should never compromise quality over quantity.

    So, develop highly efficient web apps and see your site rise to the top of Google rankings.

    The perfect company to Hire MEAN Stack Developers in India

    The team at Aglowid IT Solutions makes use of highly credible approaches in designing bug-free, and completely SEO friendly web apps for your venture. Our highly proficient developers make sure that you get the best and desired results for your company. So, Hire MEAN Stack Developers today by contacting us at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com.

Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

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