Cloud Computing Advantages – An Ideal Way to Soar your Business

It’s an era of internet and data where information contained only within your personal computers is least convenient. With the emergence of humongous networking via the internet, programs and software are not just contained within a single device, but can also be accessed anywhere through any device.

This is the scenario that can be solved by cloud computing.

Not Sure How? Let’s Check!

How Cloud Computing Advantages your Business:

One of the most crucial cloud computing advantages is that it is not restricted to any environment. Instead, all the data is saved within the cloud which, in turn, contains all sorts of services, applications and databases. Users can obtain cloud according to their business or personal requirements.

Convenience Cloud Computing offers:

Cloud computing advantages are numerous and hence, it is being profusely used in businesses. It enables one to start up a company and get it running on a large scale with minimal expenditure. This is especially useful for medium and small-scale enterprises that have restricted resources in IT. Even large-scale firms with complex requirements find it advantageous to use.

Reduction of cost

Businessmen these days prefer cloud computing advantages over buying costly equipment for their company. Cloud computing drastically reduces the maintenance and management cost of their IT systems. The service provider ensures all sorts of facilities which includes the following:

  • Curtailing the cost of getting new hardware and upgrading to newer versions of the software. This, however, depends on the contract that you share with the provider.
  • The cost is lessened since cloud computing minimizes the requirement of expert staffs.
  • The services are timely and ensure no time lag in the business.
  • Even the cost involved in energy consumption is reduced.

Agility in bandwidth

Cloud computing services especially benefit business with high growth curves. With increasing or fluctuating needs, one can increase or adjust the cloud capacity. The agility provides to businesses is notably advantageous for a good competitive market.

Restoration options

One of the essential pre-requisites of a business is to have a sturdy recovery system. It is quite a challenge for small companies since they have inadequacy in cash, manpower and intelligence. So, cloud computing is more popular among small businesses which enables them to have recovery solutions as well as back up of all data in the cloud.

Favorable to Environment

Transferring to the cloud is very good for the environment as well. Because of its impeccable flexibility, the users only use the required amount of energy they need. Thus, excessive energy is not lost in the process. This is presently considered a sustainable solution that has minimized the impact on the environment.

Anti-loss security

Loss of hardware, say a computer or a laptop, is an economic setback for a company but the primary concern remains with the sensitive data that are lost in the process. It is a potential threat to any company which is drastically downsized by cloud computing services. Since the data remains safely accumulated in the cloud, the data can never be lost and can be accessed from any machine, anytime. There are options to even remotely erase the data that are present in the lost device thus eradicating the chances of the information being put to wrong use.

Conflict control

With the increased size of business, the number of staffs, partners, etc. increase. This increases the need for document control. Usually, the employees send emails, files back and forth while they discuss on mails which results in conflicting contents, titles, formats, etc. It becomes quite messy to control these data precisely.

However, if the data is in the cloud, it remains centrally stored where everyone can have access to one universal version. This wider and singular visibility ensures an improved collaboration even though work continues in the chaos of separate time zones, geographical locations, etc. 

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Automatic upgrades

Another propitious aspect of cloud computing is that the companies don’t have the headache of servers and their maintenance. Everything is taken care of by the third-party provider. They perform all the security and timely software upgrades. This makes sure that the workers have undivided attention in the business works.

Newly released software and upgrades with latest and better functionality aid the employees to work better.One can notice more productivity in contrast to the businesses that purchase software and maybe upgrade it only once a year.

It is, therefore, one of the major benefits of cloud computing – easy to update!

Hardware reduction

Cloud computing is a subscription-based service that has a model which is agile and devoid of any expensive hardware. The suppliers maintain the entire system which eases the process of management and setting up. The number of servers and software are significantly reduced which impacts the improvement of the company.

Easier migration

On occasions of mergers and migrations, cloud concept accommodates quicker and more efficient change. In case of traditional methods, it usually takes years to migrate software applications and to deactivate data centers. However, this process becomes extremely easy with cloud computing.

Increased mobility

If a user has an internet connection, cloud computing ensures that he/she can work from any corner of the world. It is beneficial for employees since they get to balance their life and work at the same time. This, in turn, increases the productivity of the staffs as well.

Looking at these benefits of Cloud Computing, anyone can forecast the rise of cloud computing industry.

Let’s check some of the stats and forecast of cloud computing.

According to Forrester, the global public cloud market will be $178B in 2018, up from $146B last year, and is expected to continue at a 22% compound annual growth rate(CAGR).

While the survey by Statista in January 2018 says that, the current and planned usage of public cloud platform services running applications worldwide in 2018 is as follows

public cloud platform service vendors usage

According IDC predictions: “By 2020, 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software will be for cloud-based offerings.

So what you say? Are you planning to shift to cloud services?

Comment below your views on cloud computing advantages and services.

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