Full Stack Development Services to Satiate Your Web Development Needs

Looking to build your company’s digital presence? It’s time to opt for full stack development services to satiate your wishes!

Ok! Not Sure Why???

Let’s dive into details…

Why to Opt For Full Stack Development Services

Full stack development is the modern way to go for companies looking to build their website or application. A full stack developer is one who has an overall knowledge of all the web development stages and can see the entire project right from the initial stages to its completion on his own.

However, being a Full Stack Developer is quite tough thing to achieve. Getting expertise across all tier of technologies is a tough job to do. Further, these technologies are constantly in upgrading mode and hence its almost not impossible to keep upgraded with it.

Hence, instead of looking to hire full stack developer, companies also choose to use the services of a team.

A Full Stack Development Team consist of experts from various development technologies and an experienced one who can club all these experts.

Either way, there are certain key aspects to look for in a professional before hiring them for your web development services.


Before getting into the what of hiring, the first thing to know is that everyone has their own definition of who or what a full stack developer is. So, before all else, find out what kind of full stack development services your applicant claims to provide.

Essentially, there is but one requisite quality a full stack development company needs to possess. This includes having comprehensive knowledge of the entire web development architecture. Full stack development is nothing but knowing about the ‘full stack’ of technology used in web development.

Full Stack Development Services

Non-technical qualities you must look for in Full Stack Development Company:

We’ll get into the technical qualities in a bit. But before that, there are certain non-technical qualities that every developer worth his salt must possess.

So our suggestion is to make a call with your developer using Goto Meetings, Skype or Google Hangout so that you can check following things:

1. Is your developer interested to learn new things?

2. Is he/she open to new ideas, innovative methods and out the box ways of thinking?

3. Does he/she understand technologies other than slacks?

4. Is he/she aware of the latest trends in the world of web development?

5. Can he/she see the big picture and understand the ultimate aim of the customer?

If the answers to most of these questions are in the affirmative, consider moving ahead to the technical domain.

What to look for in Full Stack Development Services?

The first thing to note about job application resumes is that not all of them are going to be cent per cent accurate. And oftentimes, there’s no way to find out for sure. Therefore, it is important that you reduce the dependency on a resume as much as possible.

In fact, you could use the resume to only shortlist candidates of your choice.

Among useful indicators, check for amount of relevant experience in full stack development services. Consider the applicant’s contribution to the open source community and exposure to different technologies.

Some companies these days have completely done away with the process of looking at resumes. Instead, forums like Github are popular places to source young and passionate coders.

Technical skills of Full Stack Development Company:

Always remember that a full stack developer needs to be able to work with both the front end as well as the back end of the web application.

Back in the day, it was sufficient to know stack just encompassed MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). However, today, there is the need to know far more.

Considering that, check for some of the following technical skills when preparing to hire full stack developer:

Full Stack Development Technologies and Tools

Full Stack Development Technologies and Tools

Front End Development Technologies & Tools

  • Peripheral Technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, BootStrap, AJAX, JQuery
  • Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, Ember, BackBoneJS, PolymerJS

Backend Development Tech & Tools

  • Python, ROR, NodeJs

Database Tools

  • MY Sql
  • NO SQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Web Server Tools

  • Apache, Nginx
  • AWS, HEROKU, Hostgator, ISS

Other Frameworks and Technology and project Management Tools

  • MEAN.JS, Meteor
  • Redmine, Asana, Pivotal tracker, BaseCamp

Along with the proficiency in the above mentioned tools and technology an individual is capable of handling deployment and hosting efficiently, Version Control and familiar with third Party API

Make sure the developer has a fair idea about cloud services, networking and big data.

One more thing to add here, Experienced Full Stack developers use project management tools like Trello, Jira, Asna etc. for project management and versioning control tools like github and bitbucket to manage the code.

Wait Wait Wait…

That’s a lot of stuff for a developer to be expert in!!!

Isn’t it?

Well to be frank, it’s not necessary that a Full Stack developer must know all these technologies in very much detail. It might be possible that he/she had very little knowledge or experience for a particular tools or technology but an expert in another tools and technology. You should check and match your requirements by verifying it with the developer.

Assessment of technical expertise of Full Stack Developer:

The crunch moment of every application is the assessment window. This is the most important part of the entire process. Assessing each individual accurately on their level of technical knowledge will determine the quality of your eventual project.

Just make sure you don’t set up a generic algorithmic test. Rather, try to give the candidate a real-life problem, something similar to the eventual project. This will give you an idea of the candidate’s knowledge across all stacks.

Try taking help of a technical expert for this round, both for setting the problem and assessing the answer. The candidate should be scored for quick thinking, level of innovation and accuracy of the solution provided.

It will give you the chance to hire full stack developer who well and truly fits the bill.

What to look for during the interview of Full Stack Development Company?

Once you have a set of candidates to have cleared the technical round, choosing the right one(s) during the interview shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

During the interview, you can choose to throw the candidate off their guard by asking a slightly unexpected question. Challenge them with some real-life problems and check how they arrive at a solution. You mustn’t look for a specific right answer, but be open to following the candidate’s line of thought.

It will not only tell you about the candidate’s ability to deal with uncertainty but also their speed of thinking.

While most of what’s written so far is a more traditional or classical approach to hiring; you could also go for an alternate method.

An alternative solution:

To hire full stack developer is unlike recruiting for any other position. You are essentially entrusting someone with the entire bulk of your project.

Why not then just put out details of the problem / project and invite solutions? All you need to do then is choose the solution you like the best. A model like this could work when hiring full stack developers since this is a project-specific deal.

Of course, you’ll still need to check for the candidates’ level of skill just to be sure they’ll be able to pull off the solution they provide.

Even companies like Samsung and Facebook are hiring full stack developers. The times when a web developer could have niche knowledge of a specific domain are well and truly gone. These days, developers need to deal with a multitude of tools – and therefore, you must hire accordingly.

So, there you go. Make your pick from the various options at your disposal. Remember the focus, at all times, must be on the project the candidate is being hired for. Hence, whatever hiring test you devise must have a logical connection with it.

One stop solution for Full Stack Development Services

Aglowid IT Solutions, a top notch Full Stack Development Company offers top-class Full Stack development services for your business requirements, that too at standard rates. Success of our clients is what gives us grave satisfaction, and that is what we endeavor to achieve right from our inception. Contact US at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com to explore the exclusive services and a whole new realm of innovation and digitalization.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

NodeJS 8 to Develop Your Next Web Application

Every website in this world runs on two major factors – client and server. And when talking about Node JS, this factor becomes predominantly pronounced.

It is essentially a cross-platform, open source run-time environment that finds significant use in developing networking as well as server-side applications.

This make NodeJs, the most used Framework in 2017? Not convinced?

Check this stats published by Statista

Also Node JS 8, the latest iteration brings with it a horde of new features, which escalates server-side developments to a whole new level. It will also reflect why you should hire NodeJS developer for your next project.

NodeJS 8.0 Updates

Five NodeJS features and intricacies

The eighth iteration of NodeJS comes with a long-term support or LTS by the name of Carbon. In simple words, it will now assist WHATWG URL parser, async_hooks, JD Binding and zero filling buffers to name a few. So, it is now time to throw light on some of the new features that make NodeJS an ideal choice for server-side or network-based developments.

  1. Benefits of NodeJS-API
  2. Native add-ons are one of the vital aspects of development in a web application and N-API makes that possible. N-API renders itself free from underlying JavaScript; which prevents users from making unprecedented changes in the JavaScript engine.

    Contacting a NodeJS development company will also allow its developers to keep the ABI (Application Binary Interface) in a stable state. Now, native add-ons can function on variable NodeJS versions eliminating any need for re compilations. Microsoft’s Chakra-Core will also allow this addon to function against its backdrop with an API.

  3. The Async Hooks API
  4. The primary use of Async Hooks is to get a live update on working objects through structural tracing. Also known as AsyncWrap (former nomenclature) can also maneuver its loop functions. A couple of notable features include.

    • With this API, a developer can get continual local storage through one’s NPM package relating directly to the hub.
    • Independency of elimination of 3rd party library from having possession of a code’s control flow.


  5. Simpler Console Module
  6. The Console module updates now let you debug very easily just like the JavaScript console mechanism available in modern browsers. In previous versions, to perform the same task you had to initiate it with the built-in debugger, with the use of node debug index.js.

  7. WHATWG URL – the implementation
  8. Non-experimental API support is what WHATWG URL looks to achieve in NodeJS 8. To put it simply, it aligns with the API and URL implementation; makes it accessible through all major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

    Any NodeJS development company will also take into account, the functions and methods that line WHATWG URL. Working on the server side platform, it offers developers the chance to ponder on the main server implementations that come with WHATWG URL.

  9. Buffer Security enhancements
  10. Both the zero filling buffers and new buffer get security advancements from this new NodeJS 8. Unlike previous iterations, this version initializes default values of buffers to zero; thus protecting all sensitive information stored inside. This is one of the crucial factors to hire NodeJS developer so as to assimilate both buffers from multiple aspects.

    Buffer security turns out to be integral for networking as well. It blocks any possibilities of network breaches and hence acts as a security layer on top of other assimilations.

  11. Upgrades with Ignition and Turbo Fan
  12. NodeJS needed a new compiler/ interpreter duo. With almost three years of hardships, this came into existence through Ignition and TurboFan. While the latter finds use as an optimizing compiler, Ignition is predominantly a V8 interpreter. This will ensure you better results.

    The most significant benefit of TurboFan is that opts for memory optimization and enables NodeJS apps to develop quicker. Moreover, it is also helping in substantial JavaScript optimization. This has come to life after amending the crankshaft as well as a Full-code generator.

NodeJS 8 Features

Some more functionalities and features

Gone are the days, when NodeJS would collapse while trying to amend a console output to its underlying stream. Today, when you hire NodeJS developer for your server-side development, console process suppresses any such mishaps. It helps in securing the API as well.

Another major development that may intrigue you is the introduction of NPM 5. It comes as a default; users do not require creating NPM-shrinkwrap.json now, the process automatically develops package-lock.json. It also provides the liberty of selecting installable registries. NPM 5 now installs only selective registries and not all in one.

This new NodeJS 8 allows the buffer to work in a CI environment. So, NodeJS will now be able to send warnings or alerts when the buffer num has exhausted. It is the primary instigation step for any NodeJS development company.

Node JS 8 with its new features and amendments looks promising to developers. Its dynamic framework also allows efficient development of server side as well as networking web applications.

Read for More Details on: NodeJS 8 Release

About Aglowid IT Solutions

You can hire NodeJS developer from Aglowid IT Solutions, a rapidly emerging IT Solutions company. Renowned for their gen-next concepts and creativity, their team of experts is perfect for the job. By accepting the intricate updates of NodeJS 8, they can ensure that your server-side framework receives maximum scalability when online. So, what are you waiting for? Avail their service now at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Services and Benefits of a Reliable MEAN Stack Development Company in India

Looking to hire MEAN Stack Development Company in India?

Yes. We know how confusing it is to select a right one for your company!!!

With a prolonged experience in IT Development, We are willing to help you make your mind more clear about what is Mean Stack and which things you should check before you hire Mean Stack Development Agency or Freelancer.

‘Transition from cutting-edge curiosity to practical work horse’-is what many new-gen development technologies promises. But very few are able to live up to it and drive the challenge.

Of all the options which exist, one reliable option which occurs to most start-ups and enterprises is MEAN Stack Development. Perhaps this is what explains the cause why so many are hiring a MEAN Stack Development Company in India for their web and mobile app development operations.

If you are someone who has little know-hows about the rudiments of MEAN Stack as well as the benefits of hiring its service providers, then you have landed at the right blog.

Read on and enlighten yourself!

MEAN Stack Development Company in India

What did top companies mean by MEAN Stack Development Services?

Simply putting it, MEAN is a horde of JavaScript Technologies which makes way for effective and countable web and mobile applications. It’s an accumulation of 4 popular web development frameworks!

Lets hop into details.

High-end companies include in their MEAN services-


A NOSQL database, this framework makes use of JSON documents for proper representation of data.

There is no existence of SQL database and choosing MongoDB means you are maintaining consistency by using just a single language for the entire process.


Primarily an HTTP server for developing web applications, it presents users essential modules and components to function on a common web task.

Providing you with a simple interface, it gives you the liberty to carry out end point requests and also handle your cookies.

Plus, it also enables easy REST routes, handles HTTP headers and supports Connect middleware with its plug-in sync functions for managing reactions and requests.


It’s a top-notch framework for developing intricate client-oriented apps using a data binding user-interface and modular code. It also serves utility when creating single page apps with MVC architecture.


This is also an open source cross-platform put to use for developing durable and web applications.

Prior to execution, it compiles javascript to its built-in machine code and also supports intuitive JavaScript libraries and modules making it highly supportive for easy and real-time applications.

Hopefully, now you have a fair idea of what is MEAN Stack. Now let’s move over to the pros of hiring a good MEAN service provider. Keep on reading…!

Benefits of Hiring MEAN Stack Development Company in India

Upscale companies will surely include all these aforementioned web development frameworks as their primary MEAN services.

But along with that, they will also present some perks such as-

1. Cloud Compatibility

Top notch MEAN service providers ensure adequate cloud compatibility. And they do that through their optimal MongoDB functionality.

Their highly skillful technicians implement M of MEAN and spread it across the client-server cluster offering ample failure support and auto replication.

Cloud Compatibility

2. Codes isomorphic in nature

A MEAN Stack Development Company gives you flexible MEAN-oriented apps. You will find coding very easy as they make use of similar JavaScript for the app.

If anything, top companies send out only one of their technicians to manage your complete project. Whether it’s moving from NodeJS to AngularJS, their technician will be able to manage it without headaches.

3. Apps supportive of MVC architecture

With the use of MEAN Stack framework, these experts develop applications with faster loading time.

They do this with the use of Model-View Controller architecture and integrate it within your app with the JavaScript framework.

4. Usage of high-end tools and technology

Another great benefit of hiring a MEAN Stack development company in India is they bring into their development process, the latest industry-specific tools and technology apart from MEAN JS and Meteor. Some of the other high-end software which they bring into usage includes-

  • Apache, Ruby, and MySQL- for back-end operations
  • HTML5, Ajax, XML, CSS3 and JSON – to carry out front-end tasks
  • And UI, UX, and Photoshop for performing upscale designing

However, that’s not all. Top-class MEAN Stack development Company in India also present:

  • Adequate protection to all your important data
  • They ensure prompt and continuous communication all the time
  • Optimal quality and security of products with flexibility in hiring models
  • And daily reporting via written or oral interaction for your robust web and mobile app development

MEAN Stack vs LAMP Stack

This is a common subject which has been a subject of debate for a long time now! And though both MEAN and LAMP is had its individual high-points, in a recent survey it was found MEAN to be winning slightly in this popularity contest.


Does it mean an end to LAMP? Obviously not! It is still high in popularity in the web development circuitry. But in comparison MEAN in many ways proves to be an apt option for numerous start-ups businesses and enterprises.

Why use MEAN Stack?

Experts state that MEAN outweighs LAMP simply by the fact that its JAVAScript code is reusable by various servers as well as end-users.

Employing such JavaScripts for back as well as front end makes life very easy extremely easy to swap and switch between them. The entire workflow homogenizer giving developers the liberty to function on apps as a whole.

It is a fact that changing from PHP to Python and then utilizing HTML and JavaScripts is very daunting.

Most developers have a soft corner towards JavaScripts, and henceforth they recommend MEAN Stacks as a more effective option to go with.

They also add choosing MEAN over LAMP allowing the advantage of speedy data retrievals and flexibility in arrangements.

MEAN Stack does more meaningful stuff for your Business!

After going through all this, it is safe to declare that MEAN is more adequate option for you. So without thinking too much of its variable options, simply look up online and find out a reliable MEAN Stack service companies for your business.

To know the best names, you can check out online reviews and make your own shortlist.

  • Once you have the 5 best options, conduct manual scrutiny by paying their website visitations and checking out their services.
  • Also, eyeball their years of experience in MEAN Stack development operations and the number of clients they have served over their servitude. Experienced MEAN Stack developers use project management tools like Trello, Jira, Asna etc. for project management and versioning control tools like github and bitbucket to manage the code.
  • For more closure, you can use their contact details and have a word with their representative, lay down your app requirements and affirm if they are competent enough to help you out. So we suggest you to have a call with your developer using Goto Meetings, Skype or Google Hangout so that you can test their communication as well as technical skills.

Options concerning a MEAN Stack development company in India are available in plenty. So you will not find scarcity of options. Simply make use of these choosing tips and hire one immediately.

Simply make use of these choosing tips and hire one immediately.

Aglowid IT Solutions – Top MEAN Stack Development Company in India

Aglowid IT Solutions is a top digital IT company known for a vast array of next-gen development services. It is also one of the leading MEAN Stack Development Company in India. Ever since its inception in 2011, they have given high priority to quality in offering their services. To know more about their MEAN stack solutions have a word with their experts at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com!

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Why Use NodeJS 8 | A new stepping stone in NodeJS development

Every web page consists of two parts – server-side development and client-side development.

The server manages intricacies of database and web server while the client-side manages web page dynamics and works mainly on the front end of the software or website.

NodeJS development is one such server-side approach that allows developers to develop a web server using this open source platform.

Moreover, With NodeJS 8 released in the market, server-side development has received a new dimension.

why use nodejs

Why Use NodeJS 8

NodeJS is a cross-platform open-source environment that finds use in the development of web servers using JavaScript.

Although JavaScript is mainly preferred for client-side coding, NodeJS combines JS with HTML to create dynamic web pages and enables efficient content management.

The new NodeJS 8 comes with Longer term Support focusing large user base who require a stable and secure platform with the codename “Carbon”. The 8.0 supports long term support (LTS) and the end of life will be remain upto December 2019

However, if you wish to hire NodeJS developer for NodeJs Development, it is important to take a look at its important features.

Features of Node JS 8

  1. Licensing
  2. NodeJS 8 is pertinent to the MIT license which accounts for its credibility and trustability.

  3. Fast response
  4. NodeJS 8 delivers itself on Java Script’s Chrome V8 engine making it extremely fast and nimble.

    These allow efficient NodeJS development and ensure lag-free software and web pages.

    Node.Js 8 is up to 20% faster than its predecessor Node.js 6

  5. Drives on events
  6. NodeJS uses non-blocking or asynchronous mode of APIs.

    In other words, an API does not affect the return rate (number of APIs returning per minute) of a NodeJS server.

    Once, an API call is successful, the server moves to the next API via a notification mechanism.

    This mechanism also helps its server to receive via response call from the previous API.

  7. High scalability
  8. Event looping is the generous mechanism that NodeJS 8 opts for.

    It runs on a single thread model. By scalable, it means that the server of NodeJS responds through a non-blocking manner that accounts for a highly scalable web page or software.

Who can hire NodeJS developer?

Be it an eCommerce venture or a payment gateway; every site can opt for NodeJS server-side developments.

The main reason is its reliability and fast processing speed.

A payment gateway or an eCommerce website will always want to have a fast and reliable server-side application.

Server delays are disadvantageous and can lead to loss of potential customers.

Therefore, NodeJS finds a variety of use.

Reason to opt for NodeJS development

NodeJS finds its main use in developing custom website development.

There is a plethora of reasons to opt for NodeJS, some of them are:-

  • Rapid development
  • Everyone needs a fast development procedure.

    NodeJS provides a quickly scalable web development procedure by the use of an event loop.

    This reduced the requirement of including new threads thereby reducing complexities.

  • Data sync
  • Since, NodeJS allows users to script code both on the client as well as the server side, therefore, it facilitates the rapid transfer of data between the client and server.

  • Effective sharing
  • This platform allows sharing of library code packages.

    Therefore, developers can resolve any crunch situations efficiently without rendering any complexities.

Why choose For NodeJS Development

The Node.js Team also released Node.js 9.0.0 for developers who are keen to testing and experimentation. With a focus on testing a new features and updates NodeJs 9.0 is not at all recommended for any one who need a stable platform.

To opt for a reliable NodeJS development service, contact Aglowid It Solutions. Write them at sales@aglowiditsolutions.com and get yourself the best server side web apps for your website. Their expert team has the experience of more than 5 years and will cater to the basic of your needs. So, exploit the benefits of NodeJS 8 by signing up with Aglowid IT solutions.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

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