Mobile App Development – A Crucial Aspect to Business Growth

The last decade has seen a significant switch from the use of a desktop computer to the overuse of mobile devices.

According to statscounter Mobile internet users has already surpassed desktop internet users since the end of year 2016.

The implication has been such that even Google was compelled to change its way of ranking sites(Mobile First Indexing) this year.

So, if you are a business owner looking for a venture into the online world with a website, then a mobile app and a mobile site seems to be the next big thing you cant ignore.

This also highlights the causes to opt for mobile app development in this current time.

Mobile App Development Company in India

Benefits of Mobile App Development

  1. Faster than Websites
  2. Perhaps, this is one of the most important reasons why one should opt for mobile app development. With the advent of smartphones, scrolling the web browser has come down to the comfort of one’s hand.

    However, Mobile apps Provides much faster user experience as compared to the mobile browser. The entire process of web browsing (starting from opening web browser, entering an URL and then waiting to load the desired page) will be shrink to only one click and within a fraction of a second you can start your work.

    Moreover, you can also perform some particular task even on offline mode which is not possible on web browser.

  3. Apps can make the deal
  4. Smartphones are nothing without their apps. In fact, from paying your gas bills to transferring money in your bank account; apps act as the linchpin in all respects. This is also evident in major ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal which are providing their own Apple and Android compatible apps.

    Hence, to extend the service of your online venture to the global mass, an app is inevitable. Your loyal, as well as potential customers, will simply download it on their smartphones. There on, they will be able to access your services from the apps conveniently.

  5. Enhanced visibility
  6. Mobile app development enhances service visibility. According to comScore, More than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets are spent in apps.

    Since apps remain installed in smartphones; therefore users have a tendency to scroll it multiple times in a day. The number of times a person scrolls through or even opens your app; the greater becomes its visibility in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    So, more users download the app thus escalating your venture’s conversion rates.

  7. Keep your customers alert
  8. A great way to attract new customers, as well as existing ones, is through periodic notifications. And what can be better than smartphones or tablets!

    Offering a new discount on your products or organizing a sale day? Let your customers know through direct notifications on their devices.

    You can even announce the sale of a new product or a new service and make its app exclusive.

    In simple words, apps prove to be a crucial way of taking your service to the global market.

  9. SEO and mobile app development
  10. Search Engine Optimization is the base on which a website, web page or mobile app stands.

    It decides the ranking of a page in Google’s search results as well as its trust as a useful and genuine site. In this respect, mobile sites and apps play a significant role.

    Google acknowledges a company’s mobile site first before moving on to its desktop counterpart. Therefore, usage of SEO friendly URL, proper integration of keywords and optimization of images become some trivial aspects of the process.

    Good SEO results in proper SERP ratings, thereby improving a site’s rankings.

  11. Brand Recognition
  12. Apps or mobile sites give your venture a brand value and recognition. It acts as an emblem of identification for users of your service.

    Infographics play a huge role here as an app’s icon often becomes the visual trigger that causes users to download your service.

    This is known as effective frequency and is one of the most useful tools that you can avail to promote your products and services.

  13. Customer Loyalty
  14. The idea of mobile app development works well in clinging on to your loyal customers.

    You can do this by providing attractive offers and privileges, exclusive only to loyal and regular customers. Moreover, you can even ask them for references and treat them with a gift voucher or something similar.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Further more there are many other indirect advantages of Mobile Apps we’ll discuss it later.

Still not satisfied?

wait – there’s more!!! Let’s get to an advanced level.

With the advancements of technologies, there are many devices and services you can connect to your mobile apps – boosting your mobile app experience to a new horizon.

Lets discuss it in details

Latest Technology Trends to enhance your Mobile App Experience

  1. IoT is the Future
  2. Internet of Things – where everything is connected to everything. Although everything is a long way to go even with the latest tech which can connect devices via automation, including humans into this thing is yet to come. But that’s not the point.

    Mobile app development is a perfect example of IoT. The simple fact that a mobile device-based application can host your product and allow consumers to buy it, is IoT.

    Consumers are directly connected to the provider, i.e. you, via software on a computing device. The only aspect where any physical interchange occurs is where the consumer gets the product in hand. Teleportation is a long way off, but try imagining this 20 years back and you’ll get the point.

    Technology has advanced beyond the presently imaginable future.

    IOT - Internet of Things

  3. VPA or VCA (Virtual Customer Assistance) for mobile app development:
  4. Run-of-the-mill mobile applications come with options.

    What if your mobile app integrates a set of functions to answer for every possible pre-requisite which the consumer might face?

    VCA is just that. Mobile apps can integrate voice commands, but instead of going that further, the interface might come with added rich UI options.

    This is can easily make your mobile app stand out. And if you’re thinking that this is going to be too huge for your budget, well, think again as it’s already out there.

    Be the first in your industry sector to integrate VCA into your mobile application.

    Virtual Customer Assistance

  5. Cloud-First Strategies:
  6. Web development comes with numerous added requirements which can add to your costs.

    This is especially if you have a website which needs to handle multiple net connections, i.e. work as a server.

    A higher number of viewers might lead to investing in a server. But not with cloud-first strategy.

    Instead of hosting information on a server, you can use Cloud storage options with private access at a comparatively lower budget. Added accessibility comes for free.

    Cloud First Approach


And there’s loads more trending tech relating to mobile app development to talk about. But these are the best ones to start things up for you.

Don’t just host your business online, take it straight into the future with the tech trends.

So what you say?

Looking for a Mobile App Development Company to build Mobile App for your business?

Steps to outsource your requirements to a Mobile App Development Company

Steps to Outsource Mobile App Development

  1. Getting what you want
  2. You can give your whole future app project to a development and designing company. But, if you do that, you’ll more often than not be outside the loop of it all.

    This is not to say that you will have to accept whatever they give back to you, there will obviously be multiple changes to be added later on.

    Such companies will keep you in the loop at every stage and you do get what you want.

  3. Marketing Strategies based on your idea
  4. You’re the entrepreneur; it’s your idea which will transform into a mobile-based application format with the best possible functions and add-ons.

    The basic motto of a mobile app development company ought to be just this.

    It’s your marketing strategy and product ideology which has to be programmed into a format which consumers can access, navigate and browse. Period.

  5. Testing for errors on a tight budget
  6. You’re obviously going for a complete web-format (FYI – Mobile applications are simply applications based on and functioning as mobile formats) instead of just a web page.

    So what you’re looking for is a web application. And web applications often have back-end procedural loopholes.

    Even if you have a complete project developed by a mobile app development company, you may employ a freelancer on the project to reduce back-end and software procedural loopholes which might hamper consumer usability. (Freelancers will not put a hole in your budget.)

  7. Avoiding jack-of-all-trades
  8. This is something you should always keep in mind; this applies to everything related to online marketing.

    To be plain about, online marketing comes with a huge periphery of pre-requisites variables.

    So, it’s always better to refer to specialists. Outsourcing to an offshore mobile app development company will help as their teams consist of strategists other than just developers.

  9. Consumerism as per the target audience
  10. To outsource means that you’re getting your mobile app developed on a global scale.

    Even if a provider near is an internationally renowned name, localization of details is something which you cannot avoid (Human Nature).

    Outsourcing means that your app will be developed on an international scale, keeping with global trends. And you’re moreover liable to get the best services.

Why opt for Aglowid IT Solutions?

The above factors clearly demonstrate how mobile website or app development is becoming crucial for your business growth. If you are looking for similar services, Aglowid IT Solutions can be the best professionals with years of experience in this domain. Contact them at for detailed information. With a team of proficient experts, they will provide you with the best mobile app development service, exactly as your business needs.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Best tips to understand before developing your first Android app development venture!

Well, Android is a household term now. With numerous applications already existing in the market, coming up with a really innovative Android app development venture is a big challenge today.

The point is ‘Android is Everywhere’ – starting from your tablets and smartphone to your car, living room, and even your wrist watch. I’m sure you have noticed!

The market having so many big players, coming up with a successful app needs some extra proficiency and skill.

Let me guess: Are you developing the first Android app for your company?

Well then, I would love to share some tips to understand before you get started with this new venture.

develop first android app

Best tips to know before starting Android App Development – Develop First Android App

  1. Languages required to develop android app
  2. There are mainly two languages used in developing an application for Android – one is Java, and the other is Android.

    Java – It is the language that is used in Android. Guess what; there is no other shortcut, but one has to have in-depth knowledge of this programming language to develop an app.

    Android – This part includes learning concepts of this platform, XML to design and using those concepts while using Java.

    One thing I must say; learning how to connect Java and XML using the principles of Android is another major factor that a proficient developer must know.

    android + java

  3. Focus on business objectives
  4. I firmly believe, you have an objective of building the app, isn’t it?

    No matter what the purpose is or what is the type of your business; clearly defining your objective and executing it in the app is highly essential.

    Evaluate the market requirements and existing trends in the industry to develop a successful app for Android platform.

  5. App store optimization methods (ASO) – The Marketing Concepts
  6. The fact is, it is incredibly easy to get lost in the sea of apps in the app store.

    And this is one major challenge faced by an android app developer.

    So, what will you do to generate more organic users?

    Spend your efforts on app store optimization techniques.

    Yes! All those things you consider to be minor like company logo, app name, screenshots or description have a significant impact on turning users into potential customers.

    These aspects require a high level of attention from professionals.

    App Store Optimization - ASO

  7. It requires time
  8. What I mean to say is, don’t expect to develop the app and get the results overnight.

    This whole process that will ultimately boost your business is a time-consuming one, especially when it’s your first venture.

    Have realistic expectations and strategize with your android app developer for fruitful results.

Okay! Let me tell you; these are just a few points you should understand before beginning to develop first Android app, but there are others as well.

What you can do is hire a reputed Android app development company where professionals are adept in this field.

Looking for an app development company to develop first Android App?

Aglowid IT Solutions has been in this IT industry for quite many years now.

With their expertise, they can come up with the most innovative Android app that will take your business to the heights of success.

Best part is you can even hire Android app developer who will specifically work for your company to offer personalized and customized high performing solutions.

According to Statista, In the first quarter of 2017, 86.1 percent of all smartphones sold to end users were phones with the Android operating system.

Need to know more details? Feel free to contact Aglowid IT Solutions at

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Why should You use Ionic Framework?

Well, if you ask – what is the next big thing in the world of mobility, I would say, wearable apps. No! This isn’t my personal view, but latest trends are speaking so. However, with those wearable devices already being prominent in the market, there has been a significant lack of proper applications. Are you too looking for the perfect framework to develop such apps? You can consider ionic app development for best solution!

Wearable apps are those which run directly and efficiently on wearables, besides letting you access low-level hardware, services and activities on those very devices. Let me add, you need an upgraded SDK for this purpose.

Well, life is moving at such a fast pace that people want every convenience on the go – compact and efficient. So, developing an app that can match up to this requirement is quite a tricky job. I am not discouraging you. Rather, the only way you can ensure this is by choosing the right framework for wearables with best hybrid app development company.

why use ionic

First things first; are you wondering –

Why use ionic framework for app development?

Don’t you want your application to run efficiently on wearable devices? If so, it is mainly important to develop it on a perfect framework.

Coming to ionic, in this framework, a combination of the three strong programming languages – HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can be used. This will further let you have the finest UI (User Interface) for target group. Basically it is an open source software development toolkit, used to develop hybrid apps.

Let me give you some reasons to choose ionic framework:

1. It’s easy to navigate across platforms of wearable devices
2. This framework is completely free. Give it a try!
3. Customize the app with The menus, themes, buttons and many other features
4. While open source is usually known to be instable, ionic framework is just the opposite. It’s highly stable.

Hope you are convinced with importance of ionic app development framework? Well, moving on to the next part – you, now, need to get hold of the right professionals for the job.

How would you choose the best wearable app development company?

I am sure, the following questions will help you hire the best developers. But before that; a company that develops hybrid applications for wearables can be the best professionals.

  • Do they help you conceptualize?

With their expertise, the best hybrid app development company will always help you conceptualize your idea and give it the perfect design to appeal your users.

  • Do they develop customized applications?

Before you choose a company, be very sure that they develop customized application to run on different wearable devices. Experienced developers are also capable of designing apps to run on advanced wearable gadgets.

  • Are they concerned about your business?

Try to get a positive answer to this query. The trustable companies would always develop state-of-the-art applications for wearable devices that would ultimately bring productive gains for your business.

I hope this helps! Knowing the importance of ionic framework, you can easily find the best hybrid app development company to design custom applications for wearable devices.

In case you are looking for a reputable company, Aglowid IT Solutions would come up with the best product. As a one-stop solution, from 2 days trial offer to 24/7 support, their highly specialized team, capable of developing most unique wearable apps, would offer top quality service. You can contact them .

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Hybrid vs Native App Development. The age long battle with one clear winner!

If your app is asking for GPS access, is letting you swipe and even allowing pinch out zoom, you have certainly downloaded a native app.

However, another app allows these very same features but lags behind a bit on performance; you might have landed yourself with a hybrid app.

The war of Hybrid vs. Native App Development started when phones started losing its keys and are very much still on.

All this debate ultimately ends with performance, and one stands out as a clear winner.

hybrid vs nativ

For those behind in time

It’s okay if everything seems Hungarian to you till now.

Let’s break down the technicalities and then go on to compare them (and find out the winner).

  • Native Apps
  • These are platform based.

    Simply speaking, these apps are designed specifically to run on either Android or iOS and simply die when installing on the other.

    Xcode and Objective-C are used for iOS apps while Eclipse and Java are for Android.

    The whole package is downloaded and installed on your phone and can run independently without a net connection.

    A perfect example would be your camera or gaming apps.

  • Hybrid Apps
  • These combine the good points of HTML5 apps and native apps. HTML5 apps are platform independent and run a single code for all OS.

    What Hybrid does is, writes the code in HTML5 code and encapsulates it in native code.

    Facebook and Instagram are typical examples. One app for all and most data downloaded from the net.

    Hybrid sounds better already? Why not?

    Any company or institution with their sights set on launching an app will definitely want it to be hybrid. It’s like paying your programmer once for writing one code and something extra for native encapsulation.

    But here is the catch! Things are not what they seem like.

Native Vs Hybrid Apps

Hybrid vs Native App – which one then?

Take your phone’s gallery you just downloaded. How good does that look?

All folders in the form of tiles, pinch, and zoom, swivel features, all included. These you get in a native app. Access to your phone’s built-in features is easy and fast.

These apps provide multi-touch and fluid animation along with fantastic graphics API. These are easy to use, and the response is lightning speed.

On the other hand, can you pinch and zoom in on Instagram?

It runs fine enough and can access your camera or gallery, but the experience is nothing like that of a native up.

If your net speed falls, Instagram’s performance will fall to a similar extent. But the thing is, Instagram does not need an introduction anymore but your new app will.

People are used to swiping and swiveling, and one-touch features and running this slow will definitely not do any good to user experience.

And a slow running app is a big turn off. Native apps are clearly ahead.

If your company can afford the time to develop two separate apps for two different platforms, surely it’s better to go for native ones.

However, if you are in some sort of time-crunch, hybrid apps should then be considered.

Here are some dynamic hybrid apps examples with great Performance:

No matter what you choose – Hybrid vs Native, keep in mind that user experience must be the highest priority. Also consult an experienced Mobile app development company what suits your mobile app best.

For more details? Feel free to contact Aglowid IT Solutions at

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

Features of Ionic Framework – Reason To Build your Next Mobile App

It all comes down to the feel and look when you sit down to create a mobile application.

As a developer, you are certainly aware of the perks of hybrid apps but still, tend to shift to native coding for that feel factor.

Don’t You?

Come on! Nobody wants to see an Android looking app in their new iPhone 7. This is why you sit down and slog creating 3 different codes for 3 separate platforms.

Gone are the days when you had to toil hard, because Ionic framework has just made life easy.

Features of Ionic Framework

This SDK uses similar codebase for all 3 platforms. So, whenever you develop an app and want to test it, a few changes here and there will suffice to your needs.

That’s the main reason to opt for Ionic framework for building your next mobile app.

If it’s not convincing enough, here are few more reasons to choose Ionic framework.

Let’s get into detail…

Features of Ionic Framework

Features of Ionic Framework

  1. Completely Free of Cost
  2. Yes, you read right. Ionic framework does not charge you a single penny.

    The whole process of developing, then testing and marketing will nearly cost you approximately $1,000 with others.

    With Ionic, you don’t have to wait to save up that money and then start developing.

  3. It’s Open Source
  4. With no instability issues.

    The people in Ionic’s management take pride of their open source feature and guarantee a complete stability to mobile apps built on this.

  5. The Base is Angular
  6. Perhaps the most prevalent framework in the world of mobile and web application development.

    Its data-binding and extension to HTML’s syntax are really advantageous to developers.

    Plus, if you are new to Angular coding, you can quickly learn all about it using Ionic.

  7. And then comes the Cordova based Plugins
  8. If the last point impressed you, this would make you sit up.

    Simple JavaScript is used to create this plugin.

    Access the mobile’s camera, GPS and all other stuff by writing and adding few simple codes.

  9. The Feel-Factor is Native-Like
  10. Just apply Ionic derivative and UI elements, and the rest is taken care of.

    When you launch these apps on separate platforms, themes are automatically changed, and maintaining that native feel.

    Another of the best reasons to choose Ionic framework.

  11. Reload to Browser is Live
  12. With native apps, if you make a change in your code, you have to reload it every single time.

    In the process, you lose too much time and money.

    Ionic framework gets rid of this. With live reload, every change is automatically loaded on the server and reflected on the browser/emulator.

  13. A Big Community at your disposal
  14. Blogs, forums, YouTube channels and many for, dedicated to talking and discuss Ionic Application Development for your next mobile app.

    Every programmer needs help at some point in time, and this community is huge to provide that.

    Even the founders pitch in to provide their support and expertise.

According to Builtwith Reports: There are 79,195 live websites using Ionic.
And of course, it is high on performance and response. Days are gone when you term hybrid apps as slow-performing and start slogging over native apps. Let these reasons to choose Ionic framework be your motivation for building your next app.

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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a CEO and Founder of Aglowid IT Solutions, an ever-emerging Top Web and Mobile Development company with a motto of turning clients into successful businesses. He believes that Client's success is company's success and so that he always makes sure that Aglowid helps their client's business to reach to its true potential with the help of his best team with the standard development process he set up for the company.

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