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If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start a business in 2018, then the need of a dynamic website must have been one of the first few thoughts to cross your mind.

However, With smartphones becoming the primary medium of web surfing and Google started focusing on mobile sites, your website need to be complete responsive mobile friendly. But more importantly it must be speedy.

Now getting a dynamic content from server consume a frequent amount of time depends upon the technologies used for your website or an app.

Hence in-order to get the ultra light super speed website, one must use a latest ultra fast back-end that delivers content within fraction of second.

In this context, the name Ruby on Rails has made considerable advancement as one of the best open source development interface.

Ruby on Rails? How?

Lets start with some brief of RoR – Ruby on Rails

Discovering Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source server-side web development platform that employs the Ruby programming language as its foundation. Following the MVC (Model View Controller) architectural pattern, it’s a versatile framework for crafting web pages. While we’re on the subject of Ruby on Rails, it’s worth mentioning some of the top Ruby on Rails gems that have significantly contributed to the landscape of web application development. These gems offer specialized functionalities and solutions that enhance the development process and extend the capabilities of your applications.

XML or JSON acts as the general web standards in Rails and employs a combination of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as the primary designing tools.

A few positive mentionable features:

  • Ease of learning and use from Python
  • The concept of pragmatism inspired by Pearl
  • Conceptual elegance from Smalltalk.

However, to exploit the benefits of Rails, you will need the expertise of eminent programmers, and this is where reliable Ruby on Rails development services comes into play.

As your website content such as blogs, news and articles won’t manage themselves on their own. Regular updating is essential for proper visibility of your website.

This is why you need to hire Ruby on Rails developer for the regular structuring of your website.

There is one more better option.

You can select an open source CMS – Content Management System for Ruby on Rails that will easy your task and lower your dependencies on a developer.

Let’s take a look on few of the best Open Source Ruby on Rails CMS.

Best Ruby on Rails CMS for Websites

The CMS or Content Management System in Rails is user-friendly to be specific.

It skips the complexities of intense coding and allows you to manage and update your website with minimum effort.

To make this process feasible, it provides a horde of Content Management tools.

However, twitching your website to SEO perfection often requires the need for an expert; hence the need to hire Ruby on Rails developer arise.

Mentioned below are some of the well-known CMS tools that you may employ as per needs.

Locomotive CMS

The primary purpose of Locomotive is to create blogs.

It is the solitary hosted solution from all other CMSs, and developers consider it to be one of the best “blog engines” looming the market.

To access the admin and make changes in the locomotive, you will need to make use of a CLI called Wagon.

It supports HTML and CSS as the coding languages and aids to create efficient blogs.

  • Mango DB
  • Ruby on Rails 4.2
  • Image Magick
  • Wagon CLI
Locomotive CMS

Refinery CMS

This is perhaps the best content manager currently, and most Ruby on Rails development services make use of this platform.Refinery finds its main use in the development of ecommerce websites.

It includes a plethora of functionalities including image editors, contact forms, galleries as well as calendars.

  • Ruby on Rails 5.0.
  • JQuery and SQL Database.
  • Dragon fly for editing purposes.
Refinery CMS

Camaleon CMS

It is one of the cleanest and easiest to use content management services.Cameleon enables you to publish and edit a blog with a seamless admin panel.

When you hire Ruby on Rails developer, you are sure to get ample positive feedbacks for your choice of Cameleon CMS.

Camaleon CMS

These are the three Best Ruby on Rails CMS. You can select any one of them as per your need and go for your business website.

Summing Up

Therefore, to develop a competent and SEO friendly website, you need to avail the benedictions of Ruby on Rails development services such as Aglowid IT Solutions. Their competent experts will ensure using the best Content Management System and provide you with a perfectly competent website. To avail, their services contact them at [email protected].

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