Magento Development Provides the Open Source Best eCommerce Platform

On a fine Sunday morning, David finally decides to build his into own eCommerce business.

The idea of this business and the budget required is ready in front of him as he is planning for it since long time.

His only missing link is the website itself. As a result, his hunt for the best eCommerce platform begins without a clue or direction.

If your story is similar to David’s, then Magento Development is your way to go.

Best eCommerce Platform

What is Magento? – Why it is considered as the best eCommerce Platform

To put in simply, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that allows merchants and business owners to modify the content, design, and feel of a website as per their needs.

Experts say, it is one of the best e-commerce platforms available in today’s world and provides powerful tools for search engine optimization, marketing, and catalog management.

Magento development is exclusively for those who are not well versed with the terms of website designing. However, one still requires expert advice on certain situations and customization.

For example, a client may want to view his products in groups of 5, 20 or 50.

Another person needs to add a horde of new products to his database.

These situations call for professionals and their expert guidance in Magento store maintenance as well as up gradation.

Upgradation & Maintenance is the key to success in this e-commerce world. You need to update your site on a regular basis if its ranking and prestige are to be kept intact.

Why go for Magento Store Maintenance

Any seasoned marketer will agree that one needs to redesign his website periodically and update it with the latest products to retain his loyal customers and attract new potential ones.

However, a deeper insight provides a number of reasons that make store maintenance a necessary task:-

  1. Digital economy:

  2. It is the decade of digitization and eCommerce websites are its biggest examples.

    Since all payments nowadays are made via cards or e-wallets, it is crucial that your website never goes offline.

    A failure in transaction or order placement hampers the loyalty of your customers.

    If your online store is facing any such problems, then you may need to contact experts for Magento store maintenance.

  3. Organic traffic:

  4. Site traffic has always been a crucial factor deciding the ranking of a website.

    If your site gets 500 or 1000 clicks per minute, then you would never want your Magento based eCommerce site to display a link failure.

    A few minutes link failure and you loose your 1000 prospective customer. A negative effect appeared in their mind which results that they will never return to your site again.

    Additionally, this loss of a few 1000 clicks can surely impact your overall SEO and your organic ranking will definitely dive to lower ranking.

    Server Error
  5. Privacy and Protection:

  6. Magento development being such a reliable open source platform, offers great privacy & protection tools.

    However, prevention is better than cure, and you would prefer to provide your security system regular updates.

    This is exclusively possible with Magento store maintenance.

    privacy & security
  7. Efficiency:

  8. Nobody likes a site that loads slowly.

    It increases bounce rate, and your potential customers may not come back to your site.

    Optimal loading time for a site is between 2-3 seconds.

    As per Akamai, 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

    If your website is taking a considerable time to load, it’s time for you to call the Magento maintenance team.

    Website Speed

To conclude:-

Magento maintenance costs range between $35 per hour to $60 per hour.

However, the exact prices are company specific. Magento development proves to be a highly useful platform owing to its open source features.

Therefore, without delay get hold of this mobile friendly eCommerce platform and give your website a visual appearance.

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