Benefits of Remote Development Over In-house Web Developers – The Profit Story

Are you planning to launch a new business? Then we are pretty much sure that the thought of a website will cross your mind. In 2021, a business venture without a website is like a book without its cover.

Isn’t it?

But, website developers come at a cost and hiring full time or in-house developers can burn a hole in your pocket.

This is where a Remote Development come into existence.

Benefits of Remote Development

Who is a Remote Website Developer?

Remote developers are the ones who either work as individual freelancers, salaried remote employees or a dedicated development team.

They usually work from a location of their convenience. People hire remote developers because they are cost-efficient and get your work done within the stipulated time.

But, before you get to a conclusion, Let’s get a greater insight on each of them. This might help you:-


You may prefer freelancers to be the most convenient remote developer option. But on the contrary, one may run a risk of receiving inferior quality and inefficient products.

Salaried remote employees

Comparatively a much more preferable option. You can hire remote developers on a salaried basis from any IT-related job search relevant to your project.

As you will have every control over his workings, payments are considerably higher and almost similar to an in-house employee.

Outsourcing company

Perhaps, the best option that you can have. An outsourcing company can aid in this process.

They will provide you with number of qualified and verified CV’s, conduct interviews and help you choose the best candidates for your job.

Moreover, such company will be responsible for its employees in case of any mishap or mismanagement.

The End Result is – You can enjoy the best services without carrying the burden of HR responsibilities like hiring and employee management.

Wait Wait – Its not Over yet!

Now, you have come to terms with the best options to hire a remote website developer. But, as a wise businessman, you must first get to know the benefits of remote development. Some such advantages are listed below:

Benefits of Remote Development

Let’s have a look on some more benefits of hiring Remote Web Developer.

Cost efficiency

Cost efficiency!!! Isn’t this we all want?Suppose, you dedicate your work to an in-house development team. Their annual bundle of fee + insurance + taxes + other can even range to $100 per hour(will cost you even more as it depends on the required project expertise).

On the other hand, assigning the same job to a remote development team can get the work done for as less as $60 per hour.

Especially, when you need to hire an entire team, offshore outsourcing can benefit you in more ways than one.

Cost Effective

Huge talent pool

In the case of expert advice, you may often mind your local employees to be already employed.

Moreover, the abundance of employees in any local web development company will be limited.

In such cases, a global search provides a much greater talent pool and gives you a scope to personally hire the employees of your choice.

Along with this, your current employee will came in contact with these experts across the globe and will gain deep understanding of the technologies.

Travel time

Regular employees need to travel to their workplace.

On the other hand, if you hire remote developers, not only is their valuable time saved but also yours.

Moreover, you can keep track of your project development in real time and provide feedback as and when necessary.

Travel Time

Despite of this benefits, Be Careful, while hiring a Remote Developer. I am sure You’ve heard this advice a million times.

Infact, I also advice you the same. Be careful…

But that doesn’t mean you don’t had to opt for Remote Developers.

According to the survey, 91% of remote workers believe they “get more work done when working remotely,”

If you know how to manage your Remote developers team than you don’t had worry.

Don’t know how to do it?

Let’s check!

How to manage your remote development team effectively?

Managing your development team involves certain procedures and techniques.

These ensure that your development team is able to interact with you as well as the server anywhere and anytime; it eliminates any sort of hindrance.

How to manage your remote development team

Be on the same page

A major step to ensure hassle-free remote development is to update yourself with the working of your team members on a constant basis.

This will also let you know of the development stage and any additional instructions that you need to provide.

Opt for familiar Project Management Techniques

Be it your in-house team or your outsourced writers, following the same project management throughout will assist the development process.

Experts recommend using the waterfall model for most development approaches.

Waterfall model involves picking up a specific step, completing the process implement it and then move on to the next step.

This process helps to ensure that your development team completes developing a specific segment of the software before moving to the next phase.

Carry out specific team meetings

When opting for this development project, team meeting turns out to be a very important aspect.

Hold regular team meetings with your in-house as well as outsourced developers to keep a track of development.

It will also help your team members to communicate with each other and sort out any complications that exist regarding the subject.

Set definite dates

Without proper submission dates, a remote project management can never be successful. Dates help a developer to track his or her progress and act accordingly.

It also allows a project to proceed through specific life cycle phases consistently.

This ensures that a particular software or web page is ready prior to the submission date.

Take advantage of time zones

Since, your remote development team, members can be distributed throughout the globe, it makes managing your team a convenient task.

You can distribute your time accordingly and cater to each member’s needs.

The development of software is a delicate and time-consuming process. Each software program goes through a life cycle to achieve its final state.

However, some development processes turn out to be significantly large. Therefore, to speed up completion, you as the project manager may need to outsource the work to eminent hands.

Intricacies of remote development

A software project life cycle goes through various phases. It instigates with the feasibility study, moves on to development and terminates with implication.

When opting for remote software development, it is important to manage your team with responsibility.

Managing deadlines and ensuring proper communication with team members is essential for the proper development of the project.

This procedure fragments the development process into subparts and allows your outsourced members to communicate with each other irrespective of place and time.

Therefore it is important to take a note of remote project management to facilitate a seamless software or web development experience.

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