Benefits of Push Notifications – Let’s Engage, Convert & Retain from Your Business App

By Ronak Patel   |   8 August, 2019
Benefits of Push Notifications – Let’s Engage, Convert & Retain from Your Business App

With time, marketing strategy has grown and modified itself and today, mobiles are considered as an integral part of it. For the same reason, marketers are looking for newer opportunities by trying out different things for better result.

One of such effective method is sending push notifications. Using push notification, you can send small messages to the users on their smartphones once they install the business app.

Push notifications are seen on the screen directly instead of being within the app and so there is no way that it will not grab the attention of the app users. When used in the right way with caution, push notifications will prove to be capable of turning out to be a useful marketing tool for reaching out to customers. To dig into, lets check some stats and trends of push notification that helps you judge the real scenario.

Push Notification Statistics & Trends


Push Notifications Statistics and Trends

Benefits of Push Notifications


Increase App Engagement

It has been seen that it is possible to boost the engagement of the app by 88% by sending push notifications. Again, it has been seen that 65% of the users come back to the app within a month after receiving the push notification. Push notification is a feature which comes with an app to send messages to the customers directly in real-time as per your wish. Push notifications do not depend on the email address or any other information so as to communicate with the users. It is truly considered as an effective medium to re-engage users.

In the digital environment, push notifications have already made their point when it comes to creating thrill among the users. The number of users disabling push notification has greatly decreased over a couple of years. Users are willing to keep it to know what’s in there store for them. Some of the industries which prefer push notifications very much are banking, eCommerce, publishing, health & fitness and gaming.

Moreover, push notifications offer a better option for the businesses to stay in touch with the users by offering them timely and relevant information in a non-intrusive manner. The users can be engaged into special offers, new features, promotions as well as reward descriptions.

Retain Users for a Long Time

Many of the people stay as potential customers as they download the apps only to leave them in there without using for once. One of the effective ways to turn such inactive users into the active ones on your app is by making use of push notifications. Based on the study of Urban Airship, by sending more number of push notifications of high value, it is possible to boost customer retention by 3-10 times. Compared to others, the businesses which opt for push notifications have better customer retention rate. By making use of the push notifications, the businesses can send personalized offers, thoughtful reminders as well as news updates. If the notifications are able to offer value directly to the users then it is possible to retain users for a longer period of time.

Increased Browser Reach

Chrome, Firefox and Safari form the majority market share of the browsers. The businesses can get to more people through their websites by making use of tools like Push Assist, which offers support for web browsers. The click-through rates that come from web push notification are around 25% to 30%. Now, this is something more than what you witness as click-through rates on emails.

Push notifications can be used to communicate critical messages directly on the screen in a way that it is hard to miss when the users are present on some other webpages. The message will be placed in a way that it will be hard to be missed and will grab the eyeballs towards the message instantly.

Segmented Push Notifications for Open Rate Doubling

For successful campaigns, targeting is very crucial. Here behaviour data and user perspective are essential too. The push notifications must be sent in a way that it targets a set of an audience only. Opting for the option of sending simply general messages will only drive away from the users.

For the same, it should be essential to start by collecting information about the users like their location, interests, device for interaction, site-actions, a right time for communication, etc. Today more than half of the users prefer to get notifications only on the mobile device and when we compare the numbers with Android and iOS, the former one stays ahead. With more than half of the users ready to go with this option, business owners or marketers should think about getting ahead with this method of communication.

Use Geo-targeting to Target the Right Users

Sending out generic push messages may trigger your users and even bring them to the app or website, but this does not mean that they will carry out any transactions. It is possible to increase the conversion rates by three times when you send intelligent notifications. Send notifications based on the time zone and region of the users. Based on your campaign needs, target audience on their city, state or country wise. This way, it is possible to target an audience with more relevance and personalization.

Apart from geo-targeting, push notifications can be carried out based on the interests of the users. The audience data can be used to know about their interest area and based on that, push notifications can be sent for the same or similar kind of products.

Benefits of Push Notification

Track Metrics

Another important benefit of going for push notification is that you can track the behavior of users. You can have data collected with complex analytics using push notifications which can be regarding engagement, open rates, delivery receipts, and open times. It is possible to get valuable insights into the behavior of the users using push notifications and this includes click-through rates and interaction times. This will let you know what kind of messages is more likely to be clicked and opened. So based on what you learn from these insights, you can build up your own campaigns.

Boosting Conversion Rates

We have seen above that sending intelligent notifications can help the business with increased conversion rates. Such timely notifications help to create a sense of urgency within the customers or work on to notify them about the new changes. This can work well for businesses which have increased problems with cart abandonment. Many a time, people add products to the cart but, leave the store without completing the shopping. This issue can be reduced to a large extent by going for push notification campaign. The push notifications will alert the users about the items that are left behind in the cart unattended. This way, there is an increase in CTR to their app or website as well as boost conversions.

Sending push notification on the apps will lead to instant purchases. If the product that has been added in the cart is now having any special discounts or the products are limited in stocks, sending push notification will lead to immediate sales. This will also ensure that the products are available in just a single click.

Easy Communication

Once you develop a mobile app for your business, you can use it as a medium to announce things as well as offer deals. This can be easily achieved using push notifications. You need to be precise about what you say and just be sure you have a target audience in place. This will increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

Improved Brand Consistency

You can get more push into your marketing funnel if you take some effort to add in special offers and last minute deals and coupons into it. Using push notification, it is possible to add in value-added information about your brand and this way; it acts as a complementary marketing channel. You can even work towards building brands as push notification as it lets you include logos into the messages. The value of your brand will increase as people will remember the received push notifications.

Analyze the Performance of your Push Notifications

It is now possible for marketers to analyze the performance of push notification by making use of advanced push notification tools. Start by analyzing the number of clicks, time spent on interacting with the notification, etc. The marketers can take their time to see how the notifications are working in terms of customer behaviour before coming up with a complete marketing campaign.

Use Useful Content in your Customer Care Strategy

You can improve customer experience using push notification. Compared to other forms of user engagement techniques, these are less intrusive and can be a good medium to offer useful information. Push notifications help the users to keep up with the latest offers, promotions, and updates. You can easily draw the attention of the users using push notifications. So keep your notifications time-sensitive and valuable all the while maintaining a personal and friendly touch to it. Such notifications will yield positive results.

Cut Down the Customer Journey

You can have push messages with links so that the user will be taken directly where you want in the app. This can prove to be a favourable tip to increase user engagement within the app. Address this link with a powerful call to action and you will see the users easily performing the needed action.

Final Thoughts

For any business, push notifications can be considered as an effective marketing strategy. This way, you can send a relevant, thoughtful and timely notification to the users. When done well with precision, push notifications will help your business to find a better place in the market and grow with ease.

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