Top 9 Benefits of IoT for Business Enterprises

By Ronak Patel   |   10 January, 2019
Top 9 Benefits of IoT for Business Enterprises

The “Internet of Thing” (IoT) is gaining momentum and everyone whether it is an individual or an enterprise, are finding the potential of the trending technology -IoT. It is the most discussed topic due to its potential impact on people and how they interact with things. The usefulness of IoT has not only benefited to people but also attracted a large number of business enterprise and organizations.

The IoT is made keeping all sorts of comforts in mind that every human being imagines to happen. Similarly, it has helped many organizations such as business enterprises and companies by bringing transformational and actionable solutions. At base, it has simplified the pain points that every organization, manufacturer or supplier is suffering from.

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Supply Chain


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IoT Popularity at Glance

Various IT research organizations have given their points of views over the popularity of IoT.

Gartner predicts

26 billion

IoT connected devices till 2020.

IDC believes

$7.1 trillion

Is the IOT market Revenue by 2020.

Statista predicts

31 billion

IoT connected devices till 2020.

The IoT application is helpful in terms of immediate improvement, optimize the process, stand out of the competition, increase conversion rate, and to name just a few.

Understanding the Need of IoT Application for Business

Flawless function/production, maintenance, customer satisfaction among some others are the pillars of business performance. Growth and development entirely depend on how well you tackle the situations that occur during the process. IoT can make a difference unexpectedly.

As the technology came into the limelight just a couple of years back, it has been around the tech arena since 2008 — some claims that the IoT concept has been since 1982. Having plenty of fruit-bearing attributes of IoT, many businesses want to integrate the technology into the business process.

So, let’s understands the benefits of the (IOT)Internet of Things for business enterprises and companies.

1.     Enhance Productivity

No doubt, productivity is vital for any business growth, and it depends on how well your employees are trained. The IoT offers real-time training to employees, keep them informed, help them establish better coordination with clients and team and also reduces mismatch of skills. When these requirements are fulfilled, it automatically increases productivity.

2.     Provides Ample Business Opportunities

IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and by introducing a new way to interact with customers, business flow, productions and much more. IoT-driven innovations create an astounding atmosphere which helps business to establish a better relationship with the customer and by offering the practical solutions. It has all the potential to transform your business and then it has to interact with the things in the past.

3.     Improved Asset Utilization

Tracking of assets such as equipment, machinery, tools, and others using IoT connected sensor can be helpful. IoT application provides you real-time insights while the sensor helps you better operate the system and detector locate the issue to take immediate action. Just imagine you are not around the machine and if something like overloading or overheating as the situation occurs. It could be dangerous. But, IoT smartly switches off the equipment and informs to take immediate action. In some cases, it will notify you in advance so that you can take preventive measures.

4.     Safety and Security

As IoT relates to the things or a gadget which has no internet facilities such as smart home, TV, Fan, AC, and to name just a few, security is a major concern. No doubt, IoT provides a multi-layer security feature to protect your data and privacy. However, it is suggested that the things that have an internet connection are vulnerable to hack. No matter how intact the security system is, your alertness can make it more secure.

5.     Real-Time Analytics

One of the best benefits of IoT is that it provides real-time analytics that helps detects the problem and take action accordingly. The enterprise-ready IoT application provides real-time analytics that proves to be boon for the company as you can discover the issue and resolve it as per convenience.

6.     Historical Analysis

IoT brings back previous data of your company that help you predict the future. You may collect historical industrial data and with that help organizations to create a predictive model that naturally increases operations. Besides, it can help you achieve higher customer satisfaction.

7.     Smooth Operation

IoT can connect through various devices to the internet and therefore it allows enterprises to real-time operational insights. Subsequently, it helps them analyze things and what manage production and focus more on organizational productivity. When you have data of logistic network, factory floor, supply chain, and others, you can efficiently manage things.

8.     Cost Optimization

When you have productive employees, correctly working equipment and high-customer retention rate, then obviously it saves you big bucks -thanks to the IoT. The trending technology -IoT offers great assets utilization with real-time analytics that comparatively makes things easier achieve at very minimal cost.

9.     Enhance Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Interestingly, your customer can become your advertiser, provided that you offer them greater service. Higher customer service includes so many things and to achieve better customer satisfaction IoT can be a great benefit. IoT enabled devices to help your customer interact with things such as smart trackers help customer track shipment, IoT-enabled equipment to allow the customer to process the transaction through the Smartphone,…. and the list goes on.

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