How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like FaceApp?

By Ronak Patel   |   26 July, 2019
How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like FaceApp?

When it comes to looks, people want everything to be perfect. In this digital era, people are trying to reach that level of perfection through the use of different innovative mobile applications available in the market.

It has to be noted that many of such mobile apps are quite famous in the market and have managed to find a way into the life of smartphone users. These applications come with camera-inbuilt and people love them more than the camera on their phones.

In recent times, you must have noticed your friends and family members publishing their selfies on the social media accounts in which they either look young or old. This comes to us from FaceApp. It makes use of advanced software algorithms to make changes in the pictures of the people and reveals a new look.

If you are planning to put this app to use and build one like that from the business point, then you need to understand this app first.

What is FaceApp?

You must have heard about photo editing apps and FaceApp is one of them. In order to add in virtual effects to the app and make the best transitions in a smooth manner, it makes use of artificial intelligence. The app has come to limelight for making some of the interesting and weird alterations to the images by making use of neural face transformations. Here you can either use the app to take a picture of yours using a camera or choose one from the gallery present in your phone. It is possible to get a realistic view of the pictures when you make use of AI-based app like FaceApp.

The use of AI is quite commendable here. The way it works on the pictures to make the person look younger or older gets done with great perfection. The developers of the app have made it available both for Android App Development as well as and iOS App Development. This means more number of people can download it and use.


Popularity of FaceApp

If we look at the numbers then, FaceApp enjoys 100M+ Downloads with 4.5 Star Ratings from its users. Also if we look at the popularity chart then FaceApp is at number #1 in Top Free App Chart in the Android playstore.

What are the Key Features of FaceApp?

It has to be said that FaceApp is one of the most amazing apps you can find in the market that offers you a number of excellent features that can be used in real-time. You can easily work on your app to add in different looks using the features.

Here we are with the key features of FaceApp. How they work have been discussed step-by-step below:

App sign up

Today almost all the apps come with this feature. Creating an account acts as the first step towards using the app. Once you sign up to the app, you can start using it.

Getting Images

FaceApp is all about having images to work on. You can use the camera in the app to take your pictures, or it is possible to get the photos from the gallery. The portrait photos can then be used the way you want to.

Editing the pictures

You must have also come across other photo editing apps before. They make use of filters to give a new look. FaceApp also makes use of a large number of camera filters. You can keep trying them on your pictures and see how it looks on you. This app comes with some unique features which you can use to edit your photos like Male filter, Femalefilter, Smiley filter, Old filter, and Young filter.


Saving the pictures

Once you have worked on the pictures, you can then keep them. You can edit and save the pictures which are present in the gallery. The images can then be shared quickly and easily across different social media platforms for others to see.

Integration with social media

As said above, you can easily share the photos which you got edited using FaceApp on different social media channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

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How does FaceApp Work?

FaceApp is all about letting you work with images. So the first thing you will see when you open the app is that it is asking you to choose the picture which you are planning to work on. You can either use the pictures present in your phone album or choose one from the collection you have on Facebook. The app also lets the users to choose the images of celebrities.

Once an image is confirmed, it is then moved to the server for the rest of the process. Here, Google Cloud and AWS are used as servers. Different filters are available on the app and users can make use of them on the photos. Some of the things that filters do are:

  • Gender transformation.
  • Changing the color of the eye, hair and skin tone.
  • Adding grin effect to the face based on the selected smileys.
  • Make the image look young or old from the present age.

FaceApp makes use of Neural Face Transformation and Artificial Intelligence in order to detect the face from the image and apply different filters. The technologies work on to offer images which look stunning and real with all those transformations. The worked-out images can be easily shared across different social media platforms.

The app covers some features under the premium version. The filters which are included in this section need to be paid for. A user who has subscribed for the premium version can make use of the images without watermarks. By using the premium version, it is possible to edit a particular face in a group; moreover, this version is in ad-free form. In order to help the premium users, FaceApp comes with processing servers that are quick and reliable.

Understanding neural face transformation and artificial intelligence

There have been other apps in the market too which let the users make facial alterations. The technologies used in the FaceApp makes it different and unique from others. In order to make the transformed image realistic, it makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Face Transformation. This helps it to enhance the image and characteristics on the face in terms of skin tone, hairstyle, the color shade of hair, etc.

What will be the Cost to Develop an App Like FaceApp?

Developing an app like FaceApp comes with its set of research and development. This means there is a need for quality time to be invested in this area. The types of the filters you plan to add in the app, the kind of the development company you plan to choose for the app development as well as the location of the company you choose for the task will remain responsible factors for the app development costing.

The more the company is experienced and skilled, they will charge more. Again, if the company is situated in the US, the hourly rate will be more compared to what you will get from European countries or the development company based in India.

We can say that it takes around 800 hours to develop an app like FaceApp. When you include advanced features that are AI-based, you can say that the cost of AI-enabled app development can go around $30k to $60k.


The popularity of photo editing app like FaceApp has increased a lot in the last few months. If you are planning to build such an app for your business, it is time to understand the features you will need to have added in it. You also need to know how things work and what can be the cost for such app development.

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