Top AngularJS Development Tools to Consider to Create Dynamic Webpages

By Ronak Patel   |   20 July, 2017
Top AngularJS Development Tools to Consider to Create Dynamic Webpages

Looking for free angularjs development tools that offers the best?? Read on to find out..

The last decade has seen considerable development in the field of computers and internet.

Gone are the days when websites and web pages would retain the same information over several months without the need for any updates.

However, the recent boom of information and the advent of smartphones, have led to the constant inclusion of new information and associative applications.

This is where the concept of AngularJS Development comes into play.

The Intricacies of Angular JS

To put it simply, Angular JS is the trivial structure on which a dynamic webpage stands.

HTML is the fundamental coding as well as designing language and users extend its service to incorporate all necessary data binding strategies.

The most significant perk of Angular JS is that it is totally browser-oriented.

This makes the platform an ideal conjuncture with server side technologies. Some specific functionality of AngularJS includes.

  • Creation and support to form validation
  • Data binding
  • Grouping and conversion of HTML coding into rendering components
  • Annex new behaviors such as event handling under DOM.

AngularJS Development Tools to create Web Apps

In order to aid developers in the process of creating dynamic web apps, this platform provides a number of handy tools to its users.

These tools are a means to exploit the virtues of HTML and blend them with dynamic functionalities in AngularJS development.

Here is a list to that lists the same.

Angular IDEs Tools

Sublime Text

Sublime Text Editor is the best cross-platform source code editor, having Python application-programming interface. It enables developers to edit two locations in single file side by side. It supports split screen editing which helps developers in faster coding. It can be bundled with Angular for editing source code.It has many features which make the IDE ideal for developers. Here are some of its features which developers love talking about.

  • “Goto Anything” for taking an instant and quick jump to the line or word
  • “Goto Definition” for getting information by just hovering over the symbol
  • “Command Palette” has functionalities which are frequently used for plenty of things including syntax changing and shorting, and indentation setting changes.

Apart from these features, Sublime text has many other features such as Split Editing, Instant Project Switch, Cross-Platform, etc. which help developer carry out a development more efficiently.

 Angular IDE

Built and developed by CodeMix specifically for Angular, the Angular claims to be simple for the beginner and powerful for experts.

The IDE is optimized to utilize the latest Angular such as;

  • TypeScript 3x coding validation
  • Debugging
  • Provides advanced coding of HTML templates validation
  • Angular CLI integration

Amexio Canvas

Amexio Canvas IDE by Amexio is the drag and drop environment, having 230 UI Features and Components, 130 themes including 50 material design themes, and free and open source which create responsive web and AngularJS/Angular applications. The IDE provides best in class layouts, supported to latest Angular v7.

Here’re some of the top features and functionalities of Amexio Canvas;

  • Create Responsive Web Design
  • Accessibility Support
  • Have Template Driven and Reactive Forms
  • Contextual Menu
  • Powerful D3 Charts (14)
  • CSS3 Grid for layouts
  • Calendar, Step Wizard
  • Creative Cards & Progress Bar
  • Server-Side Rendering, and much more


If you want lightweight and smart IDE and WebStorm by Jet Brains is a popular one to use.It holds all power of modern JavaScript ecosystem such as;

  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • On-the-Fly Angular-specific Error Detection
  • Powerful Navigation
  • Smart Choice for Complex Client-Side Development
  • Best for Server-Side Development with Node.js

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code Specially developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS, the Visual Studio Code is the best source-code editor tool, offering a range of services including debugging, embedded Git control, syntax highlighting code refactoring, and much more. The VS Code tool is the first choice for developers to create robust web apps.Here’re some of the top benefits of using the tool in your project.

  • It’s a Powerful Source Code Editor Tool
  • Used to Edit, View and Debug Source Code
  • Specially Used for Front-End Development
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • IntelliSense Holds Variety of Code Editing Features including Content Assist, Code Completion, etc.
Visual Studio

Vim Editor

GitHub Star: 16,338
Vim editor is a useful tool for editing programs and text files. The tool helps developers in editing, creating and changing in codes efficiently. One of the best things which developers love about is it constantly being improved to become better.Let’s take a look at some of its adorable features.

  • VIM Editor is Open Source and Freely Available to Download
  • Have Multi-Level-Undo Tree
  • Easy to See Command Line History
  • Syntax Highlighting and many others


The open source IDE for a web application, Aptana enables developers to code websites quickly. The tool is based on Eclipse which provides flexibility to developers. Aptana supports many things apart from IDE, for example, previewing, debugging, and much more. The tool developed by Aptana Inc which is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Some to noted features are;

  • Code Assist to help developers author HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby
  • Deployment Wizard to help developer deploy projects using the protocols FTP, SFTP, etc.
  • Git Integration enables developers to manage and control the source code.


GitHub Star: 29,707
The powerful and modern text editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Brackets is the best IDE tool for developers to create a powerful web application with Angular. The web application can be developed for multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has powerful features which include;

  • Inline Editors Supports Quick Edit
  • Live Preview Allows Work Directly with Browser
  • Preprocessor Support, etc.

IntelliJ IDEA

The tool, IntelliJ IDEA helps developers maximize their productivity and enjoyable by offering static code analysis and ergonomic design.

It offers in-depth coding assistance, quick navigation, and smart error analysis after analyzing code, symbols between connections and languages. Take a look at the top features of IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Language Injection
  • Cross-Language Refactoring
  • Static Members Completion
  • Editor-Centric Environment
  • Shortcuts for Everything
  • Inline Debugger
  • Database Tools and much more

Angular Debugger & Testing Tools


GitHub Star: 14,308
Jasmine, an open source, is a behaviour-driven tool or framework for testing, ideally for JavaScript while it also supports TDD (Testing-Driven Development). It provides a development framework that incorporates a behavioural approach and is independent of browsers or another JavaScript framework. Considering AngularJS development, Jasmine finds its main use in Node.JS or similar projects. Let’s take a look at its top features;

  • It makes Angular Development Arsenal easy
  • Provides better Testing and Debugging
Jasmine Tool for AngularJs


GitHub star: 10,367
Karma is a widely accepted tool, strives to provide a reliable testing atmosphere to every Angular developer. The ability to test your code on multiple browsers is what renders Karma its popularity. With this tool, you will have the liberty to code on your tablets, phones and in real browsers.

For instance, you can use PhantomJS (a subsidiary of Karma) for the development process. A user needs to save the code file, and Karma will run all necessary compilations on the source code. Here are some of the top features of Karma;

  • Test Code in Real Browser
  • Test Code in Multiple Browsers
  • Execute Codes Locally and on Every Save
  • Supports All Major Browsers
  • Automatically Generate Coverage Report
Karma Tools For Angular Js


GitHub Star: 8,151
Finding its base from Node.Js sources, Protractor is an open source framework for developing Angular JS applications. WebDriverJS seems to play the role of instigating framework here that provides an interactive environment for dynamic app development. It is automatic in nature and facilitates automatic execution of steps as per users’ needs. So, it is important to make a wise choice of AngularJS Development tools.

  • Allows testing real browser
  • Tests like a User
  • Automate Testing such Executing Next Step
Protector for AngularJS

Angular Data Libraries

Angular Fire

GitHub Star: 4,895

AngularFire is an observable based official library for Firebase and Angular which enable developers to utilize the power of its rich features and functionalities. Here’s the top feature and how you get benefits Angular Fire;

  • Real-time binding enables real-time data synchronization
  • AngularFirestore allows storing data offline, automatically
  • Server-side rendering, and much more


GitHub Star: 375

Get the power of Google Firebase, Angular Commerce has a set of components and create modern e-commerce web applications with ease. You have plenty of benefits, implying the features of AngularCommerce.


Make the best out of Angular and Meteor and create powerful full-stack JavaScript apps for Mobile and Desktop. It’s the best backend framework for Angular and Ionic. You can develop websites and mobile application implying Meteor, Ionic and Angular together.

UI Components For Angular


ag-Grid is the best UI components which offer feature-rich data grid and can be integrated with all Angular versions. Some of the core features of ag-Grid include;

  • Comprehensive and fully featured data grid
  • Enhanced and deep documentation
  • Designed and built to deal with small to large data sets
  • Ease of integration
  • Extremely well-maintained

Angular Material

GitHub Star: 17,771

Angular Material is fast and versatile Material design components for Angular. Here’s what you get the benefits from Angular Material.

  • Boost your web, mobile and desktop application with modern UI
  • Fully tested and functional and provide tuned performance
  • Versatile so that all users from across the work can utilize this


GitHub Star: 6,797

Designed for Angular ecosystem, the ng-bootstrap offers easy and simple step to create a responsive web design. Currently is running at v4.1.1. Find out what more has it in store for Angular.

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Similar to Angular and Bootstrap CSS
  • It holds known widgets like a carousel, modal, popover, tooltip, etc.

Semantic UI

GitHub Star: 999

Semantic UI is the modern front-end development framework which provides a lightweight user experience. It is gradually gaining popularity and has 999 GitHub stars. Here’s the list of com UI components;

  • sm-button
  • sm-loader
  • sm-message
  • sm-popup
  • sm-segment
  • sm-input
  • sm-checkbox
  • sm-rating
  • sm-dropdown
  • sm-select
  • sm-textarea
  • sm-progress
  • sm-card
  • sm-shape
  • sm-tabs & sm-tab
  • sm-item
  • smDirTooltip
  • sm-list
  • sm-search
  • sm-flag

Cross-Platform Development Tools


GitHub Star: 626

Electron is a framework which is used with Angular which brings consistency in the project and development environment easy for developers. You can create a powerful application for macOS, Linux or Windows. Here are the following commands you need to install to make functional.

  • Angular v2+
  • es6-promise
  • es6-shim
  • reflect-metadata
  • rxjs
  • zone.js


GitHub Star: 1040
NativeScript, a framework, allows developers to build truly native applications for Android and iOS. It gives 100% access to native APIs via JavaScript and creates the cross-platform application instantly applying Angular and TypeScript. It also enables developers to reuse of packages from NPM, CocoaPods, and Gradle. It is free and open source, offered by Telerik.


GitHub Star: 789
Putting together with Angular and React Native, developers can build a powerful application for cross-platform such as Android and iOS. React Native is a Facebook product and applying it with Angular, you can imply the power of two separate frameworks which can provide fast and powerful output.


Windows (UWP)

GitHub Star: 189

A Universal Windows App (uwp) is secure, engaging cross-platform tool powered by Angular to create high-performance applications. The tool is programmable in C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Javascript. Combining together with Angular, developers can build fast, natural, personal and intuitive application for Desktop, Android and iOS.

So, it is important to make a wise choice of AngularJS Development tools.

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