4 AngularJS Development Tools you Must Use to Create Dynamic Webpages

Looking for free angularjs development tools that offers the best?? Read on to find out..

The last decade has seen considerable development in the field of computers and internet.

Gone are the days when websites and web pages would retain the same information over several months without the need for any updates.

However, the recent boom of information and the advent of smartphones, have led to the constant inclusion of new information and associative applications.

This is where the concept of AngularJS Development comes into play.

Angularjs Development Tools

The Intricacies of Angular JS

To put it simply, Angular JS is the trivial structure on which a dynamic webpage stands.

HTML is the fundamental coding as well as designing language and users extend its service to incorporate all necessary data binding strategies.

The most significant perk of Angular JS is that it is totally browser-oriented.

This makes the platform an ideal conjuncture with server side technologies. Some specific functionality of AngularJS includes.

  • Creation and support to form validation
  • Data binding
  • Grouping and conversion of HTML coding into rendering components
  • Annex new behaviors such as event handling under DOM.

AngularJS Development Tools to create Web Apps

In order to aid developers in the process of creating dynamic web apps, this platform provides a number of handy tools to its users.

These tools are a means to exploit the virtues of HTML and blend them with dynamic functionalities in AngularJS development.

Here is a list to that lists the same.

  1. Karma

  2. This widely accepted tool strives to provide a reliable testing atmosphere to every developer.

    The ability to test your code on multiple browsers is what renders Karma its popularity.

    With this tool, you will have the liberty to code on your tablets, phones and in real browsers.

    For instance, you can use PhantomJS (a subsidiary of Karma) for the development process.

    A user needs to save the code file, and Karma will run all necessary compilations on the source code.

    Karma Tools For Angular Js
  3. Jasmine

  4. This is a testing platform ideally for JavaScript.

    It provides a development framework that incorporates a behavioral approach and is independent of browsers or another JavaScript framework.

    Considering AngularJS development, Jasmine finds its main use in Node.JS or similar projects.

    Jasmine Tool for AngularJs
  5. Djangular

  6. Providing app integration with Angular JS, it is a reusable app.It facilitates building separate AngularJS codes for separate apps instead of creating a single block of code.

    Such an approach allows users to select codes according to sites.

    This helps users to attain a sturdy and compact structure across all Django apps.

  7. Protractor

  8. Finding its base from Node.Js sources, Protractor is an open source framework for developing Angular JS applications.

    WebDriverJS seems to play the role of instigating framework here that provides an interactive environment for dynamic app development.

    It is automatic in nature and facilitates automatic execution of steps as per users’ needs.

    Protector for AngularJS

    So, it is important to make a wise choice of AngularJS Development tools.

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