Angular 4 Beta is Here! Everything you Should Know!

Heard about Angular 4 Beta?? Have a look what’s new??

Update on AngularJS Development!

Hi! Are you people aware of the news? Angular 4 beta is in!

It was back in the previous year when we got this update that Google has straightway jumped on to Angular 4.

So, before you hire professionals for AngularJS Development, check out what’s latest in the IT world.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new version of the framework for your web applications. Keep scrolling!

The fate of the Angular version 3

Angular 4 Beta

Currently, 3.x space is used by the Angular Router version.

However, it is not yet synchronized with other versions of Angular which are using 2.x space.

Hence, if we want to sync them again, we need to forget Angular 3 and rather, go for the latest version – Angular 4.

Earlier, it was surprising when Google declared that they would be releasing Angular 3.

But, now, the search engine giant has straight a way hopped to v4.

The information was released at the Angular conference

The information was announced by Igor Minar, Google’s Angular Team Leader, at NG-BE 2016 conference in Belgium. Wondering why this jump?

Here’s their explanation –

We did so to correlate the upgrades with v4 Angular Router that has been planned for usage.

Not just that, but the company has scheduled 8 beta releases between the months of December and February.

They are constantly bringing in these updates for AngularJS Development professionals to work on this framework with exciting features along with more bug fixes.

#Quick notes

  1. Since middle of Dec, 2016, there have been 6 beta versions launched
  2. The latest, beta 5, was released on 25th of January, 2017
  3. As Igor stated, there will be minimal breaking changes in the further releases.

We’ll call it simply ‘Angular’

That’s what Minar has suggested. This would be too confusing to name Angular 2 or Angular JS as there will be so many versions; so, they have preferred to name it just ‘Angular’.

Google has prepared an aggressive plan!

Relax! Updates are not going to come every other week as it sounds.

Rather, the successful company as it is, they have prepared a tentative time chart.

  • Around October 2017, Angular 5
  • Angular 6 in the next 6 months
  • Angular 7 scheduled in October 2018.

So, that’s how the plan goes!

Now the question – what’s the goal?

The goal is to enhance compiler error messages and augment backward-compatibility with Angular 2 version.

Professionals of AngularJS Development have to be well updated regarding these advancements and launches.

Oh! You don’t speak tech?

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