Aglowid is always a step ahead in the IT solutions industry, as we have promised. Virtuemart is an extended e-commerce solution and our PHP developers are skilled at bringing you a high-performing website using this platform. We have all the necessary technical infrastructure and a brilliant team of 30.


Why should you choose Virtuemart?
  • It has more than 500 amazing features to develop an innovative sales-driven website
  • As for products and services, it supports an unlimited number of them with proper categorization
  • For one single product, you can provide multiple prices.
  • Its PHP code is open. So, our developers can view it to customize as per your business domain
  • You can quickly and easily change the themes for each page, product or category.

 At Aglowid, we ensure the Virtuemart based e-commerce website that we develop is customer-centric. Our work is more focused on boosting your sales, making the site friendlier to users and expanding your brand reach in the online sphere.

Aglowid for this open source platform:

Our team has been trained to be more creative. Apart from all, our creative thinking adds more value and innovation to the project. Over this span of working years since 2011, we have worked with numerous top companies. Aglowid is known for providing unique solutions to individual businesses.

  • Using state-of-the-art tools and technology
  • Our developers have expertise in PHP
  • We deliver tested, error-free projects
  • Adept at providing 360° solutions

Want to hire our individual developer?

This is an exclusive benefit at Aglowid. For a more personalised and customized solution, you can hire our best PHP developers for your business. Our contractual offers are for hourly or monthly basis. They would provide you support and maintenance 24 hours and 7 days so that you have more conversions and therefore, more buyers.

 Expect high quality Virtuemart solutions from Aglowid! Give us a call and we shall tell you more!