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Are you looking to get effective web-applications developed for your company?Our mean stack developers strive to offer quality solutions specific to your business.

Our Mean Stack Modus Operandi

We, at Aglowid, follow the procedural waterfall approach that renders your web-apps in the most precise and bug-free manner.

MongoDB Development

MongoDB is a free & open-source platform document-oriented database program.


AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a frontend JS system to create complex customer side applications with modular code and data binding UI.


Express.js Development

Express is a HTTP server system for web app which gives helpful modules and parts to work for the site.


Node.js Development

NodeJS is a concurrent JavaScript condition for building versatile and quick web applications.

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Benefits of Mean Stack Development

Getting your web-app developed through MongoDB and NodeJS offers a host of benefits to top the SERP ratings.

Responsive designs

Our web-apps cater to displays of all sizes and resolutions rendering high compatibility

JavaScript and CSS

Hire mean stack developersand receive JavaScript and CSS at the base of all happenings.

Prudent security

MEAN Stack development results in highly secure apps that safeguard your personal data.

Storage management

Eliminating the concept of installations, your customers will save valuable space on their devices.

Scalable apps

These apps allow code reusability. Thus our developers can customize them at will.

No bounce rate

Being fast and efficient, these apps drawmore customers; hence eliminate bounce rates.

What we offer at Aglowid IT Solutions

Highly punctual deliveries

Our proficient mean stack developmentexperts at Aglowid IT Solutions provide you with timely deliveries of your project.

Cost effective solution

Our packages cater to clients of all sections, be it an individual or an enterprise. They are budget friendly and convenient.

Intricate coding expertise

We possess expertise in blending JavaScript with precise renditions of CSS3. Thus rest assured to receive products of top-notch quality.

Flexible product options

Be it an ecommerce venture or a photography portfolio; our service caters to every section of web development. You order; we deliver.

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Why hire us at Aglowid?

  • 6+ years of experience
  • A team of highly proficient experts.
  • Flexible designing adaptabilities.
  • Completely SEO friendly web-apps.
  • More than 100+ happy clients.
  • Develop and Customize at will.
  • Periodic Maintenance with updates.
  • Procedural step wise approach.
  • Completely bug-free products.
  • Our web apps are OS independent.

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A Look At Our Projects

These are some projects which saw their successful place in the World Wide Web Consortium from our house. Take a look, and then hire mean stack developers.