“Why should I choose Ruby on Rails development for my web and mobile applications? What about the others?” Is that what you are pondering on? If so, here are some benefits of using ROR that experts have always mentioned.

These are the reasons why businesses are more interested in developing their web and mobile applications on ROR.

ruby on rails development

Why choose ruby on rails development?

First things first; if we want to give productive standards, adding value to our application development project, ROR would be the best choice.

1. Open source with huge community support

Projects developed on ROR won’t involve licensing price because majority of the libraries as well as the framework are open source. It has a great community support that gives you solutions easily in case of any issue.

2. Flexibility eases up gradations

ROR is extremely flexible, and that makes frequent modifications possible. As your business expands, you can gradually make changes (omit or add any feature) in the Rails based mobile or web applications. It works faster saving much of your time.

3. Enables quick launch applications

There are modules and solutions present in the software library of ROR – all ready to use. With the help of those tools, the entire ruby on rails development venture is processed quicker, taking a site to launch in minimum 6 weeks only. Calculation says, around 30% of the time is saved.

4. Developers can reuse tools

Again, developers do not need to start afresh. They can reuse the comprehensive set of ROR tools that contain clear code base. The Ruby Gems make the components more accessible and usable.

5. Developer friendly

Yes! Professionals love working on this more because ROR enables one to see what have been done exactly on a particular project.

6. Its expressiveness is appreciable

Unless COBOL is being used, ROR is quite closer to English. As it uses internal DSL, no external parser is required. There is a good balance along with outstanding self-control with Rail’s DSL.

Factors for continuing benefits of using ROR in 2017

According to analysts, this full stack web application development will continue to remain relevant for this New Year.

  1. ROR is not just an overvalued JavaScript framework. It’s much more and we have definitely realized that by now.
  2. Ruby on Rails has been around for a decade now. And this matured technology has proven its status and efficiency over the years.
  3. Professionals can conveniently develop a prototype of their idea quickly.
  4. d. Experienced developers consider this as the most elegant and easy-to-understand programming language.
  5. e. There have been constant positive feedbacks from customers on receiving the final products of ruby on rails development.

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