While working on a Ruby on Rails development project, a developer often gets confused with the gems. These are plug-ins or external libraries that enhance the functionality of a website developed on Ruby on Rails technology. Now the query most people search for is – when to use these gems!

Well, we need to take a lot of things in consideration. We need to understand the code base, examinations, quality, level of functionality, etc. How about going into the details? Okay! Let us do it.

Ruby On Rails Development

When using gem in Ruby on Rails development

Here are some of the factors that suggest using a gem in a web application.

1. Gem’s code quality

You must use a rails gem only when it has a good quality coding. Those which are not readable and complex are best to be avoided. Instead, go for a better gem that is easily understandable and convenient to work upon.

2. The amount of effort required

Consider how much effort is required in adding modules. If the addition of modules in applications seems to be complicated, it’s better to opt for a Ruby gem.

Otherwise, a simple module can be easily written by experienced developers. In that case, gems are not required at all.

3. Gem with DSL that works

Again, it is better to choose a gem whose DSL seems suitable for working with. When you have different gems with almost similar functionality, this feature will help you to choose the right one.

More on gems of Ruby on Rails development:

Apart from these, before using Ruby on Rails gems, there are 3 important things that a developer should consider.
A. Keep checking the updated status of the gems on Ruby Gems, Ruby Toolbox and other such places. The factors you need to check are-

  • When did the last update on the gem take place?

  • Is the gem still maintained?

  • What are the numbers of open issues it is having presently?

  • What is its support for other versions of Ruby on Rails?

B. You must do some verification regarding the maintainers as well.

  • Are they taking the contributions responsibly?

  • Make sure to check the license of the library. Is it up-to-date?

  • Are there responsive maintainers for the gems?

C. Your test suite will run slowly when Gemfile has more number of gems and you, hence, need to upload more libraries.

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