The dynamic web app is the way to go in this tech savvy and gizmo laden world. With smartphone apps getting larger and larger in size day by day, it is a common problem for internal spaces to run out of memory in no time. Keeping in mind this problem and to find a permanent solution, the concept of dynamic web apps came to the picture. And what be better than AngularJS to design these apps? Thus comes the need to hire angularJS developer.

hire angularJS developer

What is the significance of Angular JS?

Under present times, AngularJS is one of the fastest web application frameworks in existence. It is structural in nature and enables the usage of HTML as your template language. Moreover, with AngularJS, you can extend its possibilities as an attempt to express application details succinctly.

The biggest perk with this language is perhaps its dependency injection and data binding capabilities. It helps in reducing the amount of writable code significantly thus reducing development time substantially.

How to Hire AngularJS Developer for Your Project?

Developing a web application for your website is always critical given Google’s current SEO standards. It will help your website, as well as services, reach the masses without eating up considerable space in their smartphones or tablets.

However, choosing a developing team or company for your purpose may be a bit tricky. It involves analyzing certain intricate factors which include the credibility as well as the authenticity of a venture. The primary considerations being experience and past feedbacks!

Experience matters in every way and defines his/her proficiency in the development process. Customer feedbacks, on the other hand, help a new client analyze a company’s authenticity as well as its quality of work.

Does your developer embrace a modular approach?

Developing and formulating a project through a modular reduce development time considerably. This is because a single project divides itself into multiple parts or modules. A group of coders develop each section and conjoins them once they are rendered bug-free. This is called unit testing.

If you hire AngularJS developer, make use this modularity is a part of their process. This will also prove beneficial not only in external code management but also in handling internal libraries of the class file. However, you should provide your development team with a large project which has provisions for modulations. Only then does this approach take shape.

Does the end product reduce web page load time?

AngularJS is essentially an extension of JavaScript. Its primary utility is to design impeccable front end apps that are fast and experience minimum load time. Reducing load time is an essential aspect when it comes to proper Search Engine Optimizations.

As per stats, the average waiting time for a person comes to around 3-4 seconds. After this, he or she moves onto a different link. So, you lose a visitor and in turn a potential customer. This is known as bounce rate.

So, site optimization is necessary and this possible only through proficient development hands. A reduction in load time will reduce bounce rate; thereby escalating customer base and providing a surge in SERP ratings. This is a crucial factor while you hire Angular JS programmer.

Are resulting web apps responsive in nature?

With the recent boom of smartphones and tablets, web browsing has come down predominantly to on the go gadgets. The trend has been such that even Google now acknowledges mobile sites for ranking a venture before its desktop counterparts.

Therefore, under such circumstances, it becomes exceedingly crucial for you to develop responsive web apps for your service. In simple words, responsive web apps are those that automatically fit and adhere to displays of all sizes and all resolutions.

The effort to browse a desktop site on phones reduces readability which in turn increases bounce rate. Thus, you lose out on customer base thereby garnering negative feedback or even de ranking from Google.

Is your developer employing directives?

The power to visualize UI components is one of the most intriguing features of AngularJS. When you hire Angular JS programmer, be sure your developer makes proper use of such components and directives to give your web app an intriguing look.

Be it a web app, a website or a smartphone app, a user-friendly URL is necessary in order to attract more potential customers. The proper use and implementation of directives make this possible. However, you must ensure to hire the best of the developers to realize this process.

A concluding scenario:-

As of now, AngularJS is one of the most popular front end development procedures currently in existence. The need to hire AngularJS developer is of grave importance considering an intensive market competition in the World Wide Web Consortium.

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