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The whole periphery of web designing is going through a sea change. Websites are much more than just pages full of content and images. The best websites are intuitive with attractive front-end applications and back-end support. Adhering or rather riding this new wave of web development is just what you need to do too if you don’t want to fall behind. And the most popular rising format in this periphery is AngularJS development.

Angularjs Development

Integrating Web Applications into Web Development

Think of it from a user’s point of view, put yourself in a user’s show. It’s obvious that you’ll find websites such as, say, Airbnb better than most of the rest. The reason is that it’s intuitive and attractive. It uses front-end web applications to engage viewers with its content.

To continue, this is just what your website needs to do too. You need to engage viewers with the proper set of functions explaining and enriching on the product or the service. Web applications or rather a single page web application is what you need, and there are few better ways to integrate them directly into your website than with AngularJS development. And there are more than a few reasons why you should opt for it over other frameworks.

What is AngularJS?

Since 2009, AngularJS has come up as one of the most popular frameworks. It is a ‘JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework.’ An important pointer which you should know is that most of this framework is under Google’s direct maintenance and development.

So, using AngularJS means that you’re already adhering to Google standards for your website. With Google inadvertently by your side, you start up with the upper-hand of garnering strong search engine rankings. But this is only the less important half of the story.

Angularjs Development

Perks of development with AngularJS

  • MVC and MVVM architecture

MVC stands for Model View Controller while MVVM refers simply to do the Model-View-ViewModel structure. The model is what maintains the data in the system, View means displaying the data while the Controller acts as the bridge which connects the Model and the View.

Simply speaking, your website integrates the front-end views displaying the back-end data seamlessly. The MVVM structure takes this further by interpreting everything into this Model and View structure with the Controller in the hands of the developer. Post-development, it’s easier for you to control and integrate multiple other changes into the system.

  • HTML Language

Websites with AngularJS are universally acceptable on the web because the base language behind it is HTML. What’s more, it integrates the latest HTML language with rich application features and functions.

  • Way Data Binding

Data structures move as per the applications on the website. With this framework, the movement is continuous thanks to two-way data binding. Thanks to this basic characteristic, your website can evolve its applications as per the changes in the user interface.

AngularJS development is open-end so it’s always evolving with newer richer add-ons and functions. It is the best way forward for creating a website in this ever-changing domain of websites and single-page web applications.

Hire AngularJS developer with professional skills on it and market expertise to make sure you get an engaging website.

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You ask any web developer about the best PHP framework and most of them will come up with one standard answer – Laravel. Although it was launched very recently in 2011, yet an online survey of Sitepoint has revealed it to be the most preferred framework. But before answering all your ‘why’ – ‘what for’ queries on Laravel development, I would like to talk a little about PHP framework first.

You can term framework as a library that helps in developing applications better and sooner. And PHP is the most used programming language that offers easy-to-use structure code and pre-build flexibility. Once you are working with PHP framework, you don’t have to produce repetitive codes.

Laravel development

And what is Laravel?

It is open source web application software that is widely used today, as Laravel enables to develop customized applications easily.

Now coming to why Laravel developments are the best!

Let me put latest statistics first – A review of Google trend comparisons has shown “Laravel is the most popular and best PHP framework in 2016”.
These are the features that make Laravel stand out. Check out!

1. Code that is reusable –

One of the main features of this PHP framework is the usage of powerful modern patterns like IoC or Inversion of Control at the core. What’s that? Well, through this, a Laravel developer can bind different parts of the code to reuse it. He doesn’t need to concentrate much on routine features.

2. Routing system –

Laravel enables an easy approach to routing. Developers can trigger the route in the application, having good control and flexibility for matching with the URL.

3. Clear structure –

This PHP framework has a clearer structure, unlike other complicated frameworks like Symphony2 and Zend2. The modular structure of Laravel is quite solid and well-organized that makes customizing the framework easier.

4. Software tools that are highly useful –

Here’s the fourth fantastic feature – Laravel comes with some really useful software tools that include ORM, migrations, powerful blade templates, HTTP middleware, etc. What more can you expect? Yes, there’s more! A Laravel developer can also modify social login, mail queues, authorization, powerful file system and other such routine functional features.

Apart from these,

  • There are different APIs that Laravel offers for various caching systems.

  • It also offers a mechanism to filter HTTP requests that enter your application conveniently.

  • There is an artisan console that offers a number of commands during web application development.

So, do you want to use Laravel PHP framework for developing your company’s website? Trust me; Laravel will offer you the most elegant and sophisticated product. Hence, you can go for it.

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