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Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular programming languages which is increasing in popularity with every passing phase. In international development venture, it has led to the proliferation of numerous offshore companies. Most business establishments heavily rely on Ruby on Rails Development Company for quality yet cost-effective services to boost their product sales and scales quickly.

Safe to say, it is an approach which has brought about a revolution of sorts in worldwide software development circuitry. And it is one option which you can surely look into for making it successful in your existing and up-approaching assignments.

Key considerations when looking for a good Ruby on Rails Development Company

Since this is your first time, you may find this technical recruitment trickier than your expectancy.

Wrong or misfit partnership with a technical service provider could lead to wastage of resources as well as your valuable time and money. Not to forget, it could disrupt and drain the entire energy from your establishment taking you totally off track from your pre-set organizational goals.

Thorough evaluation is what you need to do when hiring your ROR technicians. To help you do that in the best possible manner, here are some key aspects which you need pay due to importance to.


ruby on rails development company

1. Track record and degree of expertise

How many years they have been in the industry, their number of successful assignments and also their magnitude of knowledge and experience- These are the aspects which you need to look into beforehand.

Despite ROR being a new programming language, a smart call would be going for a Ruby on Rails Development Company working with it right from its embryonic phase. Go through their online portfolios, refer to their case studies.

Those who aren’t able to present social proof of their client case studies or their service history, have a word with them personally. And if still they don’t suffice you with all the information, remove it from your checklist and move over to the next best option.

A good choice would be a service provider having a myriad of projects in its cap. All these factors will present you an idea about the proficiency and ability of a company.

2. Factors of logistics

Along with their track record, you also need to look into their logistics. This implies proper planning project structure properly, modes of communication and differentiation in time zones.

Also, you need to see if –

  • They are making use of new-gen technology
  • Whether they have access to all code versions
  • And whether they would maintain complete transparency on different assignment communication

Some high-end companies also render on-site project management and hybrid development solutions as a part of their exclusive Ruby on Rails development services.

To ensure that your company meets most (if not all) of the above requirements right from the outset and lays the foundation for a long-term successful partnership.

3. Clear cut project management protocols

Irrespective of the company you plan to hire for your own business, ensure that they have abode clear-cut project managing etiquettes.

What you should do in this case is properly lay down your deliverable and project expectations. And keep watch on whether they are willing and capable of pulling it off.

Use social media terminals namely GoToMeeting Hangouts, Skype or for that matter Facetime and refer to their development schedules for regular sign-ins and check-ups.

4. Commitment for providing sustainable solutions

You may not have a profound knowledge about technology. But you most definitely are aware of your own business requirements. As a result, you do possess some expectations from your technological associates.

Communicate each and every thing clearly and lucidly and then check their level of commitment towards you and your company needs. This will help you understand if they actually have a result- based mindset like yours.

5. Trial period services

Top companies offering Ruby on Rails development services will always present demo services to their clients. So when looking for a reliable service provider, you need to go slow and test out their service quality with a project. This is the basic rule for formulating a relationship with an off-shore company.

Don’t rush into things too fast by assigning them with highly critical projects. Take your time and adjust to their work mechanisms and communication methodologies in trial periods.

Assess and assure their quality and if all is alright, then move on to develop a strong operational relationship.

6. Availability round the clock

When choosing an off-shore ROR development enterprise, another essential consideration is their availability. You should be able to get in touch with them just about any time.

Also, they should have sound interpersonal skills and be able to comprehend whatever structures and project specifics you lay down.

A word of advice would be to go with a Ruby on Rails Development Company that maintains a touch-point despite their presence in some other demographical region. This simplifies things particularly when you want to have an interaction with your project on an immediate basis.

7. Their personal-level acumen towards business and clients

As important as the afore-mentioned points are, there is another crucial aspect which you need to check with your ROR service provider prior to hiring. You need to interrogate about their personal integrity, acumen, and approach towards handling clients and their businesses.

Ask questions about their own functioning style. Also, enquire if they are ready to accept fresh ideas and make the needy adjustments for client requirements. If you have some technical questions which you need to confirm, do that as well.

If you get satisfactory answers to all your questions, then you can go ahead with them.

Noteworthy points

In addition to all of these considerations-

  • Check whether your chosen service provider is ISO certified or not
  • See if they follow standard industry practices
  • And whether they are strict about their quality upkeep procedures

Capping off

It’s an acceptable fact that associating with a ROR Development Company will bring value to your business. Henceforth, you need to find a reliable one which proves to be an adequate fit for your company. Keeping in mind these crucial considerations will definitely make this daunting task fairly simple for you.

One of the best companies for you

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Open source platform is the new trend of today’s world. Their facility to allow any user add or modify the code has made them even more intriguing. Google made use of this concept to introduce Android in the smartphone genre. Today, web apps and web pages are following the same trend with Ruby on Rails emerging to be an eminent name among them. It is a user-friendly interface that enables you to design web apps as well manages contents with ease resulting in dynamic and SEO friendly web pages. This is also the reason for the popularity of Ruby on Rails development.

ruby on rails development

What is Ruby on Rails?

Simply known as Rails, it is a website application framework written using Ruby as the base language. Model View Controller (MVC) forms the main platform of development and provides web service, database, and web pages as default structures.

Using a combination of CSS, HTM and JavaScript, Rails makes use of well-known paradigms such as DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself), COC (Convention over Configuration) and several active record patterns.

The year 2004 saw the first integrations of Ruby on Rails through the hands of David Heinemeier Hansson into the ever-growing web development periphery. It has received updates over the years with Rails 5.1.1 is the latest version since March 12, 2017. As per recent statistics, more than 4,500 people contribute to the coding of Ruby on Rails development every year and this number is growing every day.

Why opt for Ruby on Rails Development at all?

The biggest benefits of Rails are in its seamless integration of content management system (CMS). To put it simply, your website or blog post won’t update itself automatically. It needs maintenance to be active in the eyes of Google. Ruby on Rails introduces a plethora of useful and user-friendly interfaces that enable you to manage your contents admin panel with ease.

However, applying a new server or making an edit in the design section demands the expertise of an expert; hence the need for Rails development. The following section highlights the functional advantages of Ruby as a Programming language over others:-

       A. Brand Value & Trust Factor

GitHub, Airbnb, SendGrid, CrunchBase, Pitchfork, Slideshare, Zendesk, Shopify – enough names to justify the brand value of Rails. While these are only some of the recognized web apps that run on Rails, several others already exists in the market.

      B. Web Application Framework

The platform of Rails is significantly different from its programming language. Ruby on Rails includes a conglomerate of shortcuts that allow you to create websites easily and quickly. However, to achieve admin rights of your website, you need the expertise of a professional. This is a major reason to hire Ruby on Rails developer.

     C. Apt for beginners

The platform of Ruby on Rails development is user-friendly for beginners. With the help of a few clicks, you can see your web apps taking shape. This is one of the major reasons for the major popularity of Rails.

    D. Online learning communities

If you wish to code your own web app, Rails facilitates that too. A number of reliable online communities provide free tutorials to learn the same.

Well, if you want to get your personal web app developed you can choose to opt the services of Aglowid IT Solutions. They are reliable, authentic and with more than 6 years of experience, and will provide you with the best products at your disposal. Contact them at for Ruby on Rails development.

If you are an entrepreneur and looking to start a business in 2017, then the need of a website must have been one of the first few thoughts to cross your mind. And rightly so! With smartphones becoming the primary medium of web surfing, even Google is focusing on the importance of mobile sites nowadays. In this context, the name Ruby on Rails has made considerable advancement as an open source development interface. However, to exploit the benefits of Rails, you will need the expertise of eminent programmers, and this is where reliable Ruby on Rails development services comes into play.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Discovering Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open source web development platform working on the server-side framework. It uses Ruby as the base programming language and is an MVC (Model View Controller) approach towards web page development.

Your website content such as blogs, news and articles won’t manage themselves on their own. Regular updating is essential for proper visibility of your website. This is why you need to hire Ruby on Rails developer for the regular structuring of your website.

XML or JSON acts as the general web standards in Rails and employs a combination of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as the primary designing tools. A few positive mentionable features:

  • Ease of learning and use from Python
  • Concept of pragmatism inspired from Pearl
  • Conceptual elegance from Smalltalk.


Tools for CMS in Rails

The CMS or Content Management System in Rails is user-friendly to be specific. It skips the complexities of intense coding and allows you to manage and update your website with minimum effort. To make this process feasible, it provides a horde of Content Management tools. However, twitching your website to SEO perfection often requires the need for an expert; hence the need to hire Ruby on Rails developer. Mentioned below are some of the well-known CMS tools that you may employ as per needs.

1. Locomotive CMS

The primary purpose of Locomotive is to create blogs. It is the solitary hosted solution from all other CMSs, and developers consider it to be one of the best “blog engines” looming the market. To access the admin and make changes in the locomotive, you will need to make use of a CLI called Wagon. It supports HTML and CSS as the coding languages and aids to create efficient blogs.

Technical know-how
  • Mango DB
  • Ruby on Rails 4.2
  • Image Magick
  • Wagon CLI


2. Refinery CMS

This is perhaps the best content manager currently, and most Ruby on Rails development services make use of this platform. Refinery finds its main use in the development of ecommerce websites. It includes a plethora of functionalities including image editors, contact forms, galleries as well as calendars.

  • Ruby on Rails 5.0.
  • JQuery and SQL Database.
  • Dragon fly for editing purposes.


3. Camaleon

It is one of the cleanest and easiest to use content management services. Cameleon enables you to publish and edit a blog with a seamless admin panel. When you hire Ruby on Rails developer, you are sure to get ample positive feedbacks for your choice of Cameleon CMS.

Summing Up

Therefore, to develop a competent and SEO friendly website, you need to avail the benedictions of Ruby on Rails development services such as Aglowid IT Solutions. Their competent experts will ensure using the best Content Management System and provide you with a perfectly competent website. To avail their services contact them at