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What JavaScript Framework do I use? Should I go for AngularJS or ReactJS development services? Which one will be better…wait! Angular 2 is also here. God, it’s so confusing!

t’s perhaps a familiar state which you, as a web developer, need to face every day with a plethora of JS frameworks looming the web development market. More so, with the likes of Angular upgrading to its second gen, competition is even stiffer.

So, what do you do now? Which one should you select?

Well, just don’t panic as of yet…

There is ReactJS and there is Angular 2 – Two of the latest and most widely used development frameworks in the World Wide Web Consortium. Let’s compare and contrast them in greater details so that you can get a better understanding before opting for any of the services.

 difference between angularjs and reactjs development

ReactJS Vs. Angular 2 – let the battle begin!

When comparing these two frameworks, it is advisable to compare both on three primary aspects.

  • The conceptual level
  • Configurations and setting up
  • Studying intricacies


Point 1: Here comes an analysis of the two concepts…

A). Angular 2

Angular 2 has come up with an entirely fresh framework defining new typescripts for coding. Experts say this framework allows to indulge into faster coding practices easily without encountering compilation delays.

In this respect, you will be glad to know that watchers find themselves connected to every framework component within Angular 2. This, in turn, will prevent the hassle of verifying every change individually; thus, aiding in a faster development process.

B). ReactJS

React, on the other hand, is a direct product of Facebook. It pertains to more of UI functionalities as a library rather than emerging as a full-time framework.

However, if you are thinking low of React; then think twice!

What makes ReactJS stand out from the crowd is its virtual DOM. With this, the framework or library (whatever you prefer to call it!) gets a number of advantages over others.

  • What makes ReactJS stand out from the crowd is its virtual DOM. With this, the framework or library (whatever you prefer to call it!) gets a number of advantages over others.
  • Every change takes effect after comprehensive comparison between the real and virtual DOMs. As a result, ReactJS makes only the required changes in the most optimum manner.
  • The virtual DOM embellishes connectivity features to mobile development sites as well.


Point 2: Now, how to set them up?

Whether you choose to opt for AngularJS development services or the other way round, you need to have a clear understanding of both the frameworks before proceeding with either of them.

A). First comes Angular2

To set up AngularJS, you need to download and paste four trivial files in the application folder.

  • tsconfig.json defines the process of JavaScript generation by the TypeScript compiler.
  • package.json finds utility in deciphering the optimum and correct package for a project.
  • systemjs.configjs makes a list of all necessary and important packages as well as provides information on the location of application modules within the framework.
  • tyings.json provides additional TypeScripts that are originally not found within a compiler.


B). Now, go with React

If you have some basic know-how of the subject, then you must know that ReactJS uses the GitHub server for its operations.

Setting up of this framework initiates with the installation of a package that lays the base of all operations. The solitary job here is to open up this package and start your server by developing an application with the commands at your disposal.

Done packaging?

Then, it is time for bundlers…

The simple logic behind bundlers is converting and uniting multiple small files to form larger subsequent files. So, if you are looking to abolish all coding dependencies, then this is the right process.

Moreover, web browsers are also able to identify the bundles continently which make them even more perfect for uniting subsections of a framework into one.

It is one of the major factors why ReactJS development services are gaining popularity day by day.

Point 3: The final part – Learning phase

Now, this is where all differences between the two seem to take surface. If you are studying both of them simultaneously, you will find that in the long run, ReactJS will get that edge of AngularJS. In addition to this, ReactJS uses JSX as its primary JavaScript framework structure.

It makes coding and recoding easier, as well as allows more convenient transfer of text from a source to destination.

In contrast to this, newbies wanting to get hold of AngularJS will need to learn a horde of keywords and directives before beginning their coding journey. It’s another big reason why React coders are looking to have the edge over AngularJS development services.

All these factors clearly differentiate the utilities of ReactJS and AngularJS as development frameworks.

However, while both seem to cope well with developers, in the end, ReactJS enjoyed the last laugh!

It is the 21st century, and as a business owner, you must be weaving thoughts to have possession of your mobile app. The primary objective of any mobile application is to draw more traffic and convert its visitors into potential customers. However, to do so, it must be visually attractive and appealing. This is where the requirement of React JS development comes into play in rendering intriguing app designs for extending your services to the masses.

ReactJS – the underlying concept

In its simplest form, ReactJS is an open source library belonging to the JavaScript family. Its primary use is to design user interfaces for mobile applications. The primary building blocks of React incorporate components those are more predominantly known as custom HTML tags. The fact which renders React unique from others is that it not only runs on the client side but the server side as well.

This UI development platform also incorporates the intricacies of virtual DOM. In other words, React builds its own data structure memory & cache; evaluates the differential design updates and incorporates these updates to the apps front end without entering a maintenance mode. This is also a major reason to hire a ReactJS developer for app designs.

ReactJS Development

Why opt for ReactJS development?

In the arena of MVC and responsive web designs, this is an obvious question to loom your mind. However, React offers a number of outstanding features which make it an important choice for mobile app development. To mention, here are few.

1. Create your own templates

Be it ASP, PHP or MVC, almost all platforms make use of a template to formulate the basic structure of their website. On the other hand, by opting for Reactjs development, you will have the liberty to carve out your custom app template depending on your needs.

For instance, you may desire to isolate your apps products page from its homepage. With a simple eCommerce template, this would not have been possible. But with React Java Scripts, you can choose to mold your app as you like.

2. Impeccable efficiency

This efficiency of ReactJS comes from building a personal Document Object Model (DOM). It helps you in defining an object logically and aids in the procedural development of the various layers. DOM is the place where all components go live.

This approach is significantly useful in rendering flexibility as well as a boost in your app’s performance. One of the biggest advantages of this technique is that it makes dynamic updating a seamless task. With the choice to hire a ReactJS developer, you can bring along the necessary visual changes without generating a system alert. You can simply apply it with an OTA (over the air) update to all devices.

3. Precise designs for Search Engine Optimization

One of the biggest problems which every JavaScript website faces is the lack of SEO. A combination of classes and objects makes this process even more difficult owing to their intricate function structures. However, ReactJS stands out from the crowd. At a time when Google is giving more focus on mobile sites and apps for its ranking process, ReactJS incorporates functions that adhere to all basic Search Engine conditions.

4. Making JavaScript simpler

The flexibility to incorporate HTML in the render functions without the need of concatenating strings is responsible for making JavaScript simple. In simple terms, you as a customer will be able to modify your application’s visual at ease so as to provide a fresh look to your customers. This is turn escalates your visitor’s interest and brings in more clients through React JS development.

5. Debug with chrome extensions

ReactJS helps in modifying an app right from the browser in developer mode. The only thing one requires is a React Chrome extension. Installing this extension allows developers to have direct visuals of the Document Object Model.

Once done, you can ask your expert team to gain access to the elements panel and browse through the DOM tree. Nodes of this hierarchy will constitute all functions necessary to make all amendments.

6. Wide Compatibility

Hire a ReactJS developer, and he will tell you that this platform is compatible with every other framework such as AngularJS or BackboneJS. This makes React one of the most versatile mobile user interface development platforms available on the internet.

Why hire Aglowid IT Solutions?

The above factors clearly explain why ReactJS is gradually turning out to be a significant element in the mobile app development. With more than 6 years of experience under their belt, Aglowid IT Solutions will provide you with user-friendly and search engine optimized UIs for your mobile app. This will not only draw more customers but also escalate your app’s visibility. For any details regarding React JS development, drop your query at now.

The debate among app developers to take a side and to try to prove which is better has been going on for too long now. Just how do you choose between native and hybrid app development? While native gives you the world of better looks and enhanced user interface, hybrids come with the benefit of being multi-platform. This debacle was finally put to an end by Facebook a couple of years ago when they came up with React Native. Combining the best of both, reactJS development may just become the next best thing in mobile apps.

reactjs development

But why think Native at all?

A valid question in all respects! If you want an app to sell grocery products, it’s useless to pay a developer twice – once for an Android app and then for iOS. Both uses two sets of codes and although they are similar to a certain extent, it doesn’t reduce the time of development.

In came hybrid app development where a single code could be used on both platforms. But it also brought along a few technical glitches. Native apps made features like zooming or even accessing the GPS easy, but hybrids failed to incorporate these. So, hybrid apps started to lose out on user feel and the beam again started shifting to native ones.

React Native Mobile apps

React Native employs JSX, an extension of JavaScript which is a blend of both HTML and Java. The reason it escalated itself to the level of its current popularity is that it can take care of both Android and iOS platforms, keeping the native feel intact. ReactJS development keeps the underlying framework same and eliminates the necessity of learning two separate languages.

Plus, any web developer and shift to app development if it’s React Native. Web pages also use JavaScript combined with CSS and a few UI tags. And adding a cherry to this cake, app debugging can be done using our very own Chrome browser only.

Plus –

1. It minimizes coding time –

Writing code with Java or Objective-C can be hectic, especially due to its compilation process. For employing a single change, you will have to wait for the whole code to compile and reload the app. Things become frustrating if it’s just a font change.

Compilation of React Native Mobile Apps is real-time. Any change takes effect immediately and you do not have to take unwanted coffee breaks.

2. React Native has reusable components

To make matters simpler, reactJS development comes with counterparts that are used in Android and iOS. So, the apps build with this are incorporates the agility of native apps along with the speed and functionality.

And if you already have a hybrid app running, you can simply apply these React Native components to bring the best out. Apps built with Ionic and Cordova will allow you to do this transformation.

Finally –

As with any new technology, things keep getting better. Netflix is one huge example of reactJS development. You eliminate the tedious nature of native apps but get the same benefits. So, the next time you think of an app, turn to React Native. You will have things up and running in no time with superior functionalities. To know more, contact them at