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The last decade has seen a significant switch from the use of a desktop computer to the overuse of mobile devices. In figures, almost 75% of internet users now prefer to browse from their smartphones. The implication has been such that even Google was compelled to change its way of ranking sites this year. So, if you are a business owner who is looking to venture into the online world with a website, then a mobile app and a mobile site seem to be the next big thing. This also highlights the causes to opt for mobile app development in this current time.

mobile app development

Responsive sites

Perhaps, this is one of the most important reasons why one should opt for mobile site development. With the advent of smartphones, scrolling the web has come down to the comfort of one’s hand. So, when you develop a site for your online venture, you will have to make it mobile and tablet compatible as well.

This is where a responsive web design comes in. Websites which are responsive in nature, cater to displays of all sizes and resolutions. Therefore, your target customers can avail your services through the device of their choice. This, in turn, escalates visibility and hence gives you a better ranking through Google’s SERP ratings. It also justifies why you should opt for mobile app development.

Apps can make the deal

Smartphones are nothing without their apps. In fact, from paying your gas bills to transferring money in your bank account; apps act as the linchpin in all respects. This is also evident in major ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal which are providing their own Apple and Android compatible apps.

Hence, to extend the service of your online venture to the global mass, an app is inevitable. Your loyal, as well as potential customers, will simply download it on their smartphones. There on, they will be able to access your services from the apps conveniently.

Enhanced visibility

Mobile app development enhances service visibility. In 2016, more than 80% users prefer an app over its website page. Since apps remain installed in smartphones; therefore users have a tendency to scroll it multiple times in a day. The number of times a person scrolls through or even opens your app; the greater becomes its visibility in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. So, more users download the app thus escalating your venture’s conversion rates.

Keep your customers alert

A great way to attract new customers, as well as existing ones, is through periodic notifications. And what can be better than smartphones or tablets!

Offering a new discount on your products or organizing a sale day? Let your customers know through direct notifications on their devices. You can even announce the sale of a new product or a new service and make its app exclusive. In simple words, apps prove to be a crucial way of taking your service to the global market.

SEO and mobile app development

Search Engine Optimization is the base on which a website, web page or mobile app stands. It decides the ranking of a page in Google’s search results as well as its trust as a useful and genuine site. In this respect, mobile sites and apps play a significant role.

Google acknowledges a company’s mobile site first before moving on to its desktop counterpart. Therefore, usage of SEO friendly URL, proper integration of keywords and optimization of images become some trivial aspects of the process. Good SEO results in proper SERP ratings, thereby improving a site’s rankings.

Brand Recognition

Apps or mobile sites give your venture a brand value and recognition. It acts as an emblem of identification for users of your service. Info graphics play a huge role here as an app’s icon often becomes the visual trigger that causes users to download your service.

This is known as effective frequency and is one of the most useful tools that you can avail to promote your products and services.

Customer Loyalty

The idea of mobile app development works well in clinging on to your loyal customers. You can do this by providing attractive offers and privileges, exclusive only to loyal and regular customers. Moreover, you can even ask them for references and treat them with a gift voucher or something similar.

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Do you know why developers today are insisting more on Ruby on Rails development for mobile applications? Well, the major reasons are.

  • It reduces your cost of development
  • Also, it saves time by 50%

Using Ruby on Rails or ROR as an API is like half the way to developing a successful mobile app for your business. Presently, if you take a look around, from startups to established emporiums, all are leveraging the power of Ruby for escalating productivity.

ruby on rails for mobile application development

Let’s understand what API application means traditionally

Usually, Rails as API means using an API that is programmatically accessible besides their web applications. However, with the client-side frameworks today, developers are now using ROR for building a back-end. They share it between native and web applications.

In fact, ROR is a perfect back-end application used for mobile apps with its RESTful conventions that are well defined. It ultimately makes your software user-friendly for mobile devices.

Choosing Ruby on Rails for mobile apps

Let’s accept it; superior websites and robust applications are ruling this era. So, in no way can you compromise with performance and quality. This is where ROR continues to be the safer choice for your next mobile app development project. The fact is, rails as the hottest new framework that maintains its relevance with expedient APIs, unlike others.

To boost a mobile application’s performance, Ruby on Rails allows you to distinguish the back-end with the front-end.

Some of the notable benefits of Rails as an API

  1. Applications built on rails support transparent reloading. This is a major advantage for bigger mobile apps as restarting the server with every new request is practically not viable.
  2. The conversion into GET requests from HEAD requests is transparent with rails. In the process, it just returns the headers, making HEAD work in all the Rails APIs reliably.
  3. With Rails applications, development is a pleasant experience for the smart defaults that it comes with.
  4. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you literally don’t need any third party support for building your play apps or own plug.
  5. Again, with ROR, you don’t have to start everything from the scratch as developers can use the existing elements efficiently.
  6. Developing a mobile app on Ruby on Rails makes it more expandable and multipurpose, both at the same time. So, just by hiring an ROR development company, you can take the maximum advantage of these features.

Hence, no matter how many latest technologies are getting introduced, Ruby on Rails development continues to remain the most preferred option for mobile apps.

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Calculating the costing behind developing an application is easy. You just multiply the amount of time taken by the developers with their hourly rate. But that’s not the whole of the costing picture by a long way. There are quite a few features in it and especially so when it comes to AngularJS development for your web application.

The modern website simply has to have web applications. Why? These applications add positively to user experience. Now consider this yourself, you always end up spending more time on a website which is engaging and interesting. This is just what you want for your websites too, users spending more amount of time on it. Web applications add more value to a site.

Developing your web applications with AngularJS is, without question, one of the best ways to do it. But that’s not the question, is it. What you want to know instead is the costing or the budget behind creating an app with this. Here’s what you’re looking for – read on!

angularjs development

AngularJS Development is Cost-Effective

Yes and by a long way. As a framework, it runs on JavaScript as its base programming language. It’s also open-source thus making it easily customizable and feature-rich. Open collaboration ensures the latest innovations, customizations and increasingly diverse features. With AngularJS, you can rest assure that the web applications you get are high-value and top-end.

But getting the best of this feature-rich framework into your web apps does not necessarily mean that you have to be rich too. As a matter of fact, open-source frameworks go easier on your budget because they are simpler to integrate and less time-consuming. And as obvious, lower development times means to lower costing.

So, AngularJS is cost-effective. But there are a few other factors which play with your budget as well.

2 Factors which can Affect your AngularJS app budget

  • 1. Number of Basic Functions

Every web application comes with a specific range of functions. These features are inter-linked yet definite, so every one of them requires a string of coding separately. The higher the number of basic functions your app performs, higher the amount of coding it needs and conclusively – higher the costing.

  • 2. Operational Storage

Every website stores some amount of data. The web application you want will host or display at least one section of that data via interaction with the user. Now, this data obviously needs to be stored somewhere. Accounting for the storage is important for coming up with a budget for your app. It’s a simple relation; more data means more money.

With all said and about to be done, costing behind creating an app is relative. At times, it can be a $10 monthly rate or a one-time payment of $5,000. But with AngularJS development, you can hit two birds with one stone – low budget input and high-quality application output.

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Well, if you ask – what is the next big thing in the world of mobility, I would say, wearable apps. No! This isn’t my personal view, but latest trends are speaking so. However, with those wearable devices already being prominent in the market, there has been a significant lack of proper applications. Are you too looking for the perfect framework to develop such apps? You can consider ionic app developmentfor best solution!

Wearable apps are those which run directly and efficiently on wearables, besides letting you access low-level hardware, services and activities on those very devices. Let me add, you need an upgraded SDK for this purpose.

Well, life is moving at such a fast pace that people want every convenience on the go – compact and efficient. So, developing an app that can match up to this requirement is quite a tricky job. I am not discouraging you. Rather, the only way you can ensure this is by choosing the right framework for wearables with best hybrid app development company.

Ionic app development

First things first; are you wondering –

Why you should prefer ionic app development?

Don’t you want your application to run efficiently on wearable devices? If so, it is mainly important to develop it on a perfect framework.

Coming to ionic, in this framework, a combination of the three strong programming languages – HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can be used. This will further let you have the finest UI (User Interface) for target group. Basically it is an open source software development toolkit, used to develop hybrid apps.

Let me give you some reasons to choose ionic framework:

1  It’s easy to navigate across platforms of wearable devices
2. This framework is completely free. Give it a try!
3. Customize the app with menus, themes, buttons and many other features
4. While open source is usually known to be instable, ionic framework is just the opposite. It’s highly stable.

Hope you are convinced with importance of ionic app development framework? Well, moving on to the next part – you, now, need to get hold of the right professionals for the job.

How would you choose the best wearable app development company?

I am sure, the following questions will help you hire the best developers. But before that; a company that develops hybrid applications for wearables can be the best professionals.

* Do they help you conceptualize?

With their expertise, the best hybrid app development company will always help you conceptualize your idea and give it the perfect design to appeal your users.

* Do they develop customized applications?

Before you choose a company, be very sure that they develop customized application to run on different wearable devices. Experienced developers are also capable of designing apps to run on advanced wearable gadgets.

* Are they concerned about your business?

Try to get a positive answer to this query. The trustable companies would always develop state-of-the-art applications for wearable devices that would ultimately bring productive gains for your business.

I hope this helps! Knowing the importance of ionic framework, you can easily find the best hybrid app development company to design custom applications for wearable devices.

In case you are looking for a reputable company, Aglowid it solutions would come up with the best product. As a one-stop solution, from 2 days trial offer to 24/7 support, their highly specialized team, capable of developing most unique wearable apps, would offer top quality service. You can contact them at